Customizing map pins

Google Maps Widget allows you to customize pins used for showing a location on a map. Since Google has made several restrictions in its mapping technology, it’s important to know a few details when customizing pins.

Thumbnail map:

When customizing pins for the thumbnail map, you have three different options to choose from:

  • Predefined by Google (default) – choose pin color, size, and one-letter label
  • Pins Library – choose one of more than 1500 pins we have created for you
  • Custom Image – enter the full URL of a public image anywhere on the Internet

Pin type

Please note that pins from the library and custom image pins will not work if you’re using the plugin on a localhost or a secure only (HTTPS) server.

Multiple Pins:

If you are using multiple pins feature, you will get different pin options. If you open the Pins tab and edit any of the locations, you will get the following options:

  • Thumbnail Pin Color – you can only choose a pin color for the thumbnail map
  • Interactive Pin – choose any pin from the Pin Library or use any uploaded custom image from the Media Library

Multiple pins

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