What Makes Backlinks Still an Important Aspect for SEO?

Do you know that according to Backlinko, backlinks continue to remain a vital factor when it comes to Google ranking? According to their data, the overall link authority of any particular website strongly depends on backlinking, thus correlating with better or higher search engine rankings. A SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data shows that lengthier content always stands a chance of being placed at the top of the search engine results page, thus ensuring higher ranking and better exposure.

6 Best Google Maps Integrated WordPress Blog Themes

When and if you would like to tell your location, a Google Maps integrated WordPress blog theme is your best bet. That said, and knowing you are a passionate blogger, we compiled a collection of the best six tool that you can use to get things going in the online world.

Even if you are new to the whole design and development thing, you can still craft the desired blog in little to no time. Not only that but you can comfortably do your thing, meaning, customize the theme you dig the most and enrich it with your signature touch.

Top 10 WordPress Trends of 2018-2019

Statistics show that 27.5% of all websites rely on WordPress for their operation. With this huge number, you can now see why many people are keeping updated with what the platform is doing and what the latest WordPress trends 2018 are.  In 2017, we saw WordPress introduce new features and improvements, and in 2018 we don’t see them slowing down.

Why Google Places is Important for Your Dropshipping Business

There are lots of businesses that have been made possible due to the evolving online landscape. One of these businesses is dropshipping.

Posts Table Pro – The Most Advanced Dynamic WordPress Table Plugin

Have you ever wondered how you could create beautiful looking interactive tables for your posts, downloadable documents or Media in WordPress? Posts Table Pro Plugin has the answer.

10 Google Maps Tricks Travelers Need To Know

Google Maps has become one of the most indispensable tools for many travelers. Many of the most avid fans of the app, however, may be unaware of some of the many great features Google Maps has to offer that may make it an even more invaluable tool than it already is.

Are Marketers Now Required To Be Engineers Too?

Most of the marketers are always looking for tools that make their work more efficient. They need such tools to make their work simpler as well. Besides, with the help of such tools, the tasks they are performing on a daily basis can be more productive and even bring better results, which is also a big benefit. But what are these tools? For now, these tools are usually connected with the Web and other digital technologies. To use them, you need to know not only marketing science but also have specific engineer skills.

Weglot Review – The Most Convenient Method to Translate Content on Your Website

If you are managing a business, you know that your customers come from many different countries of the world. They might come from different cultures and will speak different languages. But if they find the language on your website too difficult, you will be reducing the chances available for you to transform them into your long lasting customers. That’s where you will need to think about using the Weglot plugin.

How to Create a Contact Page in WordPress

If you are building a website for business purposes, or even professional blogging, what better way to connect with your customers or audience than through a contact page? It is a convenient, easy and fast way for your readers to get in touch with you without leaving the page. Oh, did we mention that you don’t even need to type in a word of code to integrate a contact page? Check out our step-by-step tutorial below for the complete How To.

How to Build Your Strategy by Stalking the Competition

With the evolution of social media and online marketing, the competition has never been higher. If you want your business not only to survive but to thrive, you need to stand out from that maddening crowd. That means you have to offer something that others don’t or to offer it differently. Either way, to accomplish that, first you need to know the competition.

By now everybody is familiar with various analytics tools, but not many are aware that they tell you only a part of the story. As the saying goes – keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. In other words, you’ll need to do some stalking. It is not negative as it sounds – it all comes down to competitive analytics which existed way before social media, but today it has become a strategy mandatory to implement. Only through it, you’ll be able to fully realize your hold over your market on social media which will equip you with ways to expand it. Without further delay, let us stealthily dive into the enemy territory.