Weglot Review – The Most Convenient Method to Translate Content on Your Website

If you are managing a business, you know that your customers come from many different countries of the world. They might come from different cultures and will speak different languages. But if they find the language on your website too difficult, you will be reducing the chances available for you to transform them into your long lasting customers. That’s where you will need to think about using the Weglot plugin.

How to Create a Contact Page in WordPress

If you are building a website for business purposes, or even professional blogging, what better way to connect with your customers or audience than through a contact page? It is a convenient, easy and fast way for your readers to get in touch with you without leaving the page. Oh, did we mention that you don’t even need to type in a word of code to integrate a contact page? Check out our step-by-step tutorial below for the complete How To.

How to Build Your Strategy by Stalking the Competition

With the evolution of social media and online marketing, the competition has never been higher. If you want your business not only to survive but to thrive, you need to stand out from that maddening crowd. That means you have to offer something that others don’t or to offer it differently. Either way, to accomplish that, first you need to know the competition.

By now everybody is familiar with various analytics tools, but not many are aware that they tell you only a part of the story. As the saying goes – keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. In other words, you’ll need to do some stalking. It is not negative as it sounds – it all comes down to competitive analytics which existed way before social media, but today it has become a strategy mandatory to implement. Only through it, you’ll be able to fully realize your hold over your market on social media which will equip you with ways to expand it. Without further delay, let us stealthily dive into the enemy territory.

How Google Handles the Data for Google Maps

If you own a digital device, it’s safe to assume you used Google Maps at least once in your life. According to Google Play, the Maps for Android devices has been downloaded 1,000,000,000+ times, which is just one fact showing how popular they are.

Here are other amazing facts that show the popularity of the app described during SMX West 2017 Day 1 conference:

  • Google Maps has over 1 billion monthly users
  • Users of Google Maps navigate over 1 billion miles every day
  • 1 million third-party websites use Google Maps APIs
  • Google Maps provide panoramas for more than 10 million miles of roads.

Impressive, right? But how does Google create such accurate, detailed, and easy-to-use maps for an entire planet? Who maintains and updates the maps? How does the company collect so much data? And what about those areas that cannot be accessed by cars with cameras?

In this article, we’re going to give answers to these questions and provide you with some surprising facts about Google Maps.

17 Reasons to use Google Maps Widget on your WordPress Blog

Most of Google Maps plugins work worst at the time of need. They slow down and intrude user experience. It seems like a hard nut to crack even to set up plugins. In fact, it gives rise to complexity and difficulty for users. In comparison to average plugins, Google Map Widget by Web Factory Ltd is technically most updated and user-friendly tool which consumes lesser time and provides superior quality of the execution.

Google Maps widget enables you to add Google Map in sidebars which let you open the map in a lightbox popup. In fact, anybody can choose pin colors and could use the image as a pin as well.

7 Essential Tips for Business on How to Increase Visibility on Google Maps

While Google Maps were primarily useful for tourists and people who travel a lot, they have also become an essential application for businesses, especially local brick-and-mortar stores which are just starting out. It’s yet another way to boost your SEO. But, it’s not just about getting your business listed on Google Maps, but also getting it to rank higher, so that it reaches the first page of Google Maps search. The truth is, most people don’t have the patience, especially on mobile devices, to flip through more than a couple of pages to find what they are looking for.

In order to increase the visibility of your business on Google Maps, as well as to improve your ranking, here are 7 crucial tips you need to implement today. Keep on reading.

How to Place Your Business on Google Maps

Can you remember the last time you used an old paper map? I know I don’t! Today, Google Maps is in charge of navigation, and more than half of global smartphone owners use this app. However, a significant portion of entrepreneurs still doesn’t know that Google Maps is becoming increasingly important business-wise.

Google’s location-related searches are growing 50% faster than all other mobile inquiries. People want to discover places “near me,” and it’s an excellent opportunity to attract new customers. If you own a physical store, there is probably a whole bunch of potential consumers who would like to reach you – but they don’t know how.

To prevent customer churn, you should leave your mark on the digital map. In this post, I will show you how to place your business on Google Maps.

Why and How to Build a Google Maps Marketing Strategy That Works

Both the offline and the online worlds are getting more diverse and competitive nowadays. If you already have some experience in running a business in these worlds, you know that even a unique offer isn’t enough to win hearts of modern consumers. But even if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, full of enthusiasm and seemingly brilliant ideas, this bitter truth is never late to learn.

What’s more, your potential clients might not even care about the uniqueness of a particular product or service, or about that of a whole brand, if it isn’t introduced to them appropriately. And that’s when marketing comes into play! Proper introduction of your unique offer is its primary purpose. So, how can you make marketing serve it? You need a strategy. (Doesn’t it seem to you that all promising enterprises begin with this phrase?)

Since you’re going to compete on both the online and offline business battlefields (otherwise, your offer won’t survive), you need to arm yourself with a digital technology that can increase your chances to force the way through both contests into the target market.

This technology is Google Maps.

8 Tips on Writing Influential & Relevant Reviews on Google Maps

The Power Of Reviews

In the digital era, it is imperative to have a strong and clear online presence for business – and Google is the leading forum to do this at. Google Maps is one of the most commonly used mediums of sourcing a diverse range of information about similar enterprises and thus is essential for SEO – a priceless asset for small-to-medium enterprises.

But how do you ensure that you are writing genuine and useful reviews on Google Maps? Simplicity and clarity are the answer – though often the opposite is quite tempting. Below is a helpful guide for you to use as a roadmap in guaranteeing transparent, genuine and useful reviews on Google Maps.

How Google Maps Marketing Can Help Boost Local Sales?

Today, the majority of internet users hunts for information regarding local businesses and their offerings. It is estimated that four out of five consumers carry out these local searches, mostly on mobile devices. And when the results appear, there is one key section displaying location, address, hours of operation, phone number, customer reviews, and other detail.

Google offers users business suggestions based on their intent and information present on the web. Google Maps connects the dots here. It is one of the free tools that often gets overlooked, yet poses an excellent tool for bolstering revenue streams. Here is why you cannot afford to neglect it and how to use it to gain visibility and traction.