7 Essential Email Marketing Trends

With the rapid advance in technology every day, it is crucial for every entrepreneur to think of email marketing.

How to Find and Create Your Unique Brand Voice for eCommerce

There’s no dearth of advice on conversion rate optimization. Making your messaging stand out, using the right CTAs and pulling words out of customers’ mouths to make your message resonate with them—are all topics that have tons of content around them.

Off Page & On Page SEO: All Things You Should Know

October 2nd, 2008 was the day when the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was coined by Jason Gambert. Did SEO not exist before that? Well, not with that name at least.

How To Place Ads On Your Website Without Annoying Users

As website owners, whether your website is a platform that gives people certain services or it’s a simple informational blog that helps visitors with a certain niche, ads can be beneficial as a way of monetizing it.

5 Reasons Why You Should Build Your Website by Yourself

It is almost mandatory for a company to have its website nowadays. This is the hard truth which most of us take for granted, and we almost get frustrated if we don’t find the right one while searching for solutions to our problems.

6 Reasons You Might Actually Want to Give Google Your Location Data

Google is undeniably a powerhouse and one giant of a search engine which has helped people across the globe to collect information on a plethora of subjects over the years. However, we all tend to become somewhat skeptical when it comes to Google asking us to share some of our information.

How to Create a Perfect HTML Email Template

Every blog or business on the Internet demands a kind of marketing services that will support the relationship with readers and customers. It is impossible to grow a business without providing accurate information on time and presenting products in the modern and comprehensive way. Without paying a lot of attention to the market’s demands, the rating can decrease, and all previous effort might be in vain.

Collect Leads & First Subscribers with UnderConstructionPage and MailOptin

The recent integration of MailOptin to the free version of the UnderConstructionPage plugin can help its users to further engage their customers through their one-page websites.

Choosing a Domain Name That Suits Your Business

Starting a business is a tough task. What makes it tough is a long list of things that need to be done. Every little thing needs attention to detail. When almost all is done you want to make your presence felt. Forming marketing strategies and finalizing budgets are signs of getting closer. In the midst of all this, the need for a website has been at the back of the head all along. You need a website for your business.

Avoiding and Fighting Plagiarism in Blogging

When you are a blogger, you have to be very careful with copied content. If you want your blog to remain credible, there should be no plagiarism. A lot of bloggers do not want these complications. In order for you to avoid this situation, there needs to be some education on the topic. Most bloggers won’t intentionally go out and copy the work of others. There are the cases when you do want to use some facts posted elsewhere.