Hostinger Review: Best Budget Shared Hosting for Bloggers

Hostinger is one of the best global web hosts that is mainly popular for their low-cost plans with some awesome features. They offer one of the best budgets shared hosting that I have ever used. They have mainly focused on three things that can attract any of the blogger or online entrepreneur (especially if you are new into blogging).

3 Marketing Tactics You Can Choose for Your New Product

Marketing a new product is tough. Reason being that you are selling something your customers or the public barely knows. Your marketing tactics are fundamental at this point. Even if you have the best product, you need to know how to get the word out and persuade people to take action. Choosing a fantastic marketing strategy can save you from losing money, time and energy.

9 Ways to Increase Speed of WordPress Website

Just making a WordPress website isn’t enough. You need to make sure that it’s fast enough, so your visitors get a quick preview of exactly what you are offering them.

Think like this: You have a fantastic landing page selling the best sales software, but if your landing page takes a minute loading, you can forget about making that sale.

No matter how promising the prospect sounds, if your WordPress websites take too long loading, you will not get the attention of your visitors indeed. That won’t just cost your traffic but also leads.

In this brief post, read about the simple methods you can adopt to speed up your WordPress website.

Psychology Behind Successful Web Design – How to Create a Site That Affects People

To understand the psychological impact of your website, try to think of it as an actor on a stage. If it puts on a good performance, people will be waiting in lines to watch your show in the future. Conversely, if your site elicits yawns of boredom from the audience, they might stick around for a while, but they probably won’t be showing up next time. And if your site really ruins its performance, you will be dealing with a barrage of rotten tomatoes long before the first act is over. The outcome which you will receive depends on how successful your website is at mesmerizing the audience.

Top Ten Web Design Podcasts that Helps to Learn More on the Subject

Web designing is a vast subject. Learning how to create a website and designing it can’t be mastered through DIY lessons. Professional training is essential to know more on the nuances of web designing. Also, the trends of web designing have changed over the decades. Hence, for web designers, it’s essential to stay tuned to the latest web designing trends.

Top 3 Best Tips on How to Use Google Maps Widget for Your Real Estate Site

Embedding Google Maps widget on your real estate site offers convenience to your clients so they could find you easily. If they like your listing or wish to visit your office, for example, they could easily visit the place or your headquarters.

Plus, they could easily remember your location or your listing.

Your real estate website will have a visually aesthetic interface that inevitably engages your clients better. It will motivate them to communicate with you and develop stronger bonds with you.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps: Which is better at helping you find your way?

Having a good navigation system is important to just about anyone. You do not have to be someone who travels long distances. Just getting around every day might require you to have some guide to get to your destination. A lot of people have costly navigation systems or their cars have it built in. If you’re not one of those people, you probably heard of Apple and Google maps.

Every app or online tool has its flaws, but you need to decide what you want it to do for you. We all have different needs, and sometimes we prefer different things. This is why you first determine what you want and then decide which one works for your lifestyle. Let’s get right into the two and see who comes out on top.

Brizy Review – Creating WordPress Pages Fast & Easy Way

If you are not a fan of coding and looking for page builders that will help you create professional looking websites in minutes, then we’ve got good news for you. Use Brizy. Yes, this is the name of the plugin we are going to talk about.

This is a great tool for WordPress page builder fans. It is definitely one of the best free drag and drop plugins for WordPress that you can use today.

The Unique Advantages of Building Your Website with WordPress

Building your website was never so easy. Today, there is an array of platforms for you to choose from. While each option has its own set of advantages and setbacks, WordPress has been able to shine through and has become a favorite platform across the world. Once started as a blog platform, now it’s gradually revolutionizing website design.

According to BuiltWith, over 50% of websites use the WordPress Content Management System. The platform is being used by some big names such as New York Post, Spotify, USA Today, TED,, CNN,, TechCrunch, National Post, CBS Local, and many more. Just as a powerful brochure design helps take your sales pitch to the masses in a physical form, WordPress can help your website become a dominant digital face for your brand.

What Makes Backlinks Still an Important Aspect for SEO?

Do you know that according to Backlinko, backlinks continue to remain a vital factor when it comes to Google ranking? According to their data, the overall link authority of any particular website strongly depends on backlinking, thus correlating with better or higher search engine rankings. A SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data shows that lengthier content always stands a chance of being placed at the top of the search engine results page, thus ensuring higher ranking and better exposure.