Common problems with thumbnail map

If the thumbnail map doesn’t show on your WordPress website, please check the following.

Missing API key:

Please make sure that you have entered a valid API key in Settings -> Google Maps Widget. If you still haven’t created an API key, please follow the instructions and create a unique key.

Too many pins

Google Maps automatically creates a static map URL which is constructed from the parameters used when customizing a map. Usually, browsers allow only up to 2048 characters in one URL. If your thumbnail map isn’t correctly showing on your site, please make sure that your static map URL doesn’t exceed this number.

To fix this, you will need to reduce the number of pins on the thumbnail map so that URL is below 2048 characters. You can still use the unlimited number of pins for the interactive map.

Can’t resize the thumbnail map

The thumbnail map can be resized from 50px to 640px both in width and height. This size limit is imposed by Google and, unfortunately, you can’t make the thumbnail map bigger. Interactive map doesn’t have such limits.

Custom Color Schemes aren’t working

Although it is possible to apply a custom style to the Thumbnail map, there are browser limitations to it. If you have applied a custom color scheme, but the changes aren’t visible, it is possible that the URL of your Thumbnail map is exceeding 2048 characters.

To check the number of character and learn more about custom styles, please see how to create and import custom color schemes.


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