3 Reasons Why Flyers Are Important for Your Business

July 12, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Flyers have been long regarded as one of the most robust forms of marketing there is. Easy, cheap, and effective, they’ve always served as a staple of any modest marketing campaign.

And while it may be the case that social #media has taken over its role, that’s not to say that #flyers have gone out of fashion completely. No – it’s just that it’s been translated into the #digital space. Click To Tweet

Its transition doesn’t equate to its obsolescence, however, as many still use flyers to promote even today. That’s true, especially now that online flyer maker apps have made the process accessible for everyone, regardless of their innate design skills.

There’s little reason not to use them if you’re looking to promote something. Here are 3 big reasons why:

Flyer Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Compared to other forms of marketing, few beat the flyer in terms of cost. It’s only as valuable as its paper and ink, but its return on investment can be staggering.

As long as an eye-catching design and a strong call-to-action are included, flyers tend to draw in naturally at no additional cost aside from the initial investment. One well-placed flyer could reach hundreds, if not thousands, given time.

It’s similar to a social media post in a way, but the great thing is it’s always relevant; it’s always “on top”. You don’t end up having to contend with an algorithm or fight to be at a good organic spot. Even better, payment isn’t required to target an audience, unlike paid ads online. All flyers have to do in order to be effective is be visible – that’s it.

Print, post, and you’re done!

Flyer on table

Flyer Advertising Is Physical

Another point towards flyers is that they’re tangible. Physical. Potential customers can feel and interact with it, and that adds to its appeal because people naturally engage more with things that they can sense.

There is data to back this up. For example, the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General and the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University’s Fox School of Business partnered up multiple times to investigate the effectiveness of print and digital advertisements across multiple generations, and what they found was that physical ads were more likely to leave an impression as opposed to digital ads, the age of the viewer notwithstanding.

This isn’t just true in the advertising space. California’s own San Jose University found that there were behavioral changes when students engaged with digital material, and their study states that screen-reading tended to promote behaviors such as browsing, scanning, keyword spotting, and selective reading in general. Sustained attention was also lessened.

So, arguments can be made that print media has a slight edge in this regard.

Not to mention the fact that flyers can be kept and easily distributed too, which makes it an ideal choice, especially when simple exposure or awareness is the goal.

Marketing material

Flyer Marketing Strategies Are Endlessly Creative

As with anything in marketing, the best way to capture an audience’s attention is to stand out a bit, and flyers are no exception. The great thing about them is that because they’re fully physical, they’re not constrained to the limits of a website nor a screen. They’re quite literally boundless.

Flyers can come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors and can even be made interactive for additional effect.

There are lots of ways to go about adding that special flair. Perhaps they can be made extremely large to grab attention. Or, they could be cut and folded in such a way to resemble simple origami – something the audience will have to unravel a bit before they get to the information within. They could even be integrated with things like coupons or QR codes, which is especially great if the flyers are a part of a mixed-media marketing campaign as that will allow for digital tracking.

Another great way to get people to engage with a flyer is to have it contain something modestly valuable, like a code for a discount or something similar. That way, people will keep it around until it’s needed.

But these things don’t have to be fancy. Sometimes it can even be as simple as using a great feeling cardstock or going for a high-quality print finish. People love nice things, after all.

Design Your Own Flyer Today

Now that there’s been a strong case made for flyers, why not try and create your own? There are a plethora of free, great online tools out there for the job, and most of them come with premade, professional-looking templates, so you don’t have to worry about the minutiae and efforts that usually have to come with the design.


Websites like Venngage, Canva, or Adobe Spark are great starting points. They have integrated, beginner-friendly web-based programs that only require you to drag and drop info as needed. Try them today, and unlock the power of flyers!

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