How to Calculate Freelance Scam

Freelance works are different across industries and the skills vary, but no matter the industry, there are scammers everywhere ready to take advantage of honest workers. As a newcomer, you celebrate nailing a contract because your application made it through the competition.

There are honest websites which freelancers can engage in, such as the WriteZillas among others. Freelance companies deal with scam cases every now and then while some never get to be reported. There are some red flags that a freelancer can use to calculate if a gig is a scam or real.

Why Your Company Should Have Business Mobile Apps

Did you know that there are about 28 million small businesses in the United States? About 50% of the country’s working population work in these establishments. This equates to about 120 million people. That’s a lot of heavy competition. Simply being online isn’t enough to stand out.

7 Essential Email Marketing Trends

With the rapid advance in technology every day, it is crucial for every entrepreneur to think of email marketing.

How to Create a Perfect HTML Email Template

Every blog or business on the Internet demands a kind of marketing services that will support the relationship with readers and customers. It is impossible to grow a business without providing accurate information on time and presenting products in the modern and comprehensive way. Without paying a lot of attention to the market’s demands, the rating can decrease, and all previous effort might be in vain.

Choosing a Domain Name That Suits Your Business

Starting a business is a tough task. What makes it tough is a long list of things that need to be done. Every little thing needs attention to detail. When almost all is done you want to make your presence felt. Forming marketing strategies and finalizing budgets are signs of getting closer. In the midst of all this, the need for a website has been at the back of the head all along. You need a website for your business.

Why Google Places is Important for Your Dropshipping Business

There are lots of businesses that have been made possible due to the evolving online landscape. One of these businesses is dropshipping.

Is It Worth to Post Fake Reviews about Your Business Online?

Have you ever seen one of those websites that feature fake reviews? These are usually “wonder pills” that help you lose weight without dieting or exercise, or “magic creams” that erase wrinkles like real-life Photoshop. You see and realize that the photos are computer-altered, and you cannot help but wonder: “Do people buy this?”