WordPress Website Maintenance Cost & Pricing Guide

May 16, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

WordPress has made website building and running far easier and cheaper than ever. Like a brick-n-mortar business, a website is an outlet that exists on the virtual world of the web.

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Unfortunately, I was among many who never have realized the fact mentioned above before jumping on the creation of a WordPress website for my solopreneur adventure. I was happy after building my website and publishing it using a 3rd party hosting service.

Some weeks have passed peacefully, and I realized a minor error on the site. As a power user, I have found out that it was due to major updates of the platform, theme, and plugins. Being a power user, I have updated everything, sparing some time from my ongoing online profession.


Now, weeks-after-weeks I have to devote some valuable time slots to these activities. Then, I realized WordPress maintenance is not my main job, and it regularly consumes my valuable earning hours.

I quickly decided to allocate the WordPress maintenance job either to a freelancer or an agency. In-depth research went on, and a deep analysis followed it. The most critical thing was the price, as I wanted to gain maximum services for whatever I am ready to pay.

The research & analysis process of comparative shopping of WordPress maintenance prices was interesting and inspired me to give some benefits through this post.

My Realistic Goals for WordPress Maintenance Services

The first thing must come first. So, I have noted down what are my expectations from a service provider regarding WordPress maintenance. Then, I compared the list with what are common services most service providers offer.

Yes, each service provider and their plans were unique. Hence, their price tags were different and appropriate to the features or services they were covered under their plans.

It means saying that one service provider is better than someone else was a futile thing. Instead, you have to look at your present requirements and your futuristic goals of your business or profession. So, I did it and stated the following to acknowledge you.

24×7 Availability for Emergency Support

Your WordPress website may encounter some bugs developed overnight. It can crash due to heavy traffic. Hackers like malicious elements on the web that can damage the site up to a non-functional state.

So, I was looking for reviews and ratings placed by their previous clients on dependable platforms.

Solid Backup & Restoration

A disaster can strike any time and leave you helpless if you do not have the most recent backup of everything on your site like database, modules, content, and other functionality to restore your site immediately.

Ongoing Updates

As I have described well before, how constant updates of WordPress core, themes, and plugins are intimidating you and despair of your core functionality.

Maintaining Rock Solid Security

Constant monitoring of various security aspects is vital for the health of a website. In due course, I was expecting regular scanning and implementation of security changes from the service provider. It can save my site from downtime or get immediate recovery if it happens.

Online Security

Keeping SEO Ranking Intact

SEO audit and monitoring are essential to keep your ranking status in SERPs. Written and visual content updates, MetaData updates, and checking other technical SEO aspects regularly can save your ranking and keep you ahead of the competition.

So, I am looking for this additional favor in my WordPress web maintenance.

PWA maintenance

This one is another specific requirement because my website is progressively converting into a mobile app. I know that very few have such expertise, so I have to carry rigorous search for the right service provider.

My Findings

I have carefully compared a couple of dozen WordPress maintenance service providers on the web.

I have observed their published WordPress maintenance plans on their websites. Moreover, I placed my site-specific requirements to the support team and asked for a custom quote.

Finally, I concluded that their website-specific quotes are more appropriate than published plans, and based on their quotes, I segregated costing based on the types of the websites.

Personal & Professional Blogs

Personal websites or blogs are demanding bare necessities for maintenance and even resources like domain, hosting, and monitoring. It is because they are hardly prone to crash and demand content updates.

Starting a Blog

Therefore, the maintenance cost of personal WordPress websites or blogs is remaining in between $30 to $50 per month.

However, professional blogs require daily content updates and have numerous plugins. Thereby, most service providers charge between $70-100/month.

Small & Medium Business (SMBs) Websites

Website maintenance complexities increase with increased features and functionality. Business websites demand a lot of configuration, constant updates of content, and back-end work.

Therefore, WordPress maintenance agencies use marketing, updates, backup automation software, and required manual work.

Thus, they charge between $150 to $200 per month based on the maintenance and support requirements of the website.

Most Pro or Advanced maintenance plans include features & work for these sites.

Custom WordPress Websites, Ecommerce, and Enterprise Grade Web Portals

We know custom sites, giant eCommerce, and enterprise portals are demanding round-the-clock attention and implementation of maintenance programs.

Despite intensive automation software installed on such sites, an entire battalion requires proper maintenance.

Most leading support and maintenance service providers charge a minimum of $500 per month, and it can go high based on the requirements of the website or web portal.

My Choice

My WordPress website and business fall into the SMBs category. Therefore, I have selected Standard to Advanced or Pro plans for maintenance services to look into my comparison exercise.

WP Agents Plans

Out of a couple of service providers, I had put my stamp of choice on WP-Agents. It is because their Standard and Pro plans were offering almost all my needs, including SEO and PWA maintenance services. I have noted that hardly anyone was offering such precious services at cheaper rates. After one year, I have found their services completely satisfactory and worth their charges. Therefore, I have decided to mention their name and services to guide others in the right direction.

Do your requirements match with features and services offered in the maintenance plans at WP Agents? If so, don’t look further and sign up for their suitable plan to get the results I am enjoying at such affordable rates.

  1. Hey Patricia,
    Your post is very helpful and informative for all readers and for me also.
    WordPress has made website building and running far easier and cheaper than ever. You are right wordpress always need maintenance which is also important.
    Keeping SEO Ranking Intact is also important.
    Thank you

  2. Hey Patricia, This is an ultimate post about WordPress maintenance. Keep on sharing and posting.

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