Why Google Places is Important for Your Dropshipping Business

July 26, 2018 by Juliette Anderson

There are lots of businesses that have been made possible due to the evolving online landscape. One of these businesses is dropshipping.

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Quick intro about Dropshipping

So how dropshipping works? Dropshipping is a modern-day retail fulfillment setup for which the seller does not maintain an inventory, but orders from a third-party seller and then have the products shipped directly to the customer.

Dropshipping Google Maps

There’s a lot of businesses who do this because it addresses a lot of problems and the biggest of which is how to keep an inventory. And a lot of marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and even TikTok now allow you to sell items through print-on-demand dropshipping. However, it also has a lot of challenges such as how to ensure that there would be stocks available for the customer, and how to ensure that his customers would be prioritized over the customers of other dropshippers to which the third-party seller may be dealing with as well.

With the right setup, dropshipping can actually be a good business, and there are measures you can take to make it even better. One of these is Google Places.

Understanding Google Places

Places is one of Google’s services which allows users to be part of Google Maps, making it easier for other users to find you. With this, your customers would be able to find your location, and in return, you would also be able to find places that are relevant to you.

If you are on Google Places, users would have two ways to see you when they do search: on the usual web search results, and on the Places results. Doing this significantly improves your visibility.

It is straightforward to be listed on Google Places. You will have to set up an account, and then you should submit your business’s information such as address, phone number, email address, hours of operation, accepted payment methods, as well as photos and videos. If you have a WordPress site for your dropshipping business, you can also install the Google Maps Widget plugin.

How Google Places Can Help Your Dropshipping Business

Google Places can be a great help to a lot of businesses, including your dropshipping business. It’s a free service which brings a lot of benefits. The following are some concrete ways on how Places can help your dropshipping business:

Google Places Acts Like Yellow Pages

 Not too long ago, yellow pages were indispensable. It is where contact information of businesses can be found. Being compiled on one location, yellow pages are truly helpful.

But with the Internet, it’s a lot easier to check for business information online. Yellow Pages have slowly become irrelevant.

Take a look at how Red Stag Fulfillment managed to add their business on Google Places:

Red Stag Fulfillment

Google Places have grown to be a lot better than physical Yellow Pages. It doesn’t only show the phone number but also other information that the business provides. And as a business, this helps you become more reachable for customers looking for services such as yours.

Google Places Complements Local SEO

 Because you have provided your location, you will be found when a user searches for related keywords within your locality. This helps you rank better, and makes you a lot more searchable. Because of the additional element of locality, you would be found a lot easier.

It also helps you compete better from businesses that are outside your locality. There are businesses out there that are not exactly in the location but are searched easier because there are no local businesses that would take its place on the search engine results page.

But since there is a local business like yours to be there, then your business would be prioritized, and you have a lot more chance to get the top spot.

Your Business Can Be Found on Google Maps

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Google Places allows your business to be found on Google Maps and that’s for a great purpose. There are cases where customers would want to see a service provider in person but getting directions to a place can a be quite challenging if you are not in Google Maps.

It’s always great to be on as many platforms as you can. And with customers always on the move, being on Google Maps is a great idea.

Also, being on Google Maps give a major boost to trust and confidence in your business. And when your business is trusted, expect that you will be able to gain more potential customers, and ultimately, better sales.

Being on Google Places is an Effective Local Marketing Strategy

Google Places is a free service, but it packs a big punch. It serves as a marketing strategy in itself. Putting your business out there for potential customers to see, helps put your business in the radar of potential customers.

And since it’s free, it is the best choice for small business as compared to coming up with elaborate marketing strategies that might not be affordable, and doesn’t even have the assurance of bringing about the desired results.

Use Google Places to Your Advantage Now

Google Places is indeed a beneficial tool that can be used by local businesses, including your dropshipping business, as a significant boost. Some of the evident benefits of Google Places have been laid out above, and all of these benefits can be enjoyed for free.

It’s no question that you should make use of Google Places to your advantage right now. The question actually is, why haven’t you done so yet?


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