3 Best Email Hosting Providers This Year

December 15, 2019 by milica

Whether you are a novice or a professional, when it comes to any type of online business, you are probably aware that the email is one of the most stable and reliable forms of communications put there. Unlike so many other applications, platforms, and services that came and left during these past couple of decades, email stuck around, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Sure enough, things change, new platforms are being developed and introduced every day. Some even experience considerable success. Although collab-based communication platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams have gained some popularity recently, whapping 86% of professionals still use email for business purposes. On the same note, how these individuals and companies host, distribute, and store email has also undergone some significant transformation. Expensive onsite email servers that are running products like Microsoft Business Server are pretty much a thing of the past now. More and more businesses are veering away from them, and are instead putting their trust into the cloud with hosted email solutions.

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Needless to say, you should keep all of these things in mind when you start looking for a cloud-hosted provider that will fit your business requirements.

In order to help you find the email hosting provider that suits your business best, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of top 7 email hosting providers that have proven themselves to be top-notch this year.

Bluehost TechRadar Exclusive Email Hosting

This particular provider tops our list because it offers high quality for a very affordable price. It is perfect if you don’t want to cash out hundreds of dollars on dealing with email accounts. Bluehost offers an awesome package where you get an unlimited number of email accounts as well as email storage for a small price of $2.75 when you are paying for three years.

According to Bluehost, email account creation is indeed unlimited, but it relies on the file storage that is available on that account. Because of that, it is important that the clients operate in accordance with the Terms of Service. That way, they will ensure that the resources are available to enable email functionality and use. With Bluehost TechRadar Exclusive, you will get IMAP4 and POP3 as well as 24/7 support. You will also get to pick between three different webmail apps, Roundcube, Horde, or Squirrelmail. Furthermore, you can configure an email client so that you can read your emails offline. We should also note that all of these options are a piece of cake because of the extremely user-friendly interface.

Fasthosts Email Hosting

If you are just starting your business or you are still fresh on the market, email hosting can seem crazy-expensive. The reason for that is mostly because hosting companies are always competing to provide the biggest file storage and inbox space. However, if you don’t need all that space, email hosting doesn’t have to be costly at all. If you want basic essentials and nothing excessive, Fasthosts Standard Email plan is exactly what you need.

For starters, once you sign up, you will get five Mail Lite accounts with a 100MB inbox and up to 10MB attachments, as well as two Mail Extra accounts with additional 4GB inboxes and maximum of 15MB attachments. Both of these give you solely the webmail access. That indeed is limited, but the price is also just $2.60 per month on an annual plan, so it is perfect if your users don’t need the gigabytes elsewhere. Furthermore, Fasthosts offers an Exchange Email product that features a 50GB inbox, free domain for the first year, and access through Outlook’s web app. It will cost you $5.8 per month with an annual contract for five or more users. There is also an even bigger option with a 100GB inbox, which will set you back $13. In conclusion, if you don’t require too much power and you are running on a budget, Fasthosts is what you need.

Rackspace Email Hosting

Rackspace needs no introductions, and all probably expected its presence on this list. This Texas-based giant of cloud computing has a large variety of hosted email products for all types of business-oriented users.

It offers a well-specified Basic plan that includes 25GB mailboxes, virus and spam filters, and it is easily accessible via webmail, Outlook, or mobile users. Mailboxes cost $2.99 per month, and you have to get a minimum of four per order. In addition to that, you don’t have to get into a long-term contract, and you can cancel your monthly subscription whenever you want. Furthermore, Rackspace also offers the next-step-up Plus account with 30GB of storage, Office-compatible apps, ActiveSync support, as well as instant messaging for $3.99 per month. There is also the extended Plus account, which features unlimited storage space through archiving, which is great if you have trouble managing your emails with a 25GB inbox. The extended Plus costs $6.99. Lastly, Rackspace also offers a Hosted Exchange 2016 plans, including 100GB inbox and backup for 50MB attachments. This model is priced at $10.99 per one mailbox per month.

Needless to say, there is a variety of cheaper options on the market, but Rackspace provides better quality than most of them. All Rackspace plans come with a 100% uptime guarantee, as well as a 24/7/365 support via phone, chat, or ticket, so any issues you may be having get resolved swiftly and diligently.

These are the top three email hosting providers we picked, and all three have something to offer in terms of quality and affordability. Their popularity and stellar reputations and reviews speak for themselves. However, it is important to note that there is a large number of email hosting providers out there. Feel free and encouraged to do your own research and discover what suits your needs best.

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