Need More Readers? How to Grow Your Email List and Build Your Brand

March 08, 2019 by Patricia Bennett

Don’t listen to the haters. Email marketing is far from dead, and it likely won’t ever die. Why? Think about just how many emails you receive. You probably don’t realize it, but ever time you open marketing emails you’re thinking about a brand.

That subconscious marketing works, really, really well. Sixty-six percent of consumers have made a purchase as a result of the content received in a marketing email. You can get started with email marketing affordably by going with one of the most affordable Mailchimp Alternatives.

So how can you make email marketing succeed for your business? You need to build your email list! Today, we’re showing you how to grow your email list. Click To Tweet

How to Grow Your Email List 101: Landing Pages and Calls to Action

Landing pages are the first step to boosting your conversion rate, however, you might define those conversions. When people visit your website you want to grab their attention immediately and keep them on your website.

Trigger emails work

If we’re defining conversions as gathering an email address, you should make a strong call-to-action as soon as possible. Give the reader a reason to give up their email address.

Don’t forget to provide a straightforward, well-designed online form to make the process as easy for them as possible.

Sometimes people give you their email because you have such an enticing product that they want to know more. Brand curiosity is always your landing pages’ goal.

However, sometimes consumers need a little extra incentive. When you’re figuring out how to grow your email list you might want to consider putting it through verification and validation along with…

Exclusive Content and Giveaways (Coupons!)

Exclusive content and coupons (discount codes) make an excellent way to entice consumers into giving away their email. After all, who doesn’t love discounted stuff?  You’re offering them a “free” way to consume.

Proofreading content

Watchmakers are an excellent example of this idea in motion. Timex greets all its web visitors with a pop-up form that offers fifteen percent off in exchange for an email address.

Which leads us to…

Intent Popup Forms

Pop-up forms, of course. Pop-up forms are an easy way to grab the consumer’s attention. They appear when a user visits a specific landing page, asking only for an email in exchange for some exclusive offer.

Though it’s very important to understand that people don’t like obtrusive popups. Don’t create popups with sound, a hidden closing “x,” or anything that might make consumers struggle to bypass the form.

People don’t take kindly to in-your-face advertisements. Take it from the pros at Grand Central. Subtle ads are good ads.

Digital Marketing and Beyond

Now that you know how to grow your email list, we can talk about digital marketing as an industry. Digital marketing is all about creating an entire strategy to improve your online presence. Most people get caught up on keywords, links, and the like, but those strategies are the dinosaurs of the industry.

Today, Google puts an enormous emphasis on the user experience. That’s why we’re offering a Google Maps widget to help improve your web experience. Our widget makes it easy for someone to navigate to your business, all without ever leaving your website.

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