7 Essential Email Marketing Trends

January 08, 2019 by Serena Dorf

With the rapid advance in technology every day, it is crucial for every entrepreneur to think of email marketing.

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Many people say email marketing is fading away due to the current digital communication that is taking over. This fact is proving to be false because email marketing is thriving like never before. Why? Statistics show different results.


In the United States, email marketing expenditure is going to increase from the current two billion dollars to three billion dollars next year. And for every dollar spent on email marketing activities, expect a return of approximately 38 dollars. Email marketing is estimated to be forty times more effective at attracting new customers than social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Email Marketing

Eighty percent of business professionals have reported this form of marketing to be the greatest tool in retaining customers. In fact, businesses which have embraced email marketing have reported to generate quality leads, boost brand awareness and increase the number of clients.

For email marketing to work effectively, certain trends and practices need to be followed. You also need to be very creative during the entire process for you to stay ahead of the game. Remember, your competitors are aware of what you probably know. Always implement ideas and strategies that will help you get the results you dream of.

Important facts

So, what are some of the facts you should know about email marketing? First, Tuesday is a good day to send emails because it has reported the highest opening rates when compared to other days. Second, the majority of people open their emails between 10 and 11 AM. Third, a welcome email brings approximately 320% more revenues than a promotional email. And lastly, emails with 50 to 120 words have the highest rate of response. Therefore, keep it short and simple.

As a marketer, you need to be constantly improving your marketing methods to stay ahead of the ever-changing world.

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Embrace personalized emails

Personalized emails increase your profits and also enable you to build good relationships with your clients. According to Aberdeen, personalized emails increased response rate by 14% and conversions by 10%.

Go beyond the ‘first name’ of your client.  The recipient has to feel that the content you provide matters to him or her alone. Your personalized email needs to have a name on the ‘from’ section for your customers to feel like they are having a personal conversation with you.

Embrace personalized emails

Start writing editorial content

As an entrepreneur, you also need to be a creative writer to attract customers. A high-quality copy is crucial in generating leads and getting more customers. Today, sales promotions and gimmicks turn down consumers. Consumers want valuable content which will propel them to buy from you. They want to receive important information that goes hand in hand with their goals and interests.

How can you offer them this valuable information? By preparing guides, tips, how to’s, related news and other forms of content that encourages people to subscribe and discourages potential clients from unsubscribing. Your customers will stick with you if your messages are entertaining and educating.

Add a video

Sumo reported that emails which have an added video had increased click rates by 200 to 300%. You can add videos to your emails by using HTML 5 which offers various options for videos and is compatible with most operating systems. If HTML 5 fails to work with your system, you can use GIFs that have nice animations.

Trigger emails work

A trigger based email has been estimated to increase revenue and profits by 18 times. Why? They keep your customers engaged. Create trigger emails today. These emails are sent in cases of ordering prompts and abandoned carts and sign-ups. Sending trigger emails regularly will increase your leads and brand engagement.

Trigger emails work

Create mobile friendly emails

Research conducted by Google reported that 75% of its users use their mobile devices to access emails. Therefore, you need to have a mobile email design in place to ensure your templates are responded to. Keep the texts short and remove unnecessary images. Have a simple header that grasps your customers’ attention.

Create hypersegmented automation

With the daily information overload, single automation is just not enough. You need to create hyper-segmented automation which targets your subscribers’ needs, characteristics and interests. The more targeted you are, the better the results you will have.

Do not treat your recipients as the same. Take your time to gather information about them to get better results.

Kinetic emails always work

Kinetic emails usually look and feel similar to websites. Interactivity has to be added to your emails to make them user-friendly. Interactive emails improve the opening rate by approximately 73%. Therefore, start looking for opportunities to make your emails look lively.


Email marketing is still a primary communication channel in the digital world today. Therefore, your business has a huge potential to grow if you embrace email marketing. Improve your marketing strategies using the trends discussed above and your customers will be more engaged in the end.

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