Top 5 Maintenance Services That Can Take Extra Work Off Your Hands

August 08, 2019 by Vladana Donevski

An online presence is a must these days. Long gone are the days of pamphlets and TV commercials. Getting your website up and running is no small task.

No wonder WordPress is the choice many go for when it comes to their websites. Getting your online presence through their platform is a rather simple task, that brings a lot of value to each of the business they host. Even people that have no interest in techie-part can create their website, without compromising the result’s quality.

Still, while getting your website online is no tough job, maintaining it and therefore getting the most out of your website can be troublesome.

A lot is going on in the background that can impact your site, and require your attention. If you are not familiar with the techie stuff, this can take a lot of your time. Click To Tweet

Even if you are a developer – focusing your time on that might not be time well spent. When you take your time and calculate how much time you have spent on the process, you might think that it would have been much smarter spent if you pawned it off to someone else.

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But, pawn it to whom?

Luckily, there are quite many WordPress support services available to you.

Is it a good idea to hire WordPress maintenance services?

Businesses have been outsourcing aspects of their jobs for quite some time now as a way of improving productivity. In-house teams could get quite costly when summed up, and having to hire someone with the right expertise can be tricky.

If you decide to do everything on your own, keep this WordPress maintenance guide on your bookmarks list.

Do it yourself solutions for many things regarding your business can also fire right back at you. Not everyone can know everything, especially considering how many things are required for a successful business. Pawning off maintenance work on your website could be a good idea, especially if you are not sure about best-practices and the things you could do to improve it.

Hiring Interview

Still, even if you do, consider the time and effort it takes to take care of your website. Is it an exciting task, which you look forward to every day? Or, does it, eventually, turn into a chore, and you couldn’t help but think of all the other things you could dedicate your time and effort to instead?

If you think that it might not be a bad idea, after all, you should still check this article on how to outsource properly. Just like with everything else, there could be minor bumps on the road which you should prepare for in advance.

Five services to take it off your hands

And, as to whom you could entrust your website, here is a list of 5 great WordPress maintenance companies you could consider.

To learn more about each company, check out more than 40 WordPress maintenance services that we have tested & compared thoroughly.

WP Fix It

Whether it’s just a bug you want to get removed or your site has been infected with malware, WP Fix It knows how to deal with your problems. But that’s just the beginning. Guys & Girls behind this WordPress maintenance service can help you even further.

WP Fix It

They offer a detailed security monitoring service that will continously watch over your site. The team can quickly speed up your site that was bouncing of potential customers, and tune it up so your website can reach it’s maximum potential.

If you’re running an online store powered by WooCommerce, WP Fix It will make sure everything runs smoothly all the time. Check out all the services and see what makes this company a perfect WordPress companion.

WP Butler

The one with the coolest name goes first. Imagine being able to say that “My butler helps me out.” It sounds super posh.

Apart from helping you sound posh, WP Butler has the experience to match. With a long list of happy clients, this team is bound to give you the support and maintenance you need, while wearing a bow-tie.

WP Butler Screenshot
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For their clients, they offer several plans, depending on the clients’ needs. Plans vary according to the size of the business, and they cover individuals and bloggers as well as enterprises. Even if you fall somewhere in between, with their affordable prices, everyone can get the help they need.

Another thing that goes without having to be included in the monthly plan is that WP Butler is happy to help in times of need. With the expertise they have, they don’t shy away from providing you with the information on how to do something, and tips on how to secure your site. If a disaster happens, they will make sure to restore your website from backup, so that your uptime is guaranteed.

According to its website, WP Butler also offers one-off services for a fixed fee. If you need help configuring HTTPS/SSL, Security assessment, or to transfer your site to a new host, for example, you can have them complete that for you in a short timeframe.

The good news is, WP Butler does not only help you with maintenance and support but can assist with the development of new features for your site. All in one help you could definitely rely on in times of need!


A bit different, with a wider variety of options available, Valet could help you out with much more than just maintenance. What used to be a fully WordPress oriented company, Valet can now take care of websites built in any way, with WordPress still at the core of their offer.

Valet Banner

A bit on the enterprise, and expensive side, Valet team is probably not the best choice for websites that have just started, or for small bloggers. However, if you are not worried about your budget, this could be the help you need.

As for the maintenance that they could do for you, you will probably find the same options others provide. From keeping your website regularly updated, providing you with reports on your uptime, and of course, taking care of your website’s security. However, you don’t hire this team just for maintenance, because there is so much more they could help you with.

After a thorough audit of your website, they can pinpoint things you can improve to generate more sales. You can rely on them to optimize your landing page, the content on your site, and to improve the speed for your website so that it can convert more. Hiring them to do your social media marketing is also an option, unlike with any other on the list.

With the basic plan starting from $300, which could go up to $5,000 per month, it could make you think that you are better off doing the maintenance yourself. Still, considering how it is not only maintenance but any digital solution you might need that are packed within a single service, it might prove itself to give you more for your bucks than you expected!

WP Site Care

If you are looking for professionalism and a maintenance plan worth every buck, then you might want to check WP Site Care. This team offers 30 days test-drive, which is quite an amount of work for free. Obviously, they are quite sure that they will make you happy with their work in the meantime and keep you as one of many of their delighted clients.

WP Site Care Screenshot
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WP Site Care offers two plans, WP Site Care and its Pro version.  The WP Site Care offers complete maintenance of your website, that takes care of all the background work. It includes core, plugin and theme updates, daily cloud updates, 24/7 hack cleanups, and security monitoring, as well as unmatched support. If you are looking for some basic maintenance and pawning off the monotone work to someone else, this could do the trick.

However, if you need more, the Pro version has a couple of other important benefits on top of the basic ones. If you go Pro, you can get hourly cloud updates, eCommerce support, uptime monitoring, and two development hours per month. Cloud Proxy Firewall and Version Control with Github are also included.

Apart from these maintenance tasks you could pawn off, you can also drop them a line if you need some development work done. If you are looking for another hosting provider, you could also entrust them with that, as they offer managed WordPress Hosting amongst their services.

WP Maintainer

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, the abovementioned services might be too much. Even enterprises could be looking for just basic maintenance. In this case, WP Maintainer is the right team for the job.

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With very considerable prices and services included in a single plan, this could be the option to take a lot of work off your hands with a rather small investment.

The single plan includes all WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates while making sure that everything is backed up beforehand, and standing by for any compatibility issues they can provide their full support with if the issue arises.

With Scheduled Site Backups, another support, you can sleep tight as you can know that in any case, your site content is safe and secure, and can be replaced anytime in case of an accident. To prevent any accident, though, they use malware monitoring and cleanup service, Sucuri, which is one of the world’s top services available out there.

And last, but not the least, you can employ them to receive developer support from Sizeable Interactive’s team. For a rather low price, you can create twists and tweaks on your site, as well as needed modifications and features you would need.

This one size fits all solution is as simple as it gets; still, it will do the work, without unnecessary confusion. Nothing fancy or too much, just the affordable, stress-relieving solution you could use to help you out.


Another expert team you could take into consideration is Maintainn. It is obvious from a glance that they know WordPress and that they are there to help you out with whatever you could use a helping hand.

Maintainn has three main packages you could use. The Standard plan includes just what you would expect maintenance to look like for a serious website. It provides 24/7 security monitoring, daily backups, core, theme and plugin updates, as well as live chat support if anything goes wrong.

Maintainn Screenshot
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On the other hand, enterprise solution provides eCommerce and Multisite support, uptime monitoring, and performance check, with much more, on top of the basic support you would get with the standard plan. Overall, the Enterprise solution seems to cover everything for you, as well as to give you 10% on support hours discount.

What are these support hours you might ask? Well, apart from maintenance services, Maintainn offers its team members to optimize your website. From customizing a plugin, fix unexpected bugs, or modifying the current customized code, their team offers incredible support by installing a live chat button on your WordPress dashboard.

While speaking of handy support, there is another useful support tool they provide – a dashboard plugin. This plugin covers several aspects of your site and helps you stay in control of your website while they keep it optimized. Through this plugin, you can scan core WP files, check the details of your site, and find a bunch of other resources to help you out manage your site in the best way possible!

Can you separate from the unnecessary work?

After reading what these WordPress maintenance services have to offer to their clients, it is not hard to see that this kind of help, and even some you haven’t even considered, could be useful. From getting rid of time-consuming maintenance work and updates to keeping your site safe and secure at all times, employing some help from experienced teams might not be a bad idea. After all, there are so many things you could enjoy spending your time on, instead!

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