Posting to Google My Business Made Easy With Right Plugin

August 06, 2019 by Vladana Donevski

How many times have you relied on Google My Business (GMB)? You might not have paid too much attention at the map that had opened on the left side of search results when you searched for a business or two.

Still, you have likely found it rather convenient.

You’ve probably used GMB to help you navigate to the solution that is on your way. You have also trusted it with working hours, and the phone number that it showed was equally crucial in times of hurry. Click To Tweet

Last but not least, the website helped shape your decision whether that business offered what you need.

It is also as sure as the skies are blue, that when you saw “Claim this business”, you were disappointed. Instead of heading out there, you probably decided to check out and visit another website that has it figured out altogether.

Is your business available in the same manner to your customers?

When was the last time you Googled yourself? Can you remember the last time you did a vanity check on your business?

Google Search

As Google My Business impacted your decision on someone else’s services or product, the same thing happens when someone searches for your solution. If you haven’t paid attention to this before, consider how many times someone chose your competition over you, just because you are in “Claim this business” mode. Getting your business visible there is no big thing – absolutely everyone can type in your business name and register it at Google.

With this in mind, it is quite the time for you to claim your business and add the necessary information to the listing. You want to make sure the name is right and that your working hours are there for everyone to see. Make sure that the location is correct so that people can easily find your brick and mortar store, or your office, and turn the location into directions. Finally, you want to add your website and your contact information there as well.

When you log in to GMB, you will notice another thing: “Post”.

What are these Posts?

Yes, Google also allows you to post updates, among other things. Currently available posts are: What’s New, Events, Product, and Offer, each of them equally important for your business, as they will drive you more traffic, and therefore, more customers.

Consider them the same as the posts on Facebook, and there are there for the same reason. If you want your visitors and potential customers to know more about you, you go ahead and make it worth their while.

With “What’s new”, you can go ahead and publish updates and news, making it easy for them to check you out. “Events” are entirely self-explanatory, and when it comes to “Product”, you can highlight your bestsellers, for example. It will help people create a sense of what else you have in your store. “Offers” can come quite handy, especially if you are having a sale in your store, or if you are looking to promote some product of yours.

Sales Promotion

All in all, Google My Business is, thanks to these posts, another marketing channel that can help you “make it”. If done right, it can help tremendously with your SEO, and also with many new customers. On the other hand, doing it right might require a bit more of your time than you are ready to spare.

If your website is running on WordPress, you are in luck. There is a plugin that will allow you to post to Google My Business without breaking a sweat. Post to Google My Business is the one to help you master this marketing option in no time, straight from your WordPress dashboard!

What is Post to Google My Business?

Post to Google my Business

Post to Google My Business is the WordPress plugin to download and install if you are looking to master this area without going gray in the process. With the right features to help you developed by tyCoon media and available in the free version, along with exclusive features that come with the pro version, this plugin can help you out with managing posts on Google My Business.

What are the features that I get for free?

The features that come with the free version are plenty, and they can immensely help organize your posts on Google My Business.

Post on Google my Business without leaving your WordPress Dashboard

The primary and most important feature you would be grateful is that it makes posting on GMB simple. The fact that once you download and activate this plugin, you will be able to create any post on it without actually leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Google My Business Posts Types

This feature makes your life easier in so many ways, mainly because it allows you to avoid leaving your work for logging in GMB. It is not like you don’t have enough places to manage and log in to already!

Quick Posting

Quick Post

It also has integrated Auto-Post feature. Through this, you can effortlessly create the post and publish it without having to click anywhere else. Follow through with the template provided to add the title of the post and the content, and select which “call to action button” you would like to have. Depending on what you want your visitors to do, select the most appropriate button.

Developer Friendly

Most notably, this plugin uses official Google My Business API. Developers will be grateful for its actions and filters to hook into while they work. As well as the fact that this plugin uses the latest built-in functions of WordPress so that they can tweak it to their likeness.

There are paid features, too?

Since managing your posts on Google My Business is not a one-time hit, investing in a pro or business version packed with features designed to make your life easier, might not be such a bad idea.

Automatic Posting

Why do double the job, when all it takes is a single checkbox? Within a pro version, you will find a box to click, which is unavailable in the basic version.

When creating a new post in WordPress, all you should do before hitting “Publish” is check the checkbox. It will publish the same post on Google My Business, without any extra work or attention from your side. No more logging out, in, copy and paste to publish there as well, the plugin will handle it once you complete the post in WordPress.

Google My Business Post Scheduler

While automatic posting is perfect in a pinch, you might have an elaborate content marketing plan set in place. These usually require a lot of preparation and scheduling, and automatic posting might not sit well with it. It could cause you some management issues, or having to go back and post it manually. In the worst case, you could forget to publish a post on Google My Business.

Posts Scheduler

Luckily, the team behind tyCoon media considered this and made sure that the pro version came equipped with a feature called Google My Business Post Scheduler. As its name suggests, this feature allows you to schedule posts on Google My Business, adding another level of functionality and usefulness to this particular plugin.

Support for all types of GMB posts

Not only does this plugin save you time and effort, but it can also be crucial for your SEO and ultimately, visitor conversion. The fact that your business will appear on GMB is fantastic for attracting new visitors and customers by itself. It will also help tremendously with turning those visitors into buyers, too.

Since the “What’s new” post types are pretty much the same as your regular posts, it is super easy to post on GMB. Just add the image or video, add the text containing all the updates you want to share with your new customers, and insert the needed “Call to Action” button of your choice.

What's New Post

Let’s see how this plugin can help you out with other types of Google My Business posts.


When letting people know of your event on meetup, Facebook, and Instagram story, spend a couple of additional seconds to post on Google My Business, too. It will not cost you an arm and a leg, considering that you don’t have to log in to it whatsoever.

Event post

Effortlessly create new events through your WordPress dashboard, thanks to this great plugin. You can add the needed images, create a compelling invitation, and add a start date and end date. The theme-specific buttons are also available for you.


If you have a brick-and-mortar store, then combining a post on Google My Business with a sale could be the thing to bring your customers into the shop. And for your product to disappear off the shelves!

Accomplishing this is super easy, as the interface is super intuitive. Same as with events, you want to add the intriguing image, add a text about your sale, and set a start and end date! That’s it, publish it to Google My Business, and then hurry to the store to host all these customers.

Offer optional

Offers can have good use in another way. You can use this option to set a special coupon code or add the link where your visitors can redeem their offer.  Offering coupons and discounts is another rather useful trick marketers have been using for ages, all with one goal in mind – increase your customer’s base!


Whether you are selling fruit, clothes, or even service packages, posting your bestselling items on GMB can be of tremendous help. It can help to persuade your potential customers that you have what they are looking for.

Adding them to the Google My Business is as simple as a piece of cake. Speaking of cake, if you’re the owner of a bakery, then a mouthwatering picture of one will likely have whole neighborhood dropping by for a piece! You can also use this feature to show off your WooCommerce products. It doesn’t have to be a brick store for this option to bring you many new customers!

Product Post

Just use the “Product” tab, and add the necessary information. From pictures to price, provide your potential visitors with all the information they need to know to decide to visit your store!

Additional Premium Goodies

Yes, wait, there is more!

Pick a location

If your business is successful, or you own multiple ones, quick posts won’t do it.  Unfortunately, posting to one by one Google My Business locations won’t cut it for you. The good news is that with this plugin, you can pick your location or post to multiple ones at the same time.

The ability to pick your location could be rather useful for events post types. Still, being able to publish updates, offers, and products on multiple locations all at once is a huge time saver.

Automatic Repost

Another perfect solution for those special days at your shop. Do you have a 10% discount every Monday? Or, maybe you have an informative event happening every Friday, with food and drinks included? Does your website need extra attention during the big sale?

Automatic Repost

With this plugin, there is no need for creating the same post over and over again. All it takes is a couple of clicks. Set the repeat intervals (or add 0 for an infinite number of repeats) and let the plugin know when to repost the same thing for you. This way you will be keeping Google My Business updated for fixed posts, without you having to lift a finger.

Keep an eye on the statistics

Considering how important Google My Business can be for your business, you need to know which things you post are bringing you the most customers, and which are the knives in the gunfight.

The plugin comes with an integrated statistics feature, which can help you track your clicks. You can also enable Google Analytics tracking for more useful information about your post’s success.

Managing multiple locations and businesses at once

If you are handling multiple businesses, then this plugin can be the help you were looking for to save you time and effort. How? Thanks to the “Campaigns”.

This feature allows you to create campaigns for posting on Google My Business, without actually having to leave the WordPress dashboard. Regardless whether the posts have anything to do with the posts on the WordPress site. Even if your website is for selling apples, you can effortlessly create a campaign for another business selling oranges from the same website’s dashboard!

To sum it up

If you were looking for the WordPress plugin that can help you master Google My Business posting, you’ve found it. While there are so many plugins available out there, this one is very well thought out, has all the necessary features, and the plugin’s developers are there to help you out at all times. Can’t get much better than this!

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