5 mysterious places on Google Maps

September 17, 2016 by ivan

It is obvious that Google Maps technology changed the way we look on our little planet Earth. It’s become easier to see the planet from space, and it has never been easier to find an address of interest using Google Maps.

But as we already showed you, there’s much more to Google Maps than you might think. We found some of the most beautiful places on Earth using the technology for WordPress, showed you interesting cities with their not so famous namesakes, and we laughed at some hilarious photos captured by Street View. Today, we’re about to show you mysterious places found on Google Maps.

Mysterious Desert sign

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COORDINATES: 27.380371, 33.632104
At first, it looks like there was an alien spaceship landed in the desert near the streets of El Gouna in Egypt. Wouldn’t that be convenient – it’s isolated, pyramids are relatively close and the sign looks mysterious. Unfortunately, there was no spaceship involved; the sign is artwork which looks even better on photographs from land. This project is called Desert Breath, and you can find more about this million square foot artwork in the Sahara.

Runway triangle

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COORDINATES: 33.744185, -112.632904
If you zoom in on Wittmann, Arizona, USA, you will find a perfect giant triangle which looks like a runway. While at first it does look mysterious, there’s nothing so strange about this field. It’s called Luke Auxiliary 4 and is a known abandoned runway which hasn’t been used for decades. It still looks nice when you open the location on Google Maps.


Badlands Guardian

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COORDINATES: 50.010283, -110.113757
Just in the southeast corner of Alberta, Canada, you may be surprised by a giant human head carved in the land. This guy is known as the Badlands Guardian and is actually a famous geomorphological feature. The interesting part (besides the obvious that it resembles a statue of a native Indian) is that roads make the figure look like he’s wearing headphones. What do you think this guy would listen to if he had access to a modern iPod?

Gobi desert “alien writings”

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COORDINATES: 40.453153, 93.741916

The first time people spotted these white grids in the China’s desert, conspiracy theories started to build up. Are those alien writings? Maybe missile testing sites? Who knew. Although still a mysterious place, it is now believed that these grids are actually used to calibrate satellites. No matter the reason behind it, you must confess that the lines are quite interesting. If you want to explore Gobi desert lines, you can start by reading this explanation by NASA’s researcher.

Potash Ponds in Utah

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COORDINATES: 38.484413, -109.681710
The first time you open this location, you might bet someone that the image is Photoshopped. Just look at those colorful ponds in the middle of nowhere. But before you actually place a wager, you should know that these gorgeous pools are potash evaporation ponds managed by Intrepid Potash. You can learn more about Potash ponds and see some amazing images.