7 famous city names found on different Google Maps locations

June 18, 2016 by ivan

There are cities in the world that everyone has heard of. Whether those are famous for something specific or just huge enough to attract our attention, we all know where, for example, New York or Paris is.

But what we never think about is that there are so many other cities, small towns, villages and different kinds of settlements to be found miles and miles away from those famous cities. And because of their fame, it isn’t unusual to find other places which share names with the famous ones.

In the following few lines, we will show you seven places which share names with much more famous cities in the world. Since there are so many different namesakes to be found on the map, we invite you to share a location which shares a name with a bigger city anywhere in the world.

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Now, let’s finally see what are the 7 famous city names found on different Google Maps locations!


Paris, Kiribati

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COORDINATES: 1.926049, -157.489088

Paris can be found on Kiritimati Island in Kiribati and it’s definitely not the city of light. This abandoned settlement was leased by a French priest in the beginning of the 20th century. The priest planted over 800,000 coconut trees in the city but unfortunately, there’s nothing to be found on the location of Paris today.


London, Kiribati

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COORDINATES: 1.989012, -157.475885

Since we have mentioned Paris in Kiribati, we can’t leave out London. Only a few inches north of Paris (unfortunately, Google couldn’t calculate the route between places so we were forced to use this awesome measurement unit), London is one of the three places in Kiribati named after European cities and countries. We know that you’re interested in the third one  – it’s Poland and can be found few inches south of Paris.


London, Ontario, Canada

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COORIDNATES: 43.002819, -81.242220

Although as not as big as the namesake from the UK, London is definitely not a small town with its population counting over 350,000 citizens. This London is a regional center of education and healthcare. It is interesting that the city was proposed to be the capital of Upper Canada back in the 18th century. There’s much more to say about London, Canada and we can’t cover it all in these few short sentences; to get you started, visit Wikipedia pages about the city.


Melbourne, Florida, USA

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COORDINATES: 28.077601, -80.602551

Melbourne is an Australian city which we’re all quite familiar with. Unless you live in the USA, you probably haven’t heard of Melbourne in Florida. With the population of almost 80,000, the city is second largest by size and population in the county. According to Wikipedia, this Melbourne was founded by former slaves after Civil War, back in 1867.


Moscow, Pennsylvania, USA

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COORDINATES: 41.336783, -75.518515

When you hear about Moscow, you probably think of Russia. But contrary to the city with the population of over 11 million, this small town in the USA is home to only about 2000 people. This borough has a total area of 2.8 square miles (7.3 km2) so it won’t be that hard to scrutinize it over Google Maps.


Lisbon, Maine, USA

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COORDINATES: 44.031372, -70.102961

Back in the 18th century, this small town was part of the Bowdoin. Since people had a hard time traveling, the General Court of Massachusetts decided it was time to divide the place. The town got its name, Thompsonborough, which people didn’t really like because it was way too long to use in everyday conversations. So, after the city in Portugal, this town is now known as Lisbon and its counting over 9000 residents.


Rome, New York, USA

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COORIDNATES: 43.211425, -75.452812

While most people will instantly think of Italy, over 30,000 people who live in Rome, New York will beg to differ. This city can found in Oneida County, which is in north-central or “Upstate” New York. According to Wikipedia, the city developed at an ancient portage site of Native Americans and was an important location for Europeans in the 18th and the 19th century.