Top 9 funny sights in Google Maps Street View

July 15, 2016 by ivan

Today Google Street View has a lot of users. Make sure you list your business on Google Maps and combine that with email marketing software as a powerful way to grow your customer base. However, few people know that the street view interface is created with the help of top-notch technologies and their serious implementation to ensure its flawless performance. Earlier, people used mobile versions of Google Street View for iOS and Android as well as the web version built by companies offering web application development services. In 2013, the service got an update, and since that time, JavaScript has been used there.

While you can use Google’s Street View technology in order to actually see a place of interest, there are times when people stumble upon hilarious things caught on the camera.

Looking for a laugh? Discover some of the craziest and most weird sights in the world through Google Maps Street View, as hilarious finds from all over the world are showcased. This ranges from the bizarre weird shots to funny incidents caught on camera , wait for a dose of fun and excitement. As well as if you are behind the wheel of a car and you need to get any kind of real-time traffic updates, look at this link: eduwriter for skilled essay rewriting; to make your academic voyage comfortable.

We’re sure that Google’s photographers have seen it all, but for those of us who can’t travel each and every road in the world, the list of funniest sight in Street View might make up the day.

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Now back to our main topic!

Without any particular order, here are some of the funniest sights found on Google Maps today. If you have found any other funny street view, please share it with us in the comments below the article.

Strange bicyclist and his stuffed penguin:

Strange bicycle


If you put your virtual satellite over Perth in Australia and zoom in close enough one of its street next to the beach, quite a surprise awaits you. This guy is riding a strange bicycle and tows a fully clothed stuffed penguin (is that a penguin?) behind him. Make sure that you take a closer look at the image – the longer you stare, the funnier it gets.


Mutant lady:

Mutant Lady


One of the tallest skyscrapers in the world can be found in Dubai. Burj Khalifa is home to many visitors which can’t really know when a Google’s photographer might be around. If this lady knew what was happening, she wouldn’t move for few minutes because images put her together as some sort of a mutant you usually see on the big screen. Don’t laugh hard, it might have been you on the photo.

Freaky Man-Pigeons

Man Pigeons


Open your Google Maps and place yourself over Tokyo. If you keep on zooming, you might end up finding men and women dressed as pigeons. Unfortunately, this happened in 2013. Luckily, Google has implement Time Travel in Google Maps (LINK) so you can see those freaky Man-Pigeons staring you down the street. Is this funny or freaky?


Photobombing seagull:

Photobombing seaguls


If you travel back to Brighton, England in 2009, Google Maps might make you laugh one more time. While Google car was snapping images of the streets, several seagulls decide to flyby. One of the seagulls was cheeky enough to photobomb the driver in order to show his lunch.


Clone Army in IKEA

Clone Army


Sometimes, there’s a glitch found in the maps and a woman might turn out to be a mutant like in the view above. But sometimes, a photographer might take an advantage of Google Maps technology and create a clone army. This time, the later happened. Back in 2013, photographer Alexis Jemus decided to go in IKEA store in Montreal where he took multiple pictures of himself in different positions in the store. You can still open this Street View and see the photographer in different poses along the kitchen, the living room, and other store locations.


Mannequin pool party:

Pool party


For this one, you will have to travel back to the year 2009. The coordinates will take you to Harcourt, Ontario where someone decided to throw a pool party for their mannequins. There appear to be two dolls soaking in the pool, one enjoying the sun on the fake skin while the third one looks like a pool guy. People are strange.


Furries in a bar:

Furries in a bar


For some images, you will have to explore a little bit more in detail. In this example, if you open up The Buzz Mill bar in Texas, everything seems to be normal. Tables are ready for customers and it seems that the bar is empty. But if you follow this adventure and you and click on the next room, you might find a surprise. The bar isn’t empty and there are four “Furries” sitting in the back. Were those guys just joking around, is that part of the lost bet or maybe a movie in the making, we’ll probably never know.


Divers on the street

Divers on the street


While you won’t be able to notice any significant changes done to the street or building surrounding it, there’s an important change in traffic on this coordinates. If you open the location of Hordaland, a county in Norway, you will get a normal image of its streets. But if you travel back to 2009, you will find two fully equipped scuba divers marching down the street! It appears that they are chasing the Google car down the road; hopefully, there wasn’t a harpoon involved.


Low bridge, camera high:

Low bridge


Having a camera mounted on top of a car is definitely a good way of capturing images around cities. Well, most of the Street View images are taken with that kind of camera (see other Google vehicles). But if a driver doesn’t calculate the height of a bridge in time, Google camera can quite easily dismount. As an example, you can open images taken in 2009 on Merchant Street in Pittsburgh, Pa. After you open the map, follow the car under the bridge and watch how Street View changes the angle. The camera was corrected after that, but this funny moment became a part of the history.