7 Best Ways To Make Your WordPress Website SEO Friendly

May 01, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

There is an umpteen number of people who click on the organic search listing. Thus, it is quintessential for you to employ SEO to help boost your site rankings and its appearance on the search results.

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So, here, in this article, we will share with you seven tips to make your WordPress website more SEO-friendly so that it ranks higher on the search engine. Let us get started and address these tips one by one.

Ensure that the website’s structure is intuitive, clean, and up-to-date

How you organize the site’s navigation and structure is quintessential for both the visitors and the SEO. Search engines browse through the link structures to index and find pages. If you have a well-structured website, all the sub-pages and the pages can be found quickly and are indexed by the search engine crawlers. More so, intuitive navigation works well for all visitors.

UX Design

‘When the website is well-structured, a visitor will be able to find precisely what they need in the minimum time possible,’ points out Dane, an SEO expert with Fine Grades, a platform where you can look for online economics tutors. 

Let us explain what Dane said with an example. When you were searching for the 7 Best Ways To Make Your WordPress Website SEO Friendly (or something alike) on a search engine custom WordPress development. You found our blog post, and that is how you probably came across this post. Now, suppose that’s what we had titled our blog, but only a paragraph into the blog, you find that we have not spoken about any tips, and it is a vague filling-up of the words, how will you feel disappointed, right? This is precisely why it is essential to structure the website and the pages to make it easier for users to get what they need.

There is a three-click rule. It states that the information on the website must be available for a user in no longer than three clicks, and this is how you should plan your content. 

Never put up duplicate content.

We cannot stress it enough, but duplicate content can be a disaster for your website’s SEO. When you have copied content on your website, it can penalize the ranking, particularly in context to internal duplicates. Hence, it is vital to always check your content for duplicity and plagiarism to ensure that you keep the SEO for your website top-notch.

Use SEO for Images Too

Several SEO developers optimize the text for the website, but unfortunately, they fail to do the same for the images. When you optimize your website for pictures, you have a greater chance of increasing your website’s search engine ranking,’ comments Daisy, an SEO expert with TFTH, a platform to seek economics assignment help. 

Image optimization

When you choose your website’s images, ensure that the images you select are not very large. Typically, the images on the website must be between 30-100 kb with a resolution of 72dpi. When the images are too big, they can make your website load slowly, and this can hamper your website’s ranking.

Moreover, in the alt text section, you should provide the keyword describing the image. This can be a good step towards improving your website’s SEO and heightening the chances of your site’s rankings.

Lastly, be careful with the image placement. When your images are relevant to the website, they increase the chances of a high search engine ranking.

Make your website compatible with all devices

The website and the content on it should be optimized for all kinds of devices that users prevalently use. There are so many tools that can help you maintain the responsiveness or the mobile-friendliness of the website. So, make sure that regardless of the screen size, you pick a theme that loads well across all devices.

Be smart with the keyword placement

There is absolutely no meaning to set up a good website if you do not smartly place your keywords. If you desire to attract several visitors to your website looking for a product or service similar to what your business offers, you have to be very careful with the keyword placement in the content.


 ‘In addition to adding the keywords in the main content, you also need to put it in other areas. These include the footer links, meta description tags, page titles, alt tags, URLs, headings, etc.,’ states Maria, an SEO expert with TAE, a platform to check out when you need economics homework help.

The SEO keyword analysis can give you an insight into the number of users searching for the different keywords and presenting to you how your business stands in the online space.

Publish quality and helpful content

When someone visits your website, they are hopeful of getting top-notch quality content, but if all they see is irrelevant content, they will immediately shut your website and may never revisit your website. Consequently, your website’s reputation may be affected, and the search engine, too, might blacklist your site.

You need to produce top-notch quality content, which is informational and useful for the users as the search engines do employ techniques to differentiate between spamming and helpful content.

Moreover, when you provide the users with good quality content, it can increase your readers’ time on your website. This is seen as a favorable vote by the readers, enabling the page to rank higher in the search engine. Thus, you need to regularly update your content with fresh updates as search engine always prioritizes fresh and new data. So, always write time-relevant blogs.

Be Careful with Flash Elements

Lastly, do not use too many flash elements on the website to distract your viewers from the main content and hamper your search engine ranking. More so, when you use flash elements for the website, it becomes challenging for the search engine to rank your website. It is because flash is often devalued or ignored by the search engine.

This implies that it does nothing for your website’s SEO. So, if you do use flash, use it only sparingly.


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