Best Tools for Creating Predictably Better, Higher-ranking Content

January 19, 2021 by Vekas Rahimic

Creating good content can be challenging most of the time, and it can be hard to find the best style and topics so that it can be done in the right manner. You can be a great writer and content creator, having a good sense for what to do, you can add good keywords, titles, and more, yet you will often find yourself disappointed with your ranking on a google search engine. This can be extremely frustrating and even more confusing, leaving you to feel like you hit the wall and there is no way to go further. Thankfully, this is not the case, as sometimes it is beneficial and harmless to let artificial intelligence to do some work for you.

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Starting with MarketMuse, this truly amazing and professional tool helps you to build adequate content strategies that will help you to increase your blog traffic. With this platform in use, you can also find all potential gaps in your topics, and you can accelerate your research and publication. And how does this AI works?

Well, in the beginning, it analyzes and measures your content quality at scale. After this, based on all info and gaps, MarketMuse accelerates your content research, its creation, and user optimization. You can create content-driven customer journeys, and you can land your content at the top of Google search results, thanks to MarketMuse’s amazing workflows, preparing you for the best of content marketing.

You can relax and forget on days of research since MarketMuse does it for you in a matter of minutes.

Press the button, and you will have all important aspects for quality content creation like content inventory and topic analysis, competitive research, search intent insight, and many more at your hand. You will also get personalized and customizable metrics that result in greater predictability by taking into account important aspects like the site’s content, helping you better understand its strengths, weaknesses, and potential opportunities.

With this tool, you get excellent guidance and repeatable KPIs. It is done because of the entire content landscape analysis around the topic. You can easily compare your topics with your competitors’ content; this app does this by analyzation of your content and evaluating how well it covers the focus of your topics.

MarketMuse AI is one of the most developed ones used for this type of work. It creates a preliminary article for a chosen topic based on its corresponding content brief.

Without any doubt, you will get a tool that creates the difference between you and your competitors. As for pricing, you have 4 pricing plans offered; they include various options and abilities, all according to your needs.



Squirrly proved to be successful over the last couple of years on many occasions. To be more specific, its main task is to optimize content so that you can use appropriate keywords for your content creation process. It also measures the general success of your content online. It compares with your competition’s success so that you are always informed of any potential new trends in content creation. According to this tool developers, you can increase your traffic by incredibly 285%.

Some of the key features include Focus Pages Assistant who helps you in the way that it maps the road to better rankings by providing you with different specifications for each page of your content.

Then, you have a powerful keyword research tool that optimizes your content, which we mentioned before. Squirrly Briefcase feature gives you enormous help by removing the gap between Keyword Research and Strategy Implementation, meaning that there would not be any problems with analytics. It is one place where you can save all your top keywords; you can add and delete them later and properly use them in your campaigns, blogs, and trends.

Besides this, Squirrly offers excellent blogging tools that can help improve your style. Then there is a good SEO Snippet tool and many more amazing features and options. Squirrly offers you 3 pricing plans PRO, Business, and Agency, with different prices and abilities, all according to your needs and your work.

Content Explorer by Ahrefs

Content Explorer by Ahrefs

Ahrefs company created this powerful tool, which immediately proved to be a huge success, and when you see all of its options and abilities, it is not a surprise at all. It is especially useful to those who look for new ideas for different content creation types, those who want to try some new things and enrich their content.

This tool allows you to do good, detailed research on over a billion web pages, and it is all complete with SEO and social metrics. To put it simply, you will be able to find the most popular articles on any topic with big precision for a small amount of time. Content Explorer search engines provide you with estimated monthly traffic to plan better, and it gives you insight into your social shares. Also, what is special about this tool is that you can combine advanced operators to refine your search. Meaning that, with the right combinations of your advanced search operators, you can find some link-building projects, low competition topics, partnership opportunities, and many more potential benefits.

This tool offers you 12 filters so that you can easily find content that matches any of your criteria. This and many more features on Content Explorer provide you with a good analytical background to further develop your work. There are 4 pricing plans offered to you. All you have to do is pick one plan that suits you the best and then start working.

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator

This tool is characterized by its simplicity and effectiveness, proving to be one helpful content marketing tool. It is especially good to research long-tail keywords that your target audience searches when they need specific and useful content on different blog posts.

Keyword Tool Determination provides you with an enormous searching power from massive databases from Google, YouTube, Amazon, and many more. It helps you uncover those specific keywords used by different users when they are looking for something special. As developers of this app like to point out, the real deal of this tool is that it emulates a real user typing search terms with some small variations over and over to find hundreds of keyword suggestions in a very short period. You will find different pricing plans with prices ranging from 29 to 139 dollars.

This tool helps you to deal with one specific problem, and that is user satisfaction. Because it is not only enough to provide your customers with blog posts, you have to consider many other problems and needs. If your users feel like you put them in the first place, you would not need to worry about blog traffic any more.

Emotions are key, and one of the best ways to improve your ratings is to collect all your best content in one place.

This will increase your traffic and save your readers time they would otherwise spend going through search engines. This tool helps you to collect, publish, and share your high-quality content on the internet. All you have to do is pick up topics you want, and this tool will deliver great articles to your inbox every day. There is only one pricing plan offered to all, and it costs only 12.99 dollars; a free trial is included.


Good planning and smart use of analytics can make a difference between successful and popular blogs on one side and those that failed to get noticed on the other. So, use as much help as possible, especially the one provided by these tools mentioned in this article. They can be a real lifesaver just when you need them the most.

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