What Are the Most Profitable Blogging Niches?

March 19, 2020 by Dženana Kajtaz

If you browse the internet for even 10 minutes, you’ll come across a lot of different niches of blogging, from people talking about the latest tech trends to people teaching you how to incorporate flowers into your meals (yes, that’s a real blog). That variety is maybe the best thing about the internet because anyone can find something that interests them, regardless of how unconventional it is.

The freedom the internet gives you to express your thoughts, opinions, and creativity is what encourages a lot of people to start a blog of their own.

This is, of course, a possibility for anyone with access to the internet and enough free time to do so. What isn’t a possibility to just anyone is to earn an income from their blogging efforts, because honestly, not all blogging niches are profitable.

How successful a blog will be, depends on a lot of factors, how search engine optimized it, and its content are, how regularly the content is being published, and most importantly, how big its target audience is.

The truth is, some blogging niches have an advantage when it comes to becoming successful simply because they cover currently relevant topics, have enough people who want to see that content, and, in turn, a lot of opportunities for advertising, partnership, and sponsorship deals.

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To help you not miss out on this opportunity by thinking your blog ideas isn’t worthwhile, in this article we will list some of the most profitable blogging niches so you can check if your idea falls into one of them.


It is safe to say that a large majority of us care a lot about our health, both mental and physical, as we should. The state of our health significantly affects every aspect of our life, and our health itself is affected by a number of things like our lifestyle, habits, nutrition, fitness, and so on.

People are keen on learning how to improve these things on an everyday basis, so a blog covering health-related topics is sure to get traffic, and since businesses are aware how large the scale of that traffic can be, the blog is also sure to get a lot of partnerships for endorsing or even directly selling products and services targeted towards improving health.

If there is something people don’t hesitate to spend money on, it’s definitely their health, so those partnerships will most likely bring the person running the blog a significant amount of money.


Technology is one of the most rapidly evolving industries, with new devices, software, gadgets, and so much more coming out every day. People need a way to keep up with all the tech novelties and to know which of them are worth investing their money in. Blogs in the tech blogging niche do exactly this, they present, review, and recommend new tech products to people.

For tech blogs, there are always new topics to cover, meaning that there is always a need for people who are going to create fresh and new content. Thanks to how easy affiliate links can be incorporated in this content, this is also a niche you can earn quite a bit of money in.


No matter if you are a mom of four or a broke college student, you have googled a recipe at least once in your life, which led you into exploring the huge number of food blogs out there. Food blogs get a lot of traffic, and although that traffic might not be returning visitors, it’s still valuable traffic.

While it is possible to do affiliate marketing on food blogs, most of the money being made on them is through advertisements placed around the content, another very effective method for earning money.


Makeup, skincare, haircare, and all other products dedicated to improving your outward appearance don’t come at a small price. What’s even worse, is that every product simply can’t work for every person so in trying to find the right products, a lot of trial and error is involved.

Trial and error with beauty products take time and money; both things many people don’t have too much off on disposal. Exactly this is responsible for the huge success of beauty blogs, blogs that give people detailed reviews of products and go through trial and error instead of them.

People running beauty blogs get a lot of opportunities for sponsored posts and affiliated linking, and not only that but also lots of free products.


Travel blogs are very popular with people who do research and planning before a trip in order to eliminate any risk of the trip becoming a waste of money. On travel blogs, you can find out tips, must-see sights, hidden gems, and much more for basically any destination in the world.

Travel bloggers are people who visit those destinations and share their tips and experiences during and after the trip. They can earn quite a lot from collaborations with airlines, hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses looking to get a promotion. The earnings can be pretty good, but to actually start earning will take some time, the time necessary to start getting recognition for your work in the travel blogging industry, meaning that in the beginning, you will be the one covering the cost of your travels.

Financial advice

Making money is something that interests everyone, always has, and always will. To be honest, earning money in non-traditional ways, starting a business, managing and saving money, or making any financial decision isn’t the easiest thing to do. This means that ahead of making those decisions, a lot of people will be looking for advice on the internet, more specifically on blogs giving financial advice.

Just like food blogs, financial blogs get a lot of traffic, so people running the blogs are able to earn a lot of money solely from advertising, but besides that, they also have the opportunity further monetize their knowledge through their blog by offering online courses and consulting to people wanting to get more financial advice in a more one-on-one approach.


Being a new parent or a parent, in general, is confusing, stressful, frustrating, and so many other things anyone who has a child can relate to. Like their kids, parents also need guidance, reassurance, and advice on how to handle the bizarre situations they encounter with their children on a daily basis.

Since this can be applied to every parent out there, you can understand why the parenting blogging niche made it on this list. Parenting blogs can count on getting a lot of traffic but also engagement from parents wanting to give their two cents on a specific matter. We know that traffic and engagement make a blog very suitable for advertising, but besides that, sponsored posts and affiliate marketing are also not an uncommon sight on parenting blogs.


If your idea doesn’t fall into any of the mentioned niches, there are plenty of other ones that can also earn you a pretty penny, these are just the ones we found as most notable. One last thing we want you to remember about blogging is that, regardless of its niche, a blog in which enough effort is being put into, that delivers quality content, keeps up with the latest trends and truly appreciates its audience no matter how big or small it might be, will eventually get the deserved recognition and a chance to turn that recognition into profit. So don’t give up on your idea without at least giving it an honest try.

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