10 Tips on How to Write an Effective Blog Summary

October 10, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

In this modern era, it has become easy to read about any news or technology online. Due to the higher demand for information on the internet, blogs rapidly increase on different categories and topics.

There is no doubt anyone who has some proficiency in the language can write a standard blog post. But when it comes to writing an effective blog post to engage the audience, you have to keep some points in mind.

Some sections have great importance while writing a blog on any topic.

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What is the Summary of the blog?

A summary is a specific part of the blog in which you have to write the entire blog in a short portion. A blog generally contains multiple pages that might make it difficult for everyone to read and understand your concept.


Therefore, a summary is there to tell the readers what is inside the blog and the core point of writing that blog. It might be easy to write a full blog, but it is not easy to write a summary because a writer has to express all his ideas in a few words.

Are you feeling hard to write an effective summary of your blog post?

Do not worry as we have got your back by writing ten tips that will assist you in this regard. Just have a look at the following section to learn how to do this task precisely.

Tips for writing an effective blog post

Understand and Read repeatedly

Before you start writing a summary, make sure that you have an idea about the entire blog’s content. If you have written the blog post on your own, you might have in-depth knowledge about the concept and what you have included in the blog post.

But if someone has written that blog, you have to read it repeatedly to understand that topic better. Also, you have to be focused while reading because the upcoming steps will purely depend on this task.

Collect important points

While you are reading the blog, we recommend doing this at least 3 to 4 times. By doing this, it is likely possible that you have got all the essential points.


Here the essential points do not mean the bulleted points or any list of tips. But you have to decide by reading the blog manually what the author has added and which sentence or part you can consider important for your reader.

Take notes

While you have read the blog post properly and got which information is essential, you have to take notes of all those sections. You can write them on an online notepad or any paper and keep them beside you while writing the Summary.

Keep in mind that you have to write any statistical data or check the references if given in the blog. With this, you can minimize the efforts and collect all the important points without getting problems.

take notes

To write an effective summary, you have to take notes precisely with great attention because the upcoming steps will be based on this action to some extent.

Draft a paragraph

After collecting notes and understanding the topics, you have to start writing. We recommend not writing directly in your blog because you may have made some mistakes while writing.

Here mistakes do not mean typo mistakes or spellings but the missing of any important data. So, you have to write a draft paragraph regarding the Summary of the blog to review it after doing all kinds of amendments.

Use a tool

Sometimes, you can’t write a summary of the blog manually because of multiple reasons. It happens a lot when you have to write a summary of a long blog with multiple pages or a complex topic.

In such cases, you can use a summary tool that will assist you in this regard. With the help of such tools, you won’t have to do anything but paste your blog post inside this tool.

The article summarizer then will use its AI technology to collect all the important points written in that blog. So, you will be able to get an automated summary of your blog within a fraction of a second. In this way, you can use that Summary to represent in your blog or show someone to understand the topic.

Use hook

While writing a blog summary, do not look to increase the word count. But you have to discuss only those points that will give the reader’s a hook about the blog.

We recommend you create a hook by using some call-to-action words to make the Summary more engaging. In simple words, you can ask them to go to some specific section of the blog to solve their desired problem.

Help readers to decide

This is an important point that you have to keep in mind while writing a summary of a listing article. When you have discussed different products in your article, it is compulsory to help the readers in the Summary to make the best decision.


No doubt, you might have discussed your concerning products or tools in detail. But you have to give an overview about all of them in 2 to 3 sentences to help the readers to make a decision.

Be concise and direct

No matter what kind of blog you have written, you have to keep this tip in your mind. Always be concise and direct to make the connection with your reader while writing a Summary.

For effective outcomes, avoid using fluff content or extra words to make the summary length. Keep it concise and discuss all the important points in a maximum of 4 to 5 lines.

Be clear

Another thing that you have to keep in your mind while writing a blog summary is the use of words. It is important to be clear while working on this section of the blog.

You should make sure that you have written every word properly because the Summary is the most important section. By reading this, a visitor will decide either he has to stay on your platform or not.


Do not ever publish a blog’s Summary without reviewing it at least once or twice. It is common that you make some type of mistake or add some fluff words without noticing.

So, you have to revise the Summary properly and extract any problem if you have found it. It is recommended to keep your notes with you while doing this task because you can easily get to know what you have noted is there in your Summary or not.

Summarizing Up

It is difficult for more than 60% of writers to write a summary of their blogs because it needs more attention. If you are also one of them, keep the above tips in your mind, and you will be able to write an effective summary.

These points will help you in writing what people are looking for in your blog’s Summary.

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