6 Most Popular WordPress Podcasts to Follow

December 04, 2019 by Marko Domljanović

Internet is a wonderful place – you can find out what you want to know in a blink of an eye, and there are various communities out there where people debate and discuss all sorts of things, WordPress included. Therefore, if you want to learn something about this platform, maybe even something more advanced, you always have somewhere to turn to.

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Still, some WordPress podcasts stand out from the others and can be considered a great place to start if you want to get in on the action. Here are a few examples!


Every week, WPwatercooler records a new podcast covering one of a pretty large array of topics. Apart from WordPress, obviously, you can expect the host Jason Tucker to cover topics like online security, web design, web development, social networks, plugins, graphics, and everything else relating to websites. These guys actually stream their podcast live every Monday on their website (wpwatercooler.com) and their YouTube channel, so if you have the time, join them at 11 PST.

WPwatercooler has been around for more than seven years, and they also have another show called WPblab, which takes a much longer format instead of the usual half-hour show and where the primary focus is WordPress marketing. Do check them out!

Post Status Draft

Post Status Draft is another excellent WordPress podcast, although this one is not on YouTube, and there is usually a new podcast every two weeks. This may vary, though, so you may want to go to their website and subscribe. They cover a wide array of topics here in a very professional manner, but they always keep their topics WordPress-related. You will, therefore, be able to learn all sorts of news from them, listen to various interviews with big names from the WordPress community, and so on. Joe Hoyle and Brian Krogsgard do a stellar job, so if you’re professionally involved with WordPress and want to make the most of the platform, be sure to check them out, be you a freelancer, professional or a beginner.

Hello, WP

Now, this is something slightly different. While there are only six episodes of Hello, WP podcast available at the moment, they have been widely praised by the community for perfectly capturing and helping with all the problems a new WordPress user is likely to encounter. Therefore, if you’re new to all of this, you WILL want to listen to what Josh and Micah have to say. The podcast is not available on YouTube, but you can simply listen to all of the episodes on the podcast’s website, on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. All the basics, from SEO and security to plugins and even WordCamp have been covered, so we really hope that there will be more insightful episodes like these coming soon.

Do the Woo

Bob Dunn, also known as BobWP, is quite a prominent figure in the WordPress community, and he has an interesting podcast aimed primarily at those who are interested in everything related to eCommerce. It’s called Do the Woo and deals primarily with WooCommerce, so you can expand your skillset and learn all the latest news concerning the platform. Currently, the podcast airs twice a month, but that will increase to once a week in 2020. Bob hosts the show along with Brad Williams, but starting next year, new hosts will be joining, too. Therefore, if you have a webshop or you’re thinking of starting one, this podcast can help you a lot when it comes to maximizing your potential.

WordPress Weekly

WP Tavern is widely regarded as an excellent source of WordPress news, and its WordPress Weekly podcast is one of the main reasons for that. The podcast is aimed at pretty much everyone who uses WordPress because not only does it cover all the latest news, but it also often brings various experts to discuss an interesting subject. With more than 360 episodes so far, you have plenty of catching up to do if you haven’t listened to these guys before. On top of that, you can find many informative articles on their website, covering even BuddyPress and bbPress. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to stay in the loop concerning all things WordPress, you will want to bookmark this website as soon as possible.

The WP Crowd

Last but not least, we have another podcast that is available on YouTube. The WP Crowd is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping WordPress users grow and improve their skills, so if you consider yourself to be somewhat of a beginner in this area, this may very well be the podcast for you. But you should also check out their website, which has a bunch of very useful articles and free tutorials that make for a very nice package of tips and instructions on how to use WordPress properly. Interestingly, they also sometimes discuss various business-related topics, and you can always hear (or read) something useful from these guys. Go and see what they have to say!


The community of WordPress users is incredibly broad and vibrant, and there are always new things, events, and features to discuss. Therefore, diving into the world of WordPress podcasts can be very beneficial both to you and to your website. The podcasts listed in this article are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are widely recommended by the community, which makes them a great place to start exploring. Most episodes last less than an hour, so this shouldn’t really be a time-consuming effort, either. If you have a WordPress website, and especially if you’re a part of the eCommerce world, listening to what experienced users of the platform have to say can be a real eye-opener and a great way to connect with a larger community.

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