What Makes Backlinks Still an Important Aspect for SEO?

August 15, 2018 by Jedda Cain

Do you know that according to Backlinko, backlinks continue to remain a vital factor when it comes to Google ranking? According to their data, the overall link authority of any particular website strongly depends on backlinking, thus correlating with better or higher search engine rankings. A SERP (Search Engine Results Page) data shows that lengthier content always stands a chance of being placed at the top of the search engine results page, thus ensuring higher ranking and better exposure.

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What Makes Backlinking Important in Today’s Date?

As long as digital popularity and gaining enough client footfalls will continue to be a priority for digital marketers of the industry, backlinks will continue to remain an important part. Here’s why:

Quality Backlinks Ensure Higher Google Ranking

As already mentioned, if you manage quality backlinking to your site at the end of the day (which you can get naturally or by using link building services), then Google and other search engines will be giving credit to your site, thus, increasing its chances of being ranked at the topmost position of search engine results.

Link Building SEO

This, as a result, will trigger every possibility of making the webpage popular among your target group of users and prospective clients. In today’s world where digital exposure is the most important factor when it comes to online trade and promotion, you cannot afford to be reluctant in this matter. This calls for a quality backlinking, as one of the many tools to ensure performance-driven SEO efforts.

Backlinking through Guest Blogging is Still Relevant

It would probably tend to be relevant, helpful and rewarding in the upcoming days as well. If you are into blogging or hiring bloggers to write about your products and services, then you can get associated with other websites and ask them to publish your blog for every other prospective reader to go through the content, provided you’re not being too pushy or directly selling anything via promotional blogging.

Guest Blogging

Once the blog gets published on the website successfully, you can expect to get a couple of backlinks to your site. Talking explicitly about something popular and relating the same to your product and service allows you to get direct traffic without much hassle. And if especially the website is itself a popular one with a high Google ranking, then the backlink created would prove to be a valuable asset for your site and product promotion. So, don’t forget to check this list of 5,000 sites that accept guest posts.

An Easier Way to Fetch Websites the Desired Exposure

The very concept and emergence of backlinking in SEO is nothing but an attempt to fetch websites maximum exposure with minimum investment. To explain further, if we are to talk about the current scenario and the world economy, minimum investment and maximum return is the mantra for most of the modern day trades.

Now if we are to talk about blogging and backlinking, then a powerful blog and relevant write-ups can actually help websites get maximum quality inbound links. Consequently, you get a better Google ranking, thus connecting all dots successfully.

Backlinks Attract More Visitors to Your Site

This is yet another crucial aspect and a reason why backlink is still an important factor when it comes to good SEO in 2018. Months and days would pass by, things would change, but one aspect that would remain constant forever is the need for website visitors, word-of-mouth, active readers and the likes. Now how do you manage that? Backlinking is one of the many convincing and powerful answers.

Creating a website and then simply waiting for prospective visitors to find the site on their own won’t work in the long run. They should be directed to your site with relevant posts, indications, and links. Now, this is where backlinking comes into play.

It gives you a decent count of visitors enticed to use your site, provided the content is powerful enough to persuade them.

The Significance of Good Backlinking in Today’s World

In addition to what has been discussed regarding the several benefits of backlinking that are still relevant and significant in today’s world, one must also learn to stay alert and aware of unfair consequences that may at times occur due to bad backlinking issues. To talk about bad backlinking, it is to be mentioned that one must avoid being in contact or entertaining links that come from websites belonging to the segment of low ranking, less reputed, spam and the likes.

A good SEO strategy, quality content and finally being successful in receiving backlinks from a website that talks about your niche and not about something that isn’t related to your concern is a good way for a great head start. This, as a result, would create more chances for all prospective visitors to find your service and digital forum relevant to every aspect.

Good Backlinks vs Bad Backlinks

On the contrary, bad backlinking would only get you links from less reputed and low-quality sites. At times, it may be subjected to spam, if especially a poor quality website gets linked, containing duplicate or spun content. Thus, it is to be noted that in today’s world, mere backlinking isn’t something which is still relevant and of greater importance than other SEO tools, but it is all about good backlinking which is still significant and useful for the digital entrepreneurs aiming to get their websites the desired exposure.

To Conclude

One important point to be considered in this context is that SEO is indeed a broad domain of technical expertise, and backlinking is a tool that takes care of factors concerning content outreach, client acquisition, website exposures and search engine rankings. Backlinking is nothing but a valuable tool that binds all fundamentals of SEO to a site and ensures a healthy flow of traffic, determining significant digital exposure. It is important to have a high-speed page, which can provide you with quality web hosting.

Backlink always was and shall continue to be one of the most important aspects and an effective Search Engine Optimization tool, as long as the significance website and content marketing will continue to dominate the digital domain of every trade in today’s world.

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