How to Turn Your Podcast Listeners into Customers

October 08, 2020 by Nina Medanić

These last few years, podcasts seem to be a pretty popular medium. They are on a few different platforms and are about anything and everything. Anybody can find a podcast that can interest them. There are podcasts about lifestyle, fitness, health, sports, business, and much, much more. You can stream your podcast on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, or any other livestreaming app… It is really such a versatile medium. You don’t have to be home to enjoy it. You can listen to a podcast while driving, while working out, walking your dog. You don’t need the experience to do it, and it is relatively easy and inexpensive to get started. 


It comes as no surprise that a lot of celebrities and influencers also have their own podcasts. One of the more famous ones is Joe Rogan’s podcast. However, you certainly don’t have to be Joe Rogan to have a successful podcast. If you have an idea and you think people would like it, just do it. There is nothing to lose, and the possibilities are endless. See if people like your content and go from there. 

So, you tried it out, and you gained an audience. Now you could be thinking about how you could monetize your podcast. 

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Turning listeners into customers

You want to have listeners that will visit your website, click your links, and ultimately become your customers. Make sure that you hook new listeners who are finding out about you for the first time. Talk about things that are relevant to your business and can also help your future customers. When you present your service as something that can help your listeners, they will be more likely to visit your site.

Many podcasts are guest interviews. Being a guest on another person’s podcast is a good starting point for getting new customers. On that podcast, you could easily promote your business. However, be careful not to overpower the host. 

Moreover, when talking about your work, focus on one Call-To-Action(CTA). Don’t bombard the listeners with too much information about your brand. It is not likely they will actually go to your website or look up what you are offering. Instead, give out one most important CTA, for example, just your website URL.

Another great way of turning listeners into customers is by doing your research and showing your knowledge. Find out what is your target audience and what kind of audience could benefit from becoming your customer. Once you have done your research, promote your business in a way that would make your listeners feel like they are missing out on something if they don’t become customers. Also, create suitable “lead magnets, “something that will turn listeners into leads and leads into customers. You want something good enough to build an email list.



I want to introduce you to a platform that will help you turn listeners into business leads, bCast. bCast is a platform where all of your hard work with your podcast turns to fruition. It helps you with hosting, distribution, and analytics of your podcast. It’s easy to use and to navigate through different features. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced podcaster. bCast has something for you. It has three different plans you can choose from-Startup, Business, and Enterprise, and it offers a 14-day free trial.

First of all, bCast offers Auto Opt-in, generating an email address that listeners can message and tick yes for your offer. That way, a potential customer agrees to receive the specified marketing. It enables your listeners to subscribe to your newsletter and never miss an episode of your podcast.

bCast’s dynamic content insertion makes it easy for you to include sponsors and CTA’a in your podcast with just a click. Whether you have a sponsorship to plug or a CTA for your new product, it’s put in in a few seconds. Keep customers interested in what else you have to offer.

You can choose to host your podcast on your own domain to ensure nothing will distract customers from your brand. Also, a text can be loaded onto your site, which maximizes your content’s SEO value and maximizes accessibility.

To monetize your podcast even more, there is an option to integrate affiliate links to the bCast podcast player. So every time a customer clicks on the link, you get a 40% commission. Since you are putting a lot of time in your podcast, it would be a shame not to get anything back from it.


The platform’s analytics part shows you how your podcast is doing and what you could improve on. It gives you an insight into how your audience is interacting with your content. bCast helps your podcast grow and distributes it on all of the other platforms. It’s good to disperse your podcast on different platforms since not everyone uses the same thing.

Final thoughts

So, you wanted to know how to get new customers from your podcast. Creating new leads will make your podcast and your business thrive. bCast is the platform to help you with all of that. It provides a host for your podcast, distributes it across different platforms, and gives you an insight into how your podcast is doing with your audience. bCast is very helpful, but don’t forget to put out quality and exciting content for your listeners.

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