Top 5 WordPress Managed Hosting Companies

June 27, 2020 by Gordan

Hey you. Yeah, you. You rock at producing content, designing your website, and running your online business, but get dizzy when you’re presented with the technical stuff under the WordPress’ hood? Hop in, the tour to your all-inclusive experience of hosting is about to start!

WordPress hosting is one of the fundamentals that you take care of at the beginning of your online spell, whereas your domain name and hosting service form a foundation that you’ll build your website on. If you still didn’t quite get to this step, let’s break it down to simplicity:

Web hosting is a service that allows you to make your website live and allow it to be viewed on the internet.

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There are multiple types of hosting, such as shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private server, and a few other types, but today we’re going to investigate one particular type that is adored by so many – managed hosting. And why is it loved by so many users? Because you don’t have to do literally anything! Every hosting aspect is regulated by the host, including your website’s speed, security, backups, updates…all of that technical stuff that you are determined to get away from. Instead, a team of experts handles all of those tasks while your creativeness remains intact and shifted towards what you do best. With these pros guarding your back, your website will always be as fast as possible, secure to the maximum, fresh, and updated and basically never go down, alongside with a few other perks that make this hosting such an exclusive option.

Managed Hosting

Now, of course, there are some downsides to it, with the main one being the price. It’s not made for tight budgets, and if you’re used to paying a few bucks per month for your hosting obligations, you probably won’t be delighted when you hear that the price for managed hosting lingers around $20 (give or take, depending on your host of choice). Some other restrictions include not being able to install every plugin (but it’s restricted only due to their manufacturing which will potentially slow down your website), and it’s exclusively for WordPress, but that isn’t really something that should concern you since you probably weren’t planning on switching to a different CMS anyway. It does have a few downsides, but the qualities are out of this world with the wonders that it can do for your website, and if you want to have every aspect under check and at the same time not worry about those technicalities for a split second, managed hosting is undoubtedly the way to go.

You’re indecisive on which provider should you pick? Which perks to look out for? Which one will suit your needs best? Stay tuned because we’re about to cover the top 5 WordPress managed hosting providers:

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DreamHost is a well-known name in the industry that built their credibility around efficiency and quality. Their expertise has been shaped for the past 20 years, and when you want to collaborate with someone, that means serious business…prepare your suit and a bowtie because it’s go time! Let’s get into the details of what this provider has to offer.

First of all, you’re granted access for 100k uncached visitors, while the cached number alongside with the bandwidth remains unmetered. You get access to 30 GB of SSD storage, followed by automatic WP updates, automatic daily backups, a free domain included as well as free domain privacy, live chat support, and a few more cool features like 1-click staging that allows you to test out your environment before making changes to your live website, WP website builder and so much more. And want to know what the best part is? This is included in the cheapest plan they offer, with two more variants available where the above-mentioned numbers are doubled, tripled, quadrupled – you name it! If you opt for the yearly subscription, the price of this managed hosting provider starts at $16.95 per month.



Bluehost has reached an insane amount of popularity due to their flexibility and the ability to satisfy the hosting needs for every possible user. After all, they are a recommended hosting provider by WordPress itself since 2005, so that pretty much explains their capacity. It’s carefully crafted to ensure simplicity in usage where everything is manageable from one dashboard, but still insanely powerful with all of the features you need for your optimal workflow.

Limited websites? Nope. Limited domains? Nope. Traffic limits? Nope. You get the idea – everything is adjusted to your needs!

Optimized server density combined with SSDs drastically cut the load times, hundreds of templates and customizations, 24/7 hosting support, detailed analytics, and so on and on. Bluehost is the true full package to fulfill all of your desires with many more features in stock, ready to become your new handy helper in the technical aspect of your website. It comes in a few different plans, ranging from $20 to $50. Give it a test drive, and I’m next to convinced that you won’t be disappointed.



When you can guarantee that you’ll provide lightning speed on any website, simplify the process with ease of use and lock it down with advanced security, then you’ve got yourself a place on every list that promises quality. Their coding has allowed 2.5 times faster load time of your website, which is enabled by their low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers. Furthermore, the control panel is cleared out from all complexities, leaving you with a smooth interface where everything is within the clicking range. But there are a few more decisive factors that will influence your decision, so let’s get into the numbers and see what exactly are they offering for their starter plan of $5.95 per month:

  • 100,000 Visitors
  • 2x Relative Compute Power
  • 1 GB of Automated Daily Database Backups Including File-Level Restore
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Unmetered Storage Space
  • Free SSL

Combine that with Domain Privacy, CodeGuard, unlimited email, free migration, and quite a few more features that they’ve got at their disposal, and you’ve got yourself a winner! With bigger packages come more features and benefits, so feel free to check them out, but be cautious since there’s a high possibility that you’ll purchase immediately.



Recommended by WooCommerce, WordPress, and Yoast, we bring you the ultimate hosting provider to swoop you off your feet. Over a million satisfied customers, a team of experts with their finger on the trigger ready to answer all of your questions, feature-packed…from their recommendations and satisfactory levels of their customers, there’s pretty much nothing else to say, those factors speak for themselves. But that’s not how we do things around here. We’re going to make a thorough investigation of why this provider is such a fan favorite.

  • Unlimited websites
  • 20 GB of Web Space
  • WP-CLI and SSH
  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free CDN
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Daily backups and on-demand backups
  • Unlimited email accounts + antispam service
  • Staging Tool for local and live changes

And trust me, that is just scratching the surface when it comes to features and benefits that this tool possesses. If you are truly ready to obtain this kind of power, it can be yours for a price of as low as $5 per month (VAT not included), with plans ranging up to $13 (VAT not included) with dozens of features more ready to be utilized.



Last but far from least, Kinsta brings you the ultimate user experience, which doesn’t lack simplicity nor capacity when it comes to their features. Firstly, all of your work gets unified into a single dashboard, so observing all technical aspects of your website falls into the “walk in the park” category, with detailed insights included, such as visitors, bandwidth usage, or response time.

Furthermore, when it comes to speed that we’re all so hype about, this powerful tool withholds all of the newest technologies (PHP 7.4, Ngnix, etc.) to ensure that your online environment loads before you can say “wow.” With their impenetrable anti-burglar system, your website will be in safe hands, successfully repelling DDoS attacks with hardware firewalls and other security measures. When it comes to some other features, here’s what you can expect from the starter plan whose price is $30 per month:

  • 20,000 monthly visits
  • 10 GB of SSD storage
  • 1 free migration
  • 23 global locations
  • Automatic DB optimization
  • 24/7 support
  • Free SSL certificates
  • SSH access
  • Site cloning

With many more in stock. It’s simple, it’s robust, and it’s ready to become your new hosting provider of choice!


Choosing a good hosting provider is one of the most important elements for building your online story. There are a few different hosting variants to choose from, with every option having its benefits for different users. If you prefer to avoid technical aspects of maintaining your website, followed by insane speeds, high-security levels, and complete relief of those under the hood actions, managed hosting is by far your best bet. The only thing left to do is to investigate these options and find your all-inclusive host that will oil up your workflow and leave you with an environment that your website and users will thank you for.

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