Top 5 Marketing Dashboard Tools

June 09, 2021 by Emir Smajovic

Digital advertising campaigns can contain a lot of data that is not easy to understand. For example, it contains information on income, expenses, and all specific data to a particular program and advertising channel.

Advertisers often use a combination of many separate tools to gather all the relevant information and create marketing strategies. These tools can be different calculation systems, Excel spreadsheets, different analytics applications, and so on.

It is important to note that rare tools are free, most of these tools cost a lot of money, and if you have to pay for them all and not use their full potential, you have wasted money. In addition, most advertisers use only a small portion of the data they collect through these tools to improve their business. The reason is most often the inability to understand certain segments and other parts of the analysis are wasted.

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As a result, you will be given a better overview and better insight into all measurement data and analytics.


Sisense is a great tool that will allow you to get complete and unified analytical information. It is adapted to provide solutions to small and large businesses. A straightforward and pleasant interface will make work easier for people who are not experienced users.


With the help of this tool, you can create a combination of multiple data groups, and you can customize all dashboards. Some of the most important options are creating different analytics reports and sharing them with other users. It is important to note that this tool is scalable and allows you to use only those needed resources at a time, without the need to load the entire system or get into a situation to consume all resources.

This tool has many different widgets, such as charts of different operations and charts to compare all the collected data. This will come in handy when planning your next marketing campaign. In addition, you can easily swipe widgets from place to place and create a custom environment that will make your collected data look simple and provide the information you need.

Sisense has an excellent support system. They have a support forum, a large user base that can help solve problems, and you can also contact the company directly via the contact form.

As for prices, Sisense does not publicly announce the prices of its services. However, an annual licensing system is offered, and for prices and more details, you need to contact the company.


Grow is a very good and powerful tool that allows users to access and analyze data in real-time. This tool has very well-designed dashboards where you can combine all the data no matter how many sources they come from. Simply combine all the data from spreadsheets, SaaS applications, or from different databases.


This tool can be perfectly integrated with tools like QuickBooks Online, HubSpot, Shopify, and many others, and more details about integrations can be found on the official website.

Some of the most important features provided by this tool are:

  • Real-time data – the application records data from different platforms in real-time.
  • Customizable appearance – you can customize the application to your company by replacing the logo, colors, and other things.
  • Security – all actions take place under SSL encryption, and the SSH tunnel is used to send and receive reports from various sources.
  • Unlimited users – you can add as many users as you want
  • Share – the ability to share all reports with other employees

Grow does not offer a fixed price. Prices are unique and are based on the actual needs of the company. To find out more details about prices and offers, you need to contact Grow directly.


Qlik is a BI platform for providing rich analytics. From this tool, you can access all analytical data, do research, do custom analytics, and mobile analytics and reporting. It is important to note that everything takes place in a multi-cloud architecture.


This tool allows all users, whether beginners or professionals, to collect information using various tools, and the information collected is based on queries.

Some of the most important features that Qlik offers are:

  • Self-service creation – make the control panel the way you want, all on a drag-and-drop basis
  • Centralized management – management of all applications, collected reports and their sharing from one place
  • Responsive design – no matter from which device the platform is accessed, it will always be nicely displayed and provide full insight into the functions

As for prices, there are 2 packages on offer. The first is Qlik Sense Business and costs $ 30 / user/mo, and the second is Qlik Sense Enterprise, and you can get its price on request.


HubSpot is a great tool in the field of innovation and innovative technological solutions. It is one of the few tools that can boast of having a free version in which you will be able to try the basics. This tool focuses on customer relationship management (CRM).


HubSpot CRM is excellently designed and integrates very quickly and easily with other HubSpot products.

The basic version adapted for beginners is free. Commercial versions have several add-ons and paid reports, and the starting price is $ 50 / user/mo. This tool is intended for small and large businesses. It is important to note that only the paid version of the tool can generate custom reports.

The very good thing is that you will also have support for 15 minutes per month as a free user, and you can call directly from the browser.

HubSpot is also a scalable product, so with your company’s growth, you can do upgrades to different premium versions. However, since the basic version is free, you should definitely try this tool.


Cyfe is a great tool for all types of businesses, from the smallest to the largest. It has a unique and highly clear interface that will put all important information and data in one central place, and all dashboards are easily customizable.


You can insert data from more than 500 different sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and others into this tool. All data can be very easily shared with clients, employees, or other associates.

The complete dashboard is completely free if you use up to five data sources, and with the premium version, you have all the features unlocked. Premium model prices are available on request.


If you want to create marketing campaigns or collect data for any other business, you should use some of the listed tools. However, using multiple tools to achieve goals is not always practical, not clear, and often causes excessive waste of time. Also, using multiple tools can be too expensive. We’ve listed the best tools, and it’s up to you to make the decision.

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