7 Digital Marketing Tools Every Business Needs

February 24, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Digital marketing is one of the key marketing strategies that all companies need to perfect and utilize. Some companies rely on embedded dashboards to help drive results for their clients by giving them more power over their data. What’s great about digital marketing is that there is so much data that can be taken from it to help better the process and the content being marketed.

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Analysis Tools

Analyzing data is key to any successful business marketing. We need to know how the business is performing in terms of generic traffic and marketing strategies. These tools help with performance analysis as well as target audience analysis. This helps companies understand the needs of their audience and how they shop or consume.

Competitor Analysis

With good information comes great decisions on how to move forward with marketing strategies, promoting the company better, and serving the target market better. Google Analytics is a tool that helps with monitoring website performance and social media pages as well as conversions and sources of traffic. Google Search Console is also a great tool to understand how Google ranks a business when searching for related keywords. This will help a business to climb the ranks in Google searches.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Tools

These are tools that help businesses see their conversion rates on their website. It shows what content is actually driving traffic to the website and which ones are converting to sales. These are great if you are using external marketing like press release platforms or guest posting. This will help companies adapt and strategize better.

Hotjar is a great platform to use as it offers a visual report of how audiences are behaving when they are on the company’s website. It shows what the users are accessing the most, the elements being clicked on, and the path they take. This information helps businesses update and make their websites more user-friendly, in turn converting to more sales.

Emailing Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools help with the capturing of information from customers and consumers. Hubspot is a great tool to use as it allows businesses to send email marketing as well as analyze the date like the opening, return, and conversion rates of the emails sent.

Use SMS to back up email campaigns

Another great tool to consider is MailChimp. This is a very popular tool that allows businesses to create good emails with images and information. It also has data-analysis options as well as creating connections with social media.

Marketing Automation Tools

Having an automated tool makes certain digital marketing tasks easier and quicker. EngageBay is a great marketing automation tool. This tool automates sales organization as well as the creation and scheduling of reports. This tool also helps with the management of social media platforms, Twitter particularly which is confirmed by Twesocial reviews.

Another useful tool for automating your marketing is Adplorer. With the help of this software, you can create and manage your marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, and Facebook. Marketing automation is a great solution for promoting your business especially if you need to automate your multi-location marketing.

SEO Tools

SEO tools help with the organic traffic growth of a website, keywords, SEO routine, inbound marketing, and search engine algorithms. This can be quite tricky to master, however having the correct SEO tool can make it easier. An SEO tool that one can use is SEMrush; this tool helps with mapping keywords and content production strategies. This is also a reliable source that shows the number of searches for each keyword. Another tool is Ahrefs; this tool offers the analysis of backlinks that help businesses measure the performance of the links that direct to the companies website.

Social Media Tools

Social media is a key platform to create online digital footprints for a company.

Social media marketing takes a lot of time and requires hard work, planning, consistency, and interaction. Social media tools can help save time and focus on creating content.

HootSuite is a great tool that helps businesses manage their social media accounts as well as scheduling posts and follow the most popular topics. BuzzSumo is also a great tool to use as it focuses on finding the key topics on social media; this helps businesses create content on the most popular topics currently. BuzzSumo also shows what influencers and competitors are posting.

Video Hosting Tool

It is predicted that in 2021 video content will be taking over 80% of all web traffic. This has led to video marketing becoming a must-do. Having a video hosting tool helps to get viewers on platforms beyond YouTube. A great tool to consider is Vimeo; over 35 million businesses and people trust this platform. They host high-quality videos on their site, driving viewers to look at stunning video content. Another great tool is Wista; this site includes a custom CTA (call to action) at the end of each video which drives viewers to the company’s page or website.

Digital marketing is really important; however, there are many aspects to the digital marketing world. Having the right tools in place is crucial to any companies online and digital marketing success.

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