Top Five LinkedIn Tools to Grow Your Business in 2023

January 27, 2023 by Miljan Buha

There is no doubt that LinkedIn strikes users somewhat differently than any other social media platform. As privacy is one of the main aspects in which this platform is distinct, which made it a less favorable choice for social media marketing agencies. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is known for its privacy protection which makes it equivalently hard to grow the community. Reaching people and making actual interactions is not as easy as we are used to via platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. That is why there are lots of tools offered for these platforms, which many claims diminish the presence of LinkedIn. However, do not underestimate Linked’s power when it comes down to social selling. Having its users primarily emphasize more on their professional side instead of personal lets you easily reach those who need your product. To make the process easier for you, this article will help you pick the right Lead Generation Tool among the best 5 LinkedIn tools designed to grow any business in 2023.

linkedin among social media networks
linkedin among social media networks

1. Sales Navigator for Gmail

Gmail is a very common choice among business owners when we talk about emails. Sales Navigator for Gmail plugin is a great Lead Generation Tool that offers insights into the leads from LinkedIn users. That is certainly a unique icebreaker that holds great potential to close deals more quickly. Note that this plugin comes with CRM functionality, which enables you to see who can help reach the person on LinkedIn.

2. We-Connect

Another proven Lead Generation Tool for 2023 is We-Connect. The results show that We-Connect is a great choice for those who wish to automate the process of reaching new relevant connections and get straight to messaging. The tool lets you reach a large number of potential buyers in no time, with a crafty message. If you don’t feel inspired, there is an option to pick from pre-designed templates.

3. Alfred

If simplicity is your way – then Alfred is to be considered. It is a unique tool made to improve LinkedIn use by simplifying professes. As an automation tool that allows the creation of more than just one personalized message. You can consider sending different ones to people you established a connection with in the meantime. Compatibility and good work with a few social media platforms make qualify Alfred as a Lead Generation Tool to consider.


4. Octopus CRM

A great Lead Generation Tool that is a step ahead when it comes to making sales funnels is Octopus CRM. Small business owners appreciate this tool because it lets them make and maintain connections easily. The idea behind Octopus CRM is to make sure you regularly connect to fresh and new people. Its analyst nature enables the users to reflect on marketing strategy in terms of identifying what works well and what needs revision.

5. Zopto

A Lead Generation Tool to know for 2023 is Zopto. It serves as a one-stop-shop for marketing efforts invested in LinkedIn. The goal of Zopto is to get the systems to work for you much more efficiently. All you need to do is enter your search terms and enjoy an incredibly fast conversation. The truth is that users waste lots of time struggling with the maintenance of organic searches.


All this information including the tools discusses aimed to reveal the power of LinkedIn for growing business in 2023 even though it was not a favorite choice of marketers. Not only that LinkedIn has its advantages over other social media networks, but the tools covered in this article will also promise good automation of processes you struggle with – making the right connection.

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