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January 25, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

With 750 million members over the globe, LinkedIn unlocks an unmatched goldmine of potential leads for every industry. To reap all the benefits out of this gem opportunity, people are adopting the trend of outsourcing LinkedIn Chrome Extension to get the maximum outcome.


If you rely heavily on Google Chrome these days, it’s inevitable that at some point, you will be working with a large network of connections and want to reach out to them all at once. You probably know that there are a few free LinkedIn Tools extensions for Google Chrome that you can use to achieve this.

The Google Chrome extensions are an affordable and helpful way to show your prospects how far you will go to impress them.

Further, the Chrome extension is a great way to leverage the power and reach of LinkedIn while browsing the Internet. It helps you find new prospects and engage with them immediately.

As a Sales professional, if you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use tool that would open up new channels of communication with the prospects while enhancing your prospecting experience, LinkedIn Chrome Extension is what you need to meet this all!

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Facebook 91% 171 billion  113 billion 169
Twitter 79% 320 million 4.5 million 139
LinkedIn 56% 450 million 100 million  930
Google+ 83% 300 million 1.6 million 89


What is the Linkedin Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome extensions can be extremely helpful during different sales process stages, whether you’re prospecting, selling, or optimizing your LinkedIn presence. The prospecting phase is an important step in establishing meaningful relationships and coming up with insightful, actionable business ideas.


When it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn and capturing emails, there are a few different Chrome extensions for LinkedIn you should consider using. Some of the most popular and useful ones include SalesNavigator (if you’re looking for sales leads), BatchBook (if you need to find emails), LeadPick (for prospecting), LinkedAssistant (for LinkedIn automation), and Find That Email (for manual data entry).

Moreover, LinkedIn is one of the most important tools for salespeople and marketers in 2022, but it can be hard to navigate — especially if you’re not a heavy user. Luckily, there are tons of LinkedIn Chrome extensions to help your marketing efforts.

Save time and remove the unpredictability of prospecting by using this LinkedIn Google Chrome extension to schedule prospecting at a later date. This LinkedIn extension for Chrome allows you to set several days of prospecting for hundreds of prospects at once.

Top 6 LinkedIn Chrome extensions

If you’ve ever felt lost in the sea of LinkedIn activity, hope is not lost. With the right tools, membership growth and productivity can be improved.

Google Chrome extensions keep companies up-to-date on LinkedIn’s features and integrations, thus encouraging better business practices.

For example, by adding Company Profiles to your browser, you immediately get access to a company’s employees, job posts, insights about their business, plus more. Before writing that next personal or company update, it pays to double-check if your profile or page will display correctly.

There are many awesome free and paid LinkedIn Chrome plugins and extensions that can significantly impact your business. Built exclusively for LinkedIn users, the Chrome extensions and plugins can save you a lot of time by automating activities and helping you be more productive. The best part is that some extensions are completely free to use, whereas others are paid if you need some premium features.

Launch your sales career like never before. Be among the 30% of all business professionals who successfully use Chrome extensions to generate results faster. Know where to look and what to look for – employ only the tools that work!

Here’s a list of the most useful Chrome extensions for LinkedIn, each with its own unique purpose.

1. Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM

If you’re on the lookout for a unique fusion of a robust yet effective LinkedIn extension for Chrome, look no other than Octopus CRM!

Powered by smart & advanced technologies, Octopus CRM has a perfect platform for LinkedIn lead generation and automation. It offers you all you demand for a result-oriented strategy that brings out the result – right at the first time.

Available in the form of a Google Chrome extension, it is designed to speed up prospecting and other processes on the network. Easily built with systems like Zapier, it offers an all-in-one solution for leveraging LinkedIn to streamline your sales process.


  • Automate connections and communications on LinkedIn
  • Unlimited and scalable integration capabilities
  • Advanced Sales navigator
  • Advanced CRM module
  • User-friendly interface
  • Sending personalized messages and automating them simultaneously is so simple

2. is an indispensable tool within LinkedIn Chrome Extensions for finding and prospecting emails. With email finder and verifier extensions integrated into LinkedIn, users can effortlessly locate and validate the email addresses of potential connections. Additionally, its LinkedIn prospect finder extension streamlines the process of identifying promising leads directly from the platform. Beyond these core functionalities, empowers users with robust capabilities, including cold emailing, drip campaigns, lead generation, and a suite of sales tools. By amalgamating these features, equips professionals with a comprehensive solution for effective outreach and relationship building. 

The benefits of

  • Streamlined prospecting process
  • Increased email deliverability through verified addresses
  • Enhanced lead generation efficiency
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn for easy lead identification.

3. Clearout


Are you looking to level up your LinkedIn prospecting? Clearout could be your ultimate solution.

It has a LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Extension that simplifies the process of LinkedIn prospecting by collecting contact information like email addresses and phone numbers from LinkedIn and LinkedIn sales navigator. 

The main advantage of using this tool is the ability to collect the pre-verified contact information of the prospects that align with your ideal customer profile. It also allows you to build lead lists off the LinkedIn platform through its In-app search feature. You can export the lists directly to your Google Sheets or CSV. This helps your sales team optimize their communication strategy, improving sales and ROI.


  • It collects pre-verified contact information, eliminating the need for a separate verification process.
  • Facilitates building target-based lead lists with 15+ filters and in-app search features.
  • Supports data enrichment to ensure the contact information remains up-to-date.
  • Has an auto-scrape feature to collect contact details from multiple LinkedIn pages with a single click.
  • Has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and use.
  • Provides flexible pricing options to suit various budgetary requirements.
  • Offers 100 free credits upon sign-up.

4. Lusha


Nothing can beat Lusha when it comes to finding useful information on LinkedIn. Lusha introduces the easiest way to find emails and phone numbers of people on LinkedIn!

And when you have the information for your potential leads, you can build a strong strategy to create effective sales-boosting plans that grow your business in months.


  • Access to prospects’ company information.
  • Access the prospect’s Linkedin profile.
  • You can block prospects you don’t find engaging

5. Dux-Soup


Are you looking for a low-cost yet powerful LinkedIn browser extension? Dux-Soup might be what you’re looking for.

Dux-Soup Linkedin Chrome extensions help you seamlessly analyze social media metrics. It is a browser extension for Google Chrome that simplifies social media browsing by allowing you to see the most important information from each page. You’ll save time and reduce stress.

With over 70,000 users, the Dux-Soup Google Chrome extension has become a must-have tool for staying ahead in the social media marketing game.


  • Accelerate your outreach on LinkedIn
  • Competitive yet Less-invasive
  • Set & forget mechanism (Background Works)
  • Secure HTTPS website
  • Secure & Safe payment gateway
  • Transparent pricing
  • Blog and tutorials
  • Free trial

6. Skrapp


Easily extract leads using Skrapp, a browser extension that obtains verified B2B emails to help users grow their outreach pipeline. This LinkedIn email finder tool helps find email addresses using specific email verification methods as well as data matching algorithms.

Although the tool works with LinkedIn, users can also build email lists from specific company or organization websites and use Skrapp’s in-app features, too. This domain search feature helps gather and organize lead data and exports it to the CRM, as well as CSV or Excel sheets.

Specifically for LinkedIn users, the email finder feature will integrate with the account, then find relevant emails within seconds, saving them directly to an online directory. From this directory, Skrapp will help users build and create targeted email lists that best align with their sales and business goals.

Get it: New users can get 50 email credits for free on Skrapp, and there are premium plan options. There’s even a special plan for users that need more than 50,000 emails per year. The extension/plugin also works alongside Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho …etc, for double the lead generation and prospecting fun.


  • Access to prospects’ company information.
  • Access the prospect’s Linkedin profile.
  • Advanced Sales navigator
  • User-friendly interface
  • Secure HTTPS website
  • Secure & Safe payment gateway
  • Transparent pricing
  • Time to get 250 emails: 12.5 seconds
  • Average email search time: 500 milliseconds
  • Email search success rate higher than 92%
  • Average download time of 100,000 emails from the dashboard: 30 seconds


Sometimes prospecting is like eating an elephant. It is a bite-by-bite process, with tons of moments when you ask yourself, “Do I really have to do this? Is it worth it?” But then comes the one moment when you look up and realize that, wouldn’t you know it, the elephant is gone! You just finished eating your entire elephant. And here’s a tip: Don’t wait to find out how many bites this elephant takes. Start eating today.

This post discloses some of the most powerful Linked chrome extensions that can prove to be a real game-changer – without burning your pocket at all!

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