Top 5 country borders visible on Google Maps

July 28, 2016 by ivan

The satellite view on Google Maps is probably the most beautiful one to explore. Everything feels so natural and the entire planet Earth is shown as a single image. There are no artificial borders to be found but only those natural ones like rivers and mountains. And those can look phenomenal.

Still, if you open the road map, things can get interesting. It is similar to the Street view which can get hilarious. Here you’ll be able to find all the different borders created by humans and they can look quite amazing. Some will still follow those natural ones, but the other ones will be completely strange. In this article, we’re about to show you some of the most interesting man-made borders to explore on Google Earth.


Egypt – Libya – Sudan

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COORDINATES: 23.299602, 23.915816

If you zoom out a bit and place yourself over the continent of Africa, you will immediately notice the interesting border around Egypt. While the border with Libya is only interested because it is so straight, the border with Sudan has more to offer. Another straight line which separates Egypt from Sudan is interrupted by areas of Bir Tawil and Hala’ib Triangle. This is because of an error from the beginning of the 20th century when different maps located the areas under different territory. Now, both countries claim the right for those territories.




Russia – China – North Korea

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COORDINATES:42.457160, 130.562678

Russia is huge. Really huge. But the most interesting border is relatively tiny compared to the rest of the borderline. Once you place yourself over the very eastern part of the continent, you will be able to explore the interesting border of the three countries. The border is defined by the Tumen river. If you zoom close enough, you will see how Chinese territory actually creates tiny pockets in-between Russia and North Korea.





The Gambia – Senegal

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COORDINATES: 13.619899, -15.108633

The Gambia is a small country located within borders of Senegal. You can follow the eastern part of the border on the Gambia river while the western one is artificially made and appears as a straight line leading to the Atlantic Ocean. The border was established back in the 18th century when British merchants obtained trade rights along the river. You can only imagine the number of disputes between the two countries.





USA – Mexico

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COORDINATES: 48.314244, -117.384943

While it seems like there’s nothing interesting in the borderline itself, things change when you zoom in close enough. The border between USA and Mexico is covered in wires and walls in order to protect illegal crossing from Mexico to the United States of America. If you’re interested in facts and images of the of the borders, you will have to visit the official Wikipedia pages.





San Marino – Italy

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COORDINATES: 43.942200, 12.461401

With the population of only about 30,000, San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the World. If you zoom close enough on Italy, you will find its border just east of Florence. The borderline itself has an interested shape which kind of looks like a star. To learn more about this serene country, visit official San Marino Wikipedia pages.