Top 7 Advantages Of Team Leasing For Your Software Business

October 26, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

There is a plethora of general truths that we know to follow, trust, undergo, celebrate, and never question.

Like, let’s answer here: Would you entrust babysitting of your child to a complete stranger, just because there is some deadline? Sure no. Even if you don’t know the person, you will still ask those you do know who can attest to his/her adequacy.

Same thing with your business. There always come the times when the idea you come up with slightly overpasses your human resources, and the solution must come right now, since there are deadlines, and “demurrage” is needed by nobody. Trying to hire people might consume lots of precious hours, energy, and resources that may have served well for the refining of the product.

To speed things up may result in choosing all the wrong people for the job, which further wreck not only the greatest idea to be brought to life but also the company’s image. This all might endanger future successful cooperation with potential clients. Again, you do not trust “your baby” to strangers to take hold of.

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It is simply a dream come true: there is an agency that already has a proven talent selection and may satisfy all the project requirements your company needs to accomplish.

Team leasing options are what businesses really need now. Let’s dive deeper and see more unfolded leasing potential for software businesses below.

Team Leasing and its Pros in 2021 for Software Businesses

In 2021 (pretty much as in any adequate time planes) successful IT endeavor requires the following:

  • adequate knowledge of how the process should be organized
  • appropriate software to be chosen
  • gathering the team of IT specialists possessing sustainable knowledge in the exact field

If you are in a business that lasts or a startup that evokes an eligible level of trust of the investors, then there is a chance that the first two points you cover with excellence, lacking no resources. The Tech support team usually provokes intense head-scratching even if there is an in-house team, yet the project needs to call for outsourcing your tech staff.


Source: Mobilunity

To achieve quite a competitive status and ensure a solid presence on the software market, the creators must devote their energy to the processes of idea generations, thinking above ordinary, finding optimal solutions for improvement and growth, creating value, and transmitting it through the product. Yet this might get quite undermined if all the company’s strength gets to be applied to the long-lasting employment processes.

Why would the company put itself through it when there is a better and more optimized way to achieve access to the prominent IT talents and get top IT teams for hire?

This way is known as IT leasing. What is required from the company management is to express:

  • preferable experience requirements
  • scope of things to be done
  • timing
  • hard and soft skills set

Delegating all the exhaustive recruitment to the leasing provider ensures benefits in the forms of saved time and money, allocating them to fill in for other duties.

IT leasing allows the company to either hire a full-stack team ( team-leasing) or just one or several specialists (body-leasing). Also, its flexibility is quite budget-friendly since the business may hire specialists not for the whole project but just for some part of it, let’s say, just for developing a certain feature.

Team Leasing Advantages for Businesses


Source: Mobilunity

Positive sides of team leasing have already been mentioned here and there. Yet it won’t hurt to sum them up so that those who are a bit in doubt will banish those “not-sure-still-considering thoughts.” Here are seven major pros of employing this staffing method:

1. Budget-friendliness

IT leasing allows us to reduce costs on all the employment procedure elements in terms of flexibility in covering specifically announced needs. Also, it ensures the costs to be strictly defined, letting the client stay on the budget.

2. Legal aspects coverage

Leasing mode spares the company from dealing with all the employment legal aspects, which is already a great relief.

3. Proven talents

A leasing agency is obliged to provide the client with the greatest support team possible or the most qualified specialist for the job. It is the field of expertise for the company which means they know who they will relocate to your office and they are not interested in getting poor reviews.

4. Speed

With team leasing, things are being done faster. Some time will be consumed by finding a trustworthy agency, and the rest will unfold smoothly: highly qualified professionals will guarantee tasks performed right when they are needed. Speedy productivity does matter when the efficiency of the company is evaluated.

5. New experience disposal

People come to work with you and have a treasure chest of how things will be done in the most productive way possible. Opportunities to learn something new are limitless, and the leasing employees are happy to share.

6. Creativity bursts

This one comes from all the energy saved, not needing to deal with all the massive legal routine. Some are still present, yet in comparison with creating an in-house position and then feeling them on its own, it is simply insignificant.

7. Peace of mind

Having things under the control of a proven staffing vendor is healthy for both mental and physical aspects.

According to IPS research data, in 2021, the IT Leasing and Financing market was estimated at 369260 million, and it is expected to grow to 594270 million by 2027. If we rely on the Market Report Gazette data, the IT leasing field is about to grow by 13% from 2018-2025. This information indicates the global interest in leasing services.

Those countries that are rich in IT talents, yet charge less, are in great demand for IT leasing among Western European and American countries.


Source: Mobilunity


Turning to lease services, the company is sure to hire high-profile specialists for a defined time frame or project timeline while decreasing the costs of creating a new position within the company. Yet, by no means it negatively influences reaping the advantages of the skills and experience of the leased employees.

Nothing is perfect, and some concerns are present (security issues, loyalty, relocation expenditures). However, all the good work is performed at lower resource exhaustion, and less employment liability saves the nervous system and shifts focus towards eternal growth and business prosperity.

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