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March 31, 2020 by Josh Mosley

In our modern economy, starting your own business has never been easier. It is a great time to be an entrepreneur with a global reach. There is one catch, though. How can you quickly get your website online so that you are selling products and services? After all, with advances in technology, it can be challenging to catch up with how fast technology is growing.

Your traditional business owner may be very good at their respective craft. It could be anything from making t-shirts and mugs to selling ice cream. That doesn’t mean their skills will translate over well to creating a website. After getting private student loans, students will go into college and work for four-year degrees to become skilled at web design or programming. It would be difficult for a business owner to be an expert in the field that they have picked as well as an expert in web design.

Think about it from this perspective. Why would you need to go to a university to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript if you could easily put together a website yourself? The answer is simple.

The business owner will need to turn to an expert that can help them bring their company to the masses on the internet.

This paradigm is changing, though. With the fast advances in technology, it is becoming easier to create both apps and websites. Think of services and programs such as Salesforce Lightning and Zapier. With both of these programs, you can create apps that can do amazing things with little to no coding experience! With Salesforce Lightning, you can give your clients the ability to pull complex reports with multiple dimensions or access their contacts list in ways they never thought of before. Similarly, WordPress is changing how websites are created.

The Rise of WordPress

You probably have already heard of the WordPress platform. It has expanded to the point that it now supports almost a third of the websites that exist. That is a huge number! It is suitable for small blogs that are not monetized and are set up just to connect with a community or talk about a hobby. At the same time, WordPress can also do very well for giant companies such as Sony, the New York Post, and major cable television channels.

Drag and drop builders were popular in the past and are only getting more attention. With a content management system, you can use many free themes and plugins that are going to make your site really shine. If you go with some of the paid options for themes and plugins, you will find your unique content is just the thing you need to take your page to the next level.

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Superb Themes

 This group of experts has been making themes and plugins for years, and their mastery of the WordPress platform is apparent. They can guarantee your page is going to be light and agile while still maintaining a high rank in the SERPs. All of the themes are tuned to get you the best ranking when it comes to SEO, which is going to mean you can spend less on CPC ads and focus more on the business. Not only that, but SEO optimized themes from them will also bring in more traffic for a long time, which is going to boost your bottom line!

SEO Optimized

 We all know that Google is king when it comes to the search rankings, but did you know the theme that you pick also influences how well you rank in the search results?

A search engine looks at the content on your site, but it also is looking at the code that was used to build the site. That is where your HTML tags come in.

If you don’t understand HTML and CSS, you should know that fonts and headings are controlled by code that is behind the scenes. Your theme controls these aspects of the site, and if the theme you are using didn’t pay close attention to the structure of the website, Google would not be able to make sense of what it is seeing.

Think about the headings used in this article. For our title, we could use the <h1> tag to make sure it stands out, and then for all of the subheadings, we can use the smaller <h2> and <h3> tags. Now imagine you are using a theme that doesn’t utilize the proper tags. Instead of having just one <h1> tag, the theme automatically assigns the tag to all headings on the page. Google is going to be confused about the structure of your website. What information is the most important, and what should be loaded first? This, in turn, will slow down the loading of your website.

When all headings have the same importance, you might have content at the bottom of the page loading first instead of what is showing above the fold.

At Superb Themes, all of the themes they develop have SEO in mind for the end-user. The developers know that many of the business owners that utilize WordPress are not experts in site development, so they will not be able to dig into the code and start changing the headings on their own. With that in mind, they have set up all the pages to be easily read by Google, and this, in turn, means your site is going to load fast!

Light Weight

When you bought your desktop computer or laptop, did you notice many programs were pre-installed on the machine? You may have also noticed that the machine was moving slowly, even though it was fresh from the factory! This is known as bloatware. When you install a new application or program, developers at times will include other services and programs that you don’t need and end up slowing down your machine. Many themes are similar and will ship with plugins that are already in place that will slow down your load speed.

There are many ways to speed up how fast your site loads. Take, for example, caching. By keeping content stored and on hand, the server can make fewer requests when users go onto the site, which means things work faster and more efficiently. What kind of images are you using for the website? When you do an audit of your site load time, many times it is heavy use of images that will be slowing the website down. New formats are being developed for images so that they are more compact and will load faster. Images can also all be combined into a CSS sprite. How does this help load speed? This means when the main sprite loads in, users will be able to see the website faster since the system now only has to load in one main image instead of many different pictures.

Superb Themes is very aware of keeping themes light and agile. With many years of experience working in the industry, when you buy a theme from them, you already know that it is going to be fast out of the box. With a quick and responsive theme, it is going to increase the number of users that come to your site and lower your bounce rate. When your site loads everything between 1 – 3 seconds, you maintain visitors much better than load times that stretch out to 6 or 7 seconds. At this point, the vast majority of users have already clicked away, and they are looking for the next site to answer a question or gather information with.

Superb Themes did a great job of making sure that all themes are going to load at high speed and ensure customers are happy.

Responsive Design

 Have you tried to access a site from your mobile phone only to discover that the site will not load properly? This can be frustrating and cause users to move on to the next search result when they can’t access the information that they need. This may come in the form of navigation not working correctly, cut off images, or elements that are not sized correctly for your smaller screen.

Responsive design has only become more important as users begin to use their phones more for both shopping and browsing. How does Superb Themes stack up in this area?

No matter if you are making a food blog, business page, or personal blog, Superb Themes has the right theme for you, and it will look perfect no matter what resolution you are using or the screen size. Clients and customers will see your site as it was intended to look for all devices. This includes tablets, phones, and large 4K displays where every detail stands out.

Superb Themes is a great company to utilize if you want to jump into the world of web design or if you need more themes to add to your library. With helpful and friendly staff, they can walk you through each step when you are using their products. All of the themes are going to be optimized for SEO and will look great on multiple devices. Try them out today and see the difference it makes when you use the themes and knowledge from experts.

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