Most Popular Sites Built with WordPress

January 05, 2020 by Dženana Kajtaz

Considering the fact that the third of the world’s websites were built using WordPress, its safe to say WordPress is quite a recognizable name. In case you aren’t familiar with it, here is a little introduction. WordPress is a free and open-source platform with so many unique and powerful features that set it apart from its competitors in the Content Management System industry. It is great for everyone, from programming pros wanting to do some of the technical work, to newbies in web development without any technical knowledge.

Sites built using WordPress are robust and scalable thanks to plugins and easy integration with third-party platforms that will allow you to add specialized features specific to your needs.

They also rank high in search results because the sites and their plugins are constantly updated, and SEO optimized. And no matter the design you go for, your site will be responsive to all device sizes. When using WordPress, security is one thing you don’t have to worry about since the sites are very secure. Also, support and assistance for almost any issue can easily be found on sites and forums run by a large community of users and professionals striving to make WordPress better.

What a lot of people get wrong about WordPress is that it is a tool just for building blogs. While you can build amazing blog sites using WordPress, you can do much more.

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That is why some of the biggest and most recognizable companies have decided to build their sites using WordPress. Here is a list of a few among many, that have made that decision.

The New Yorker

The New Yorker is a prominent magazine for a series of tops like pop culture, international relations and politics, science, tech, and more. Like most magazines, it has switched to mostly digital content, in order to survive in today’s digital age. Its website is a beautiful one consisting of many icons and illustrations, but yet at the same time quite simple, with lots of white space around the content. It uses WordPress’ publishing system to post content of all types like articles, videos, podcasts, etc..

Tech Crunch

This is of the leading tech blogs in the world that talks about the latest news in the tech industry. Since this site is one that needs great speed and performance, they went for a pretty simple grid display website enriched with some of the most famous plugins like Akismet, WP Importer, Jetpack, and more.

The site consists of a post timeline, a separate box at the bottom for videos, and occasional subtle popups.


Disney is a name that takes each of us back to their childhood in a second. Through their site, you can learn about the characters from your childhood and new ones you might not know. Also, you can read about charitable efforts made by Disney, available job listings, etc..

A custom theme in pastel colors is used for the site in order to create a modern but still colorful and fun website. The posts are in a blog style, and the featured images are in very large dimensions.

Microsoft news

A magazine-style site showcasing the latest stories and updates on technology, Microsoft products, and other related topics. The design is minimalistic, in their signature blue, green, and gray tones, typical for Microsoft.


BBC is a famous American television network owned by BBC Studios and AMC Networks. On their website, you can watch trailers and full-length episodes of their most popular shows and movies, check out the scheduling info and read blog posts about the shows and movies, and purchase some of the series in a separate tab. The scheduling runs on a WordPress plugin called Thematic.

The website is powered by plugins custom to AMC, and BBC and content is largely multimedia displayed in a blog-like fashion using a boxed layout.

The New York Times and Chicago Sun-Times

These two are some of the most popular sites for breaking news in politics, sports, science, and almost every other topic.

For their site, The New York Times decided on making a custom theme called NYTCO. The theme, fonts, and article views mimic the appearance of a real newspaper, so the reader has a feeling as if they are looking at an actual piece of the New York Times.

The Chicago Sun-Times went for a more modern approach in making their website. Their site sports both a gird and list style for displaying their stories and video content, custom elements, and widgets in the sidebars and the center.


MTV might be the first association to a lot of us when we think about anything related to music. MTV’s TV channel singlehandedly changed the music industry, and today MTV’s site is where a lot of people get their news and information about their favorite artists, series, award shows, and more. Their WordPress website has a custom theme rich with sliders and creative views for content. The site is entertaining and interactive thanks to jQuery plugins and several other plugins making up the site.

Katy Perry, Beyoncé, The Rolling Stones, and many other artists

Every artist needs to establish their internet presence, not only on social media. Having a website is necessary for every artist wanting to be successful since that is a place where their fans come for information, updates, tour info, purchasing tickets, and more.

Three very known artists that have sites built using WordPress are Katy Perry, Beyoncé, and The Rolling Stones.

Katy’s website, of course, has a unique theme to match her unique style with multiple galleries powered by the NextGen gallery plugin, contact forms, and event calendar, and much more.

Beyoncé’s site is one with an overall clean look and full-screen layout consisting of mostly high-resolution images in large galleries. It has an online shop and links to external sites.

The Rolling Stones went for a site with a bold but yet beautiful design with a custom theme. The site is mostly geared towards making the visitor download their mobile app, but on the site, you can find their music, lots of multimedia content and tour dates.

Sony Music

Sticking to the music theme, this site is for one of the world’s most prominent record labels that signed some of the biggest artists in history, like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

The site is made up of list organized content about the top news in the music industry, and artist pages with links to their music, in a grid style. The site has a modern but very clean and minimalistic custom theme with a slider on top showcasing the leading artists at the moment.


I hope you enjoyed this short rundown on the famous companies and brands that have built their sites on WordPress. As mentioned previously, these are only a few among many, since listing all of them would take more than a few articles. But, without a doubt, I am sure that number will keep growing, since more and more individuals and companies, big and small, are recognizing the benefits and ease of building and running a site using WordPress as time moves on.


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