Spotify Saves, To Buy or Not To Buy?

August 17, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Are you a Spotify music creator? I am sure you are. How many tracks have you uploaded? Please, open your statistics, and tell me what you think of it. Wait, let me guess – you’re not impressed, you’re not satisfied. That was an easy guess.

According to statistics, at least 57 percent of all #Spotify musicians are not satisfied with their performance on this music streaming service. Click To Tweet

At least 25 percent of musicians promote their music, pay for followers, plays, likes, monthly listeners. However, one parameter is often overlooked – saves.


It seems natural to ignore saves because we don’t really pay attention to them when listening to the music. We don’t see them and don’t notice them. And that’s why you should buy Spotify saves right now. If the absolute majority of musicians ignore this parameter, imagine what a powerful benefit it will be for you. Having something that no one has, that’s inspiring.

With all those music streaming services and algorithms, the modern music industry is all about numbers and not about passion. Your love for music can’t build your career, and your dedication can’t be seen by users of Spotify. So the only way to express them is through your diligence in music promotion. Your love is now just the number of dollars you spend: sad truth, my friend. However, don’t become depressed yet. Nothing is over yet; it is just the beginning. The sooner you become popular – the better.

If you have tried all promotions before, it will be wise to tweak one more parameter – saves.

You have to show that your music is so loved that people prefer to download it instead of creating a new jam every time they open the app. The algorithm will be like a red cloth for a bull – it will provoke Spotify on the rapid promotion of your music. So you are paying for saves but get two promotions for the price of one. The paid promotion has an expiration date, but the one from Spotify – is unpredictable. It can raise you to the stars in a month or hold you on stable ground for a year. You have to try it to find out.


Getting new saves is a fully real, legal, and organic process. Music promotion companies have developed effective methods that attract new traffic and generate fresh real saves in a matter of days. Those will not be bot saves, but the real saves made by the real people. With new saves on your account, Spotify will see a growing star in you and place your tracks in popular playlists, top-charts, user suggestions, etc. Then, people will see them, hear them, like them. Isn’t that what you want?

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