Spotify Monthly Listeners - What Are Those?

November 18, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Glad that you asked! You are not the first one to ask this.

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Nowadays, more and more musicians start struggling with Spotify algorithms and experience problems popularizing their music. So more and more of them look into the topic of music promotion. After reading some articles, they come to a conclusion that they need more everything, but especially – Spotify monthly listeners.


If this was the first website you have opened, then I’ll explain them briefly to you. Each profile of a musician has some parameters that represent its popularity, such as the number of followers, likes, plays, etc. By monitoring these numbers, Spotify can select the good, rising musicians from the better ones to be left to die. Figuratively, of course. And sometimes, the situation is not in favor of a musician, and an excellent track gets no recognition and attention.

What to do? Which one of all parameters matters?

You see, there is no point in increasing each and every number there is. You have to be precise, like a scalpel or like a laser. So the target for you should be your number of monthly listeners. This number represents the total number of all the unique people that have played your track, at least once this month. It can be bigger than your number of followers, and it is always smaller or equal to the number of your plays.

You are now probably considering monthly listeners, too, as your closes financial spending. And if you are a young, independent, promising musician, it will be a perfect and smart action for you to take. The more monthly listeners you will have, the more interesting and promising you will be for the algorithm. And believe me, you want that algorithm to like you. You want it to love you. And buying those listeners is the only option.


Also, monthly listeners are the most organic and transparent promotion because you can see the unique listeners, not just some bots playing your track on a loop. Plus, growing the number of unique monthly listeners results in the growth of your number of plays because for a person to be counted as a monthly listener, he/she needs to listen to the track. So you are getting twice the promotion for the price of one. Promotion companies don’t really like to showcase that, but let it be our secret.


So, what are your final thoughts? Do you feel more comfortable now? Are you ready to change your life? I hope this article gave you something useful and exciting and that it encouraged you to change the course of your musical career. Just create your music, and promotion companies will make you successful. Don’t miss a moment!

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