IPWhoIs Review: Reach Different Audiences With Personalized Content Based on Geolocation

July 16, 2021 by Asmir Karailo

It is no secret that there are many advantages to detecting users’ information or geolocation data. There is nothing better to you as a business owner than to get the right products to the right people – because you get to improve your conversions and decrease bounce rate.

You know how it is when a #brand speaks directly to you and offers you just the thing you need! That’s ten times better than when you go on a #website and want something, and it says it is not available in your country. Click To Tweet

However, it is not just about the right product. It is about the suitable ads, the proper support, and everything that comes along with it. One crucial thing that these tools can offer is extra security for your website. You never know who is stalking your website and if their location is potentially dangerous to your business.

With IPWhoIs, you will quickly become the number one option for all of your old and new users. So, let’s dive in and see what this tool is about.



IPWhoIs is an IP geolocation API that will quickly help you deliver the right content to your audience based on their location. It is a tool that will be essential to your business because it will help you reach and talk to your customers like never before. We all know customers love a particular treatment, and with this one, you will give them just that!

Before we dive deeper, there are a few things that we need to tell you about this little helper:

  • You won’t need any special skills or be a mastermind to implement this option. The tool has excellent documentation that will always be available to you
  • It only takes one time to set everything up, and after that, you won’t need to do anything in the future
  • It is encrypted with SSL certificates, and the encryption is using a 256-bit key with HTTPS protocol

Moreover, when using a tool like a geolocation API, you are providing the customers with the right time, language, advertisements, currency, and more. All of that is going to give them a more effortless time on your website.

When a customer comes to your eCommerce store and wants to purchase something, why not give him the price already in his home currency? You can do so with this tool, and it will benefit you hugely. When you personalize the currency, it will boost up your conversion rates for sales like a champ! Customers won’t need to go to Google and lose time converting the currencies. Little things like this matter a lot!

The same goes for advertisements. It is better to promote products or goods available in the customer’s area, which will increase the click rate, and customers experience by a mile. Besides, if you are in the marketing field, you know how crucial it is to have great ads and an excellent targeting method.

IPWhoIs geolocation tab

Also, it’s a great tool to prevent fraud in eCommerce stores by matching users’ locations to the actual shipping address. Matching locations will help your customers get their product to the correct address because nobody likes a lost packet with no information!

Furthermore, you can use IPWhoIs to collect different IP addresses of anyone who enters your website. Once you have them and their location, you can compare and see if any of those areas are may be dangerous to your site. If you find a dangerous place, you can block access to your website and secure it for further attacks.

However, we all know about those long, tedious forms that we sometimes have to fill up before either signing up on a website or filling in our profile info. Those things can get on our nerves real quick, fill up the country, the street, zip code, and so on. With IPWhoIs, your users won’t ever have this problem!

This tool will help them autocomplete the forms, asking for information about their location and similar things.

Thanks to some of the multi-channels integrations that include APNIC, RIPE, ARIN, AFRINIC, and others, IP data is updated in real-time. It has a response time of 90 milliseconds. You will always have the most precise geolocation for any request that is made!

Besides, IPWhoIs has servers worldwide, and that’s what provides excellent speed, security, and reliability. Because of that, all requests are directed to the closest and fastest node using GeoDNS. Imagine that it only has one server somewhere in America, and the whole world is connecting to it. The speed would be alarming, security would be even worse, and customer satisfaction would go down!

IPWhoIs features

In addition, it is no secret that there are people that either do not know English or are not fluent enough to use a website in that language. If you do not have a site that offers multiple languages, you are practically losing many potential customers. That’s why IPWhoIs supports multi-language responses with English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, and Portuguese.

Plus, they offer their service for free to up to 10,000 requests per month. If you need any more of those, you can choose another plan that will be perfect for your website. It is also quite a developer-friendly tool, plus they provide extra documentation that you can always check out.

Key Features

Why choose IPWhoIs

Speed: Speed is always the essential feature of any tool. As we mentioned, you get the fastest speed because the requests will be sent to the closes server to the user’s location

Security: You can identify locations that can be dangerous and block IP addresses, making your site much safer for you and your visitors

Simplicity: You only need one installation, without any special skills required. Once you have it installed, that’s it. There is no complex process that you need to do


IPWhoIs pricing

This service provides three different pricing plans, Pro, Business, and Platinum. However, if you have a site that is for non-commercial use or want to test it, you can use the free plan, which offers 10,000 requests per month.

The Pro version offers 250.000 requests per month, Geo DNS, Fast Anycast-enabled servers, and Technical Support, for only $10.99 per month.

The Business plan offers 2.000.000 requests per month, Geo DNS, Fast Anycast-enabled servers, and Technical Support, for $29.99 per month. It is an excellent plan for any more prominent company with many visitors to their sites and wants to give every special treatment.

Finally, the Platinum plan is the biggest one, and it offers 10.000.000 requests per month, Geo DNS, Fast Anycast-enabled servers, and Technical Support, for $29.99 per month.

After you choose a plan that is the most suitable for your business, they will send you an email with an access token and other details. You will then use that token to access the server to identify your account and allow you some additional requests.

The plan you chose will be renewed automatically, but you can downgrade, upgrade, or cancel the subscription at any given point.


In the end, having a tool like IPWhoIs is an excellent addition to your skillset. Providing users with things they need but don’t know is something that every business should starve for.

Those little things like changing the currency to their home one, language availability, and everything else may not be such a big deal at first, but it is! Once you start using this tool and see how your business is blossoming more, you will be surprised!

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