Tips to Integrate a Logo Into Your Social Media Branding

July 18, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

How often do you think you have made a purchase decision based on the brand logo? While scrolling through our Facebook and their social media (because that is what we do all day), we just have to buy something from there when we come across a certain logo.

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One thing is for sure; if you have a strong social media presence, you have a bright future, and professional logo design plays an extensive role in establishing this brand awareness. Every time someone shares your content on their profiles, your logo will reach a new audience’s eyes, which helps your branding efforts and increases engagement on your content.

Logo design team working

Facebook and Twitter are our go-to places for daily news; it would not be wrong to say this social media medium has replaced the daily newspaper reading trends as it is the first thing that we look at the moment we wake up. Similarly, it serves as the best marketplace as well, provided you are employing the right marketing and branding techniques, making the best use of social media.

Before we jump into the brands that have effectively integrated their logos with their social media, let us teach you some tips on doing that. How great would it be to learn from the experts, wouldn’t it? So let’s do it.

Use Contrast

The best strategy to make your logo more noticeable and still follow the mantra of less is more is to use contrasting colors on your logo design. Imagine your brand has a beautiful white logo but can you really place it on a white background? No, right? With the light-colored logo, go with the darker backgrounds and vice versa. It is always best to have a transparent logo in order to do just this.

Location of Your Logo

Where you are adding your logo makes it or breaks it; trust me, it’s a huge decision, and most brands often do not give it much of a thought. Anyway, one thing that you must remember is consistency is one of the significant pillars of branding. Wherever you decide to place your logo, just remember it is where you should ALWAYS put it from now on.

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Placing your logo in the center today and then putting it on the right-hand side tomorrow shows inconsistency only and does not go well with the algorithm of social media networks. Trust me; you do not want to mess with these algorithms.

So if you have chosen the top center of the image, then that should be its forever place to be at. The only time you should move it is when you have no choice as such.

Size Matters

Same as the place of your logo, you should be mindful of the logo sizing as well. Not only because it can help you with the branding but also because funny things can happen when you start playing around with resizing logos. Mainly when the file is not a high-resolution image, you can risk the logo being more pixelated if you enlarge it. It will not only make your logo appear amateurish, but it will not look good too, and you do not want that, do you?

Moreover, while you are shrinking your logo, you are risking making it more cluttered and impossible to comprehend because of its small size, particularly on mobile phones.

You have to be very picky when it comes to such delicate issues and think about all the little details because one wrong step can mess it all up.

Nevertheless, without any further ado, let’s take a look into a series of organizations using roundabout ways to integrate their logo and social media branding. See how they have incorporated their logo in the SMM and bear the fruits of their practical hard work.

Brands With the Perfect Logo Integration in Their Social Media Branding

1. Juniper Ridge


Juniper Ridge website

Social Media

Juniper Ridge Facebook page

Juniper Ridge, a well-known brand for health and beauty, prefers incorporating symbols in its logos and social media presence rather than adopting text. They have taken branding to a new level by going for the icon that is not associated anywhere else with their brand, tying their social media channels back to their website by echoing the illustrative styles that are rooted in their website.

While most of the brands are creating a logo that incorporates all the right rules and can be used in social media, there are a lot of ways the brands are finding to integrate their logo on their social media. The branding approach that Juniper Ridge has adopted may not be the most successful branding exercise in terms of prompt recognition, but one cannot deny that it is quite pretty to look at, at least.

2. Best Made Co


Best Made Co website

Social Media

Best Made Co Pinterest

The organization used a conventional branding strategy with a subtle twist. They took a part of their current logo and used it as an icon for social media use.

The main reason why we have chosen this brand is because of their simple and iconic red “X”. The best thing about their integration with social media is that they have added the creative detail of making it a patch rather than going for the flat graphic, which is just right for the outdoor equipment and camping company.

3. Endurance Conspiracy


Endurance Conspiracy website

Social Media

Endurance Conspiracy Facebook page

Okay, everybody can agree that the branding strategy of this British menswear brand is pretty intriguing. The brand has undertaken a straightforward badge style logo, which is entirely focused on the company initials as their branding tools, splashed all across the marketing outlets.

In order to create additional interest in the brand, the organization has written out the full company name in different fonts for all the outlets. It is the perfect choice since the company name is not easy to fit into the square space of all the icons of their social media accounts.

4. Beard Buddy


Beard Buddy website

Social Media

Beard Buddy Instagram

If you are more of a hipster brand, then learning from the branding techniques of Beard Buddy is the best that you can do for your brand. Beard Buddy’s branding style is undoubtedly an elite and intentional choice for a hipster and bold brand.

Here they have used their mascot DE saturated and sans text as their social branding. While there is a lot that is going on with the image, it still reads well in small format and fits perfectly well in the small boxes. The logo is the perfect fusion of being exciting and unique, which makes it pretty memorable.


The contemporary business world calls for an effective and strong branding strategy; it is almost impossible to survive in this branding world without having any concrete branding technique. And what makes your brand more successful is how you integrate your logo with your social media.

Before you begin your social media branding journey, make sure you are thoroughly exploring all the available social media channels, going through the above branding examples and many others as well to see which method will suit your target market the most. You can always hire a branding agency.

If your target audience is not business professionals, then you may need to go to Instagram and Facebook rather than taking the route of LinkedIn.

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