Take These Steps To Create The Perfect Images For Your Website

July 03, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

You don’t need to have experience in coding to create a professional website in 2021. With platforms like Wix, SquareSpace, and WordPress, you can have a site up and running in minutes. You absolutely should go this route rather than hiring an expensive professional.

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Wix provides helpful tools like this handy free image resizer, allowing you to optimize your images in whatever dimensions you want. This makes them perfect for any purpose, whether a large cover image or a small picture in your email signature. Before you get there, though, you will need to find original pictures and filter them to your liking.

The work doesn’t have to be done by you alone. You won’t be sorry if you try Saudi photographer. The end result will be great!

Take these steps to create the perfect images for your website.

Subscribe to a stock photos website

There are some excellent free stock photos websites, with beautiful images generously provided by professional photographers. These have everything you need for blog posts and newsletters. But when it comes to the images that define your website, you need more choice.


Stock photo websites like DepositPhotos and ShutterStock offer cheap monthly subscriptions. You will get about 10 photos a month for a $10 fee. You can pay for extra photos if you need them. The benefit is that you can do a deep dive and find images that few other websites are using. If you do a Google image search on the free stock photos, you will find many results on the other hand.

Once you have the photos you need, you can cancel your subscription until you need them again.

Try to choose images that don’t scream “Stock Photo.” In other words, images with people in them should look natural, and landscapes should not look like your average desktop background.

Filter your images

Choosing great images from a stock photos site is not enough. Unless you get fortunate, it is not going to fit seamlessly into your website theme. Furthermore, you will want to add your own touches for images to determine your website’s look.

Many options are free and easy to use. Try Canva for one of the most popular web apps. You can add elements of your own, use their filters, adjust your image according to your own preference, and even add effects. If you pay for a subscription, you get extra filters, effects, and components, as well as access to their own stock photo library. If you don’t want to use Canva you can looking for an alternativas a canva.


Pixlr is another excellent option that can be used for free. It has similar functionality to Canva, but some prefer it for its more advanced options.

If you want vector images for your website, you can design them from scratch or edit them in Gravit Designer, a free desktop app.

Whichever editor you use, make sure that your final product’s colors fit into your website’s color palette and that the vividness and intensity are consistent.

Optimize your own photos

If you are selling a product or branding yourself, you will need to include your own photos on your web pages. Photos that have not been taken by a professional will immediately stand out when contrasted with your stock photos – and not in a good way.

But that does not mean you need to go out and hire a professional photographer. As long as you know a little bit about photography and know someone with a professional camera, you can optimize your photos so that no one looks at them askance.

Remember to follow the rule of thirds so that the focus of your images is as flattering as possible and your photo is balanced. Crop out any superfluous space, then edit it as you would with stock photos.

The difference between your own photos and stock photos is that you should alter your website to fit the tone of the photos of your product or branding, rather than the other way around.

In other words, don’t tone these photos down or adjust the colors for the sake of consistency – your website theme should instead use the color palette of your brand.

Resize your images

Finally, while you may be tempted to include your images at their maximum quality, this is a mistake that costs many websites. Images take time to load on a website, and every millisecond counts when it comes to keeping visitors. If your images are so big that they take a few more seconds to load, you may well lose traffic.

This is another scenario in which Wix’s free image resizer comes in handy. By resizing your images, you can optimize them for all potential purposes.

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