How To Write A More Effective Blog Post With ChatGPT

October 10, 2023 by ivan

Writing a blog post is a wondrous challenge that can pose more obstacles for some people than others. Especially if you have never written one before, you may need some help to get the writing flow right.

If you don’t have someone well-versed in writing in your life, turn to ChatGPT for assistance. There are various ways the AI software can help you write a more effective blog post faster. Let’s maintain efficiency and get right to it!

Ask ChatGPT To Give You An Introduction and Conclusion

ChatGPT can do more than give you ideas for blog posts. When you ask the software to do so, it can write entire introductions and conclusions for your peace let alone the entire piece itself. Maybe you are having writer’s block and just need some inspiration to write your introduction. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for a conclusion prompt as well because closing out a blog post can be difficult.

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For example, if you want an introduction and a conclusion for a casino online blog, you can write a prompt for the software to generate ones based on the tone you wish them to be:

“Please write me a catchy introduction for an article about the most popular casino games. Include puns related to roulette, baccarat, Blackjack, and slots. Give a small introduction about the general rules of each game. Then, write a riveting conclusion summarizing the rules of these games again in different. Have a call-to-action for the reader to try out (insert casino name).”

Even if you do not like the exact wording that ChatGPT gives you for the introduction and conclusion, doing this exercise can help you be inspired to write prompts in your own words.

Publish What Your Competitors Aren’t Discussing

Is there something in your niche that you want to discuss with your blog followers? Has the topic been mentioned on competing blogs? If not, this is a valuable opportunity to start the conversation about this forgotten topic on your blog.

Understanding Paths in Illustrator

Continuing with the casino blog example, maybe there’s a new game on the market that none of your competitors have mentioned yet. Be the first one to do a game review! Analyze its features, what players love most about it, and how popular it is in the casino gaming space.

If you need some inspiration, type something like this prompt into ChatGPT to get started:

“Write a few paragraphs reviewing the new casino game called (insert name of game). Talk about its best features, what players think about the game, and how to play it. Please also mention details about the game’s developer and the story behind how and why the game was created.”

Ask ChatGPT To Name the Headings In Your Post

Once you ask for an introduction, conclusion, and some supporting background on your topic, you can also ask ChatGPT for suggestions on how to name the headings throughout the post. Sometimes general headings could become boring to read for followers and even more boring to write for the blog writers. Hence, ask for suggestions on naming your headings based on the content of the paragraph that you will have underneath it.

For example:

“Please give me 5 heading suggestions for a section in my blog post discussing a paragraph about how to play slots, the popularity of the game, the strategy behind winning slots, and the chances of winning the game.”

If you already have the paragraph written for that section, you can copy and paste it into ChatGPT to get more refined heading suggestions based on the tone and specific content in that paragraph.

Efficiency Is the Best Policy

While many bloggers are outright copying and pasting what’s on ChatGPT into their articles, opt for utilizing the AI software as more of an inspiration than a ghostwriter. Keep in mind that Google can tell if AI has written your article or not, which means it could rank it lower than other competing pieces that someone has handwritten. Stay efficient with how you use ChatGPT so your blog posts come out better every time!

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