How to Create a Social Media Calendar to Plan Your Content

January 18, 2023 by Ena Čavar

There are countless articles and resources available on social media scheduling and there are many tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Mention that will help you with your social media calendars and scheduling your content. But there are also a couple of things you should know before creating your calendar.

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  • Before You Start with Your Calendar.

First, check your engagement metrics. You need to see how many people are visiting your website every month, what percentage of people click on your social media ads, and how many likes, shares, comments, and more you get. This data will help you decide which social channels to prioritize and how to use your content to drive traffic to them.

Next, know your preferred social channels and the best ways to reach your audience. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn users respond well to images and videos, while Pinterest users are more likely to engage with long-form posts. Take some time to focus on how each type of social channel engages with your audience and incorporate that into your calendar.

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  • Starting With Your Calendar.

Once you have a small vision of your situation, it is time to commit to creating your social media calendar to help you plan your content. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, make sure you are prepared for the coming weeks by creating a social media calendar. This will help you create and follow through on planned content.

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  • How to Create a Social Media Calendar

Organize your social media accounts. Some social media accounts have hashtags associated with them to help you track posts. You will also need to add descriptive tags. Set a date and time for your content to be published. Social media requires your content to be published at the same time every day or every other day. Otherwise, you will not get the content you want to see in your feed. Creating a social media calendar will help you with this.

Making a social media calendar

First, create a schedule. The most important part of planning your calendar is choosing a time frame. Select a time frame that allows you to post on each social media platform every day, at least twice a week, or once a week. The key is to make your content available on each of the social media platforms all the time. If you have multiple social media accounts, use them equally when planning your schedule. Decide on a priority topic. A calendar is also a list, so make your calendar show a priority based on your visitors. Choose your priority topic based on your visitors’ preferences. By choosing a priority topic, you can plan content that satisfies the interests of your audience and the things they like and share. This will also give you an opportunity to optimize the content for each social media network. Include SEO keywords in your calendar. Think about keywords that you are looking to promote in your social media accounts. This will help you see how to improve your content for search engines, particularly Google. Get your calendar ready. You will also need to organize your calendar in advance.

That’s it! After you have planned your social media calendar, add the date and time to your calendar and start scheduling your posts to make them available to people on the right day and at the right time.

The finished calendar plan

In The End

Having a social media calendar will help you be more organized when you are posting content to all your social media accounts. With your calendar, you will know exactly when to publish the content on each of your accounts and get the best possible exposure.

…And do not forget to promote your posts!

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