Finding and Hiring an SEO Reseller: What You Need To Know

October 25, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Digital agencies have and continue to discover the gem of SEO resellers.

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Such contributions make it easier for digital agencies to grow their businesses in the highly competitive market. While SEO resellers can supercharge your quests, you need to ensure that you pick and hire the right service. A quick search engine query gives you access to an extensive pool.

So how do you choose the best? Here are pointers to ease your search.

The first impression

Do you like the SEO reseller’s site? If the first impression doesn’t capture your eye and keep you engaged, how do you expect them to deliver top-class services?

SEO optimization

While considering SEO, the website is among the top considerations. A responsive, aesthetically appealing, and easy-to-use site is the tell-tale sign that gives you an idea of how professional the SEO reseller is, as it reflects their efforts.

Before you even look at the portfolio:

  • See if you can navigate from one page to the next
  • See if you can easily find what you need
  • Try locating the contacts, among other things

SEO resellers who invest in their websites show their commitment, making it among the top considerations for comparing the services.

Services offered

Don’t assume that every SEO reseller offers full-house services. Some offer niche services, while others provide a broad range. Establish your needs as you hit the market to ensure that you pick a service marking most, if not all, of the items on your checklist.

The most common services offered by SEO resellers include keyword research, guest posting, content creation, onsite optimization, on-page audits, PPC advertising, social media services, etc. Go through the case studies for a feel of what they deliver. Following your clients’ requirements, you can pick a service that’ll handle all your needs, meaning that you won’t need more than one SEO reseller.


What are their previous and existing clients saying?

Reputation is a significant consideration in the modern market.

You’ve seen it all over; a site displaying user ratings and reviews is a measure towards building credibility. This is an opportunity to get an idea of what to expect from a service. If you spot consistent complaints, you should direct your search elsewhere.

Read the fine print

You’ve found an ideal SEO reseller and are ready to engage their services; now, what’s next? A contract! But don’t sign anything just yet.

Read and understand the terms. This ensures that you are not locked in an expensive contract you’ll regret. Ask questions if something isn’t clear to avoid frustrating experiences such as hidden charges. Also, consider the cancellation terms. With a detailed, clear contract, you’ll enjoy a frictionless engagement, facilitating smooth progress.


SEO is expensive and is increasingly becoming more complicated. Keeping up can be a challenge for a digital marketing agency, especially as a start-up or after winning more clients. Enlisting the best SEO reseller is among the measures you can take. With the above pointers, you are a few clicks from finding and hiring the best service.


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