From Zero to Millions: 3 Strategies to Grow Your Online Audience

October 05, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

After investing much time, money, and effort into finding the perfect product or service for a target demographic, the fun of growing your customer base can begin.

Yet, attracting trusting consumers will require more than hitting publish on your website. Driving significant traffic to a site takes hard work, skill, and persistence.

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Reaching the top of the search engine results pages isn’t a simple task for brands of any size in any industry. Even if you hit the top spot of Google for powerful keywords, it only takes one algorithm change to destroy your efforts, which may even lead to penalization.


Brands new and old shouldn’t hesitate to embark on an SEO audit from As these digital marketing experts have an in-depth understanding of SEO, they can help your business develop and implement an effective strategy to drive organic traffic to your website. Also, they can assess and update your strategy routinely to help your business remain competitive and compliant.


Building a large and loyal following will take much time and dedication. As your brand might be eager to secure a large customer base at a quick rate, it is a smart idea to collaborate with other companies.

SEO optimization

Connect with in-direct competitors related to your industry and that share your company’s values. Also, you must work with a brand that has a large audience, as cross-promotions can increase your company’s reach and help it secure many new customers. Of course, cross-promotions must be mutually beneficial. Develop a pitch a target brand would find impossible to reject.

Content Curation

If you are unfamiliar with content curation, it is about resharing others’ informative or entertaining content to provide followers with value. You might think promoting other brands or individuals’ content is fruitless, but it could be key to a stronger online following, more web traffic, and significant sales.

Social media users want to follow brands that provide value. If you constantly promote your products, services, and web content, they will hit that dreaded unfollow button or fail to follow your company at all.

Sharing third-party posts from reliable websites will give your users more valuable online experiences. Your users will view their time as precious, which is why every post must be published with new and loyal followers in mind. When you do promote your brand occasionally, they are more likely to engage with the compelling copy, which could increase your click-through rate, online engagement, web traffic, or annual revenue.

However, you must ensure all third-party content you promote complements your brand’s values and target demographic and provides potential answers to their questions. If you can help social media users solve one or more issues, they are more likely to follow your brand, read your social media posts, visit your website, buy from your business, and recommend your products or services.

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