7 Best Ways to Generate Leads With Your Mobile App

July 11, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

A common misconception among business owners is that they only need to concentrate on digital marketing and don’t need an app to sell their products or services. It could have been the case in the past, but things have changed. Successful businesses prefer to hire Android app developers┬áto build competitive apps that can help generate more leads.

When they require certain goods or services, more and more smartphone users take advantage of apps’ ease. You must invest in a mobile app to stay competitive and plan for the future.

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Be Friendly

Not every online business application is made to amuse users. Many of them are developed with a more practical goal: to increase a service’s popularity and┬átarget demographic.


Therefore, you must build it with this objective in mind. Make sure clients are happy with your goods by enabling them to use your tools with just a single tap.

Be cautious when dealing with newbies at the same time. Avoid requesting too much information too soon. Once you’re certain that they’re staying, you may progressively finish up their profiles.

Devise Mobile-Friendly Email

According to studies, up to 53% of those who read your email may be doing so on a mobile device. You run the risk of alienating the bulk of your attendees if you don’t optimize your mobile drive.

With the appropriate marketing automation tools, you ought to test and optimize email messages that appeal to mobile consumers.


You need to incorporate specific components that will draw clients. Nothing is more persuasive than some good rewards; thus, certain offers made just for subscribers or other virtual prizes will generate leads.

Include video marketing initiatives in your company, and seek out influential Youtubers to support the expansion of your brand. To inform users about these chances, you can employ email marketing, push notifications, and in-app communications.

Checking for Mobile Responsiveness

You should, of course, be accessible on social media sites as well. But keep in mind that, regardless of your method, providing comprehensive and pertinent solutions is essential.

Customer Support Makes Your Business Grow

Customer satisfaction is greatly impacted by the support staff’s ability to rapidly and effectively address customers’ questions. Customer support has an impact on brand reputation, customer lifetime value, and customer retention in the end.


Almost all of your potential customers can understand messages sent to them via their smartphones.

Why not put that into effect for your gain? Integrating an SMS CRM can streamline communication and enhance engagement with your customers. To help you, you’ll require an SMS service provider (since running SMS campaigns can get technical). To discuss your break-out meeting or unique show-only proposals, try texting.

Run Native Ads on Facebook

Promotional content embedded in a Facebook feed is referred to as a native ad. It’s a simple and easy technique to grab attention as half of your viewers will be viewing your native Facebook ad on their mobile devices. Before you start, familiarize yourself with Facebook’s engagement guidelines to help you prevent errors and time-wasting mistakes.


Social media is a great place for mobile video advertising campaigns. Video content shows great potential for a successful ad as it is far more engaging than other types of content. You can also incorporate live videos through a transcoding server in your content strategy to enhance engagement and captivate your audience in real-time.

Create a Local Mobile PPC Campaign

Your customers are more likely to be looking up nearby businesses when they’re on the go and utilizing a mobile device.

According to a study, 81% of tablet and 79% of smartphone owners use their gadgets for local adventures. Make sure you’re showing up in local mobile searches if your business relies on local traffic.

Create a Mobile Survey

Consider using a service like TwtPoll to build a poll that the public may react to via their mobile phones.

This is a good way to do it if you’re conducting a talk or presentation and want to keep their attention through their smartphones.

Take Advantage of Lead Segmentation

Lead segmentation is one of the most crucial components of any marketing plan if you want to turn prospects into paying clients.

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re going to have a wide range of potential customers with varying wants, and their needs will change as they approach completion.

You must segment your leads both at the time of lead capture and on an ongoing basis as their relationship with your brand changes.

This is necessary in order to offer to message to each of these prospects that speak to their specific needs at each point of the sales process.

Must-have Apps to Generate More Leads


ScanBizCards is one of the top business card scanner apps available and is suitable for smartphones. This program allows you to easily scan conference badges and business cards with optical character recognition, and the contact information can be exported right to a CRM.

Leading CRMs like Salesforce and email automation platforms like Hubspot and Marketo are both integrated with the app. When you need to scan cards in mass or to manually transcribe if the scans come out fuzzy, you can use the app’s Human Transcription option. With extra capabilities like Email Lead Capture, this app also functions as a crucial lead generation tool.


For both iOS and Android smartphones, there is an app called CircleBack that manages contacts. By seamlessly establishing connections with Office 365, Outlook.com, Hotmail, and MSN, it serves as a professional address book organizer.

As a result, this program saves all of your contacts in one location while also updating and removing duplicate entries from your address book. In addition to this, you may utilize this program to produce more B2B leads.


Users of smartphones can download the professional social media platform LinkedIn. It is often utilized by businesses to generate leads and establish connections with influential people in the sector in which they are active.


By using this channel, you can find influencers, network, and stay informed about new market trends. You may expand your network and get new leads by writing on hot issues and leaving comments on other people’s posts. This will also help your brand become more well-known.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few pointers that will assist you in counting new clients quickly. Keep in mind that you must modify them in accordance with your service and that you must monitor your data at all times.

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