Email Lead Generation Tactics for Businesses

July 27, 2022 by Nina Medanić

The modern sales teams utilize various methods to grow and get revenues. Even though traditional methods like cold calling are still applied, many specialists switch to the digital means of producing leads. Email lead generation is one of them.

Before all, using email marketing for lead generation grants a great reach and direct connection with the recipients of the emails. That way, this method allows for nurturing future clients and keeping the level of engagement enough for the conversion.

Read on to know more about email methods of lead generation and how they can add to your overall strategy.

Email Lead Generation: Definition

Email lead generation is concerned with using email marketing for lead generation and contemplates crafting and launching email campaigns to communicate, engage and connect with leads.

In this regard, many would use lead magnets or opt-in forms to make people subscribe to your newsletters. However, certain sales specialists apply outreach techniques and lead generation software to reach people. The chances are they will find email address by domain or use B2B leads databases to create email lists.

Even though it works for a targeted approach, the lead magnet or other opt-in strategies provide email addresses of quality leads that have already proved their interest by the subscription. Thus, effective email lead generation depends on how you design and back your emails. If you’re new to this, you might want to turn to automatization tools like ActiveCampaign or some great and affordable ActiveCampaign alternatives that will hit the ground running for your business and elevate your email marketing game from the get-go.

How to Generate Email Leads

To increase the chances that the leads will become clients, you will need to focus on the body of the emails, its content, and the engagement the message offers. For sure, you are likely to use lead generation marketing tools. However, a good performance will be hard to achieve if you will not consider some basic concepts.

Check these tips to learn more about email leads marketing that will help you get results:

Understand and Prioritize Leads

Any engagement starts with the understanding of the future customer. In this regard, your goal is to identify the critical pain points of your lead. Once you do it, you can segment the leads into different groups based on the priority of your business. What is meant here?

You need to define who is more likely to proceed with the purchase of your product. Thus, a lead scoring system can be a good way to prioritize leads. For example, the lead who has answered your email or came from a webinar is more likely to go till the end of the customer journey. You can provide them with more information or do follow-ups to stimulate conversion.

Create Worthy Emails

At the same time, you need to focus on the content of your email lead generation campaigns. Importantly, it would be best if you had different templates for various goals and groups. They can vary in structure, CTA, and tone of voice, yet, they should be concise and clear.

The reason is that the shorter it is, the more likely you would be able to maintain their interest. Thus, try to state your offer clearly and not overcomplicate things.

For sure, you may want to create a fantastic design. Yet, remember that simple and minimalistic designs are perceived better than ones filled with color. Nonetheless, everything depends on the audience. The general audience will like a simple design more. However, the complicated one can be directed at a more specific audience or niche.

Include Explicit Call-to-Action

Email lead generation is concerned with engagement and encouragement to buy. In this regard, the Call to action (CTA) buttons play a significant role. The choice to click the button and set the time for demo presentation, proceed to the cart, or close a deal starts with CTA.

What should it look like? Well, it should be short and easily perceived. If it is a text version of CTA, you can insert it at the end before the sign-off and make it bold. If you are to insert a block, it should be big enough for a lead to pay attention to it.

Besides, best email lead generation practices underline that you should add personalization, urgency, and value to the message. However, do not overuse the words like “free,” “now,” or “buy”; they are usually the reasons for emails to go to the spam section.

Share Insightful Content

The lead generation methods contemplate that you should provide value to the readers. For this reason, you should create quality content to help nurture the leads and get them to the following levels of the sales cycle.

Thus, you need to create content that educates and helps people to solve their issues. It is an excellent way to improve your image and support your expertise. With it, you will get more trust in the long term, helping you to sell easier.

At the same time, you can share large pieces on the blog and apply the “gated content technique” so that people leave emails in exchange for access to the content. Also, you can use this content to create courses, webinars, and lead magnets. As a result, the quality is not just necessary for keeping the audience interested but to get more email addresses.

Utilize Social Media Channel

Lastly, launching an email lead generation campaign is hard if you have only a website. It is much easier to have a social media presence. You can direct traffic to your website or blog page from social media platforms or start a subscription with the targeted message or ad, or even hire a blogger outreach service.

At the same time, LinkedIn can be a place for finding quality leads and qualifying them. For instance, you share a blog there, set specific hashtags, and wait for the responses from other people. They are your leads if you get some likes or visits to your page.

Next, you can write their names in the Google Sheet and find their emails with the GetProspect add-on finder. It is a way to get new leads. Yet, you should approach them cautiously as they may not remember liking our post or visiting your page.


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