Run Your Ecommerce Business Successfully With These 5+ Time-Tested Tips

December 13, 2022 by Lucija


Do you want your ecommerce business to be wildly successful?

Of course, you do.

Who wouldn’t want steady sales, more customers, and a business many buyers prefer over competitors?

The catch is that running a successful ecommerce business isn’t a walk in the park.

According to data, only 1.62% of website visitors convert into a purchase.

To increase your chances of succeeding, you’ll need to employ the right strategies and leverage the best tools—from targeting specific audience groups to improving your order management.

Start with the five tips below.

1. Streamline your order shipping workflow

An inefficient shipping workflow delays dispatching orders, which can ruin the customer experience with your business.

You could lose customers and, in turn, sales.

The key is to streamline your shipping workflow to ensure orders are shipped on time, and customers receive the items on their expected dates.

An efficient shipping workflow also helps you avoid mistakes and potential order and delivery issues, improving your service and the customer experience.

One of the proven shipping tips for small businesses to ensure seamless workflows is to use reliable shipping software.

For instance, the free shipping software Veeqo can simplify and streamline your ecommerce shipping workflow.

The software automatically selects the lowest rates for you when you ship orders in bulk.


.The software sends automated emails with tracking links as you fulfill orders.

It can also automatically choose labels based on your pre-defined shipping rules, so you won’t need to do it manually.

Using robust ecommerce shipping software can save you a lot of manual work and accelerate your order fulfillment and shipping workflows.

2. Work with professionals

Content and other related materials, from blog posts to videos, are critical to your online marketing’s success.

However, creating content for marketing, promotions, and other corporate materials can take a lot of time, money, and resources.

One solution is to hire a professional marketing agency with reliable content marketing and production services.

For instance, you could work with an agency with corporate video production services.

This way, you won’t need to create your corporate and marketing videos from scratch.

You’ll get professional-looking videos and other content to support your marketing efforts.

While working with a marketing agency doesn’t guarantee instant success, your investment can save you from wasting precious time and resources.

Plus, having your marketing content made professionally increases your chances of meeting your targets, which you might be hard-pressed to achieve yourself.

3. Focus on your target audience

Targeting the right audience is critical to your ecommerce business’s success.

After all, if you market the men’s footwear you sell to customers looking for top-tier performance testing software, you’re not likely to get sales.

Instead of casting a wide net, focus on your target audience—people who need and are interested in buying your products.

Identify your ideal buyers or a niche audience specific to your ecommerce business.

Learn their interests and pain points and position your brand as a solution to their needs.

Start by creating buyer personas (or refining your existing ones) to drill down on who your target audiences should be.

You can use free tools such as HubSpot’s MakeMyPersona.


The tool’s free and intuitive generator lets you create and customize buyer personas and easily share the templates across your sales and marketing teams.

Creating buyer personas helps you learn more about your ideal customers, including their goals, demographic traits, challenges, and other details.

The information can inform your strategy for attracting potential leads and customers to boost sales.

Buyer personas help you determine your ideal customers, what they want, and how you can address those needs to entice them into buying your products and services.

4. Use the right ecommerce platform

If customers go to your online store and your pages load slowly, or your website functionalities and elements don’t meet customer expectations, you could lose serious sales opportunities.

That is why you need an ecommerce platform that can meet your business and customers’ needs.

Your ecommerce platform should allow you to manage your website sales, marketing, and entire operations seamlessly.

At a minimum, your ecommerce platform should have the following features to facilitate successful operations.

  • An ecommerce website builder with drag-and-drop functionalities and customizable themes for quick and easy site-building.
  • A domain name, hosting environment, and bandwidth.
  • Mobile-optimization tools with an easy checkout process designed for mobile users.
  • A selection of pre-built add-ons and integrations for email marketing, social media, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and others from popular service providers.
  • Visibility and control over your inventory management process on all sales channels.
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.
  • Basic built-in ecommerce features such as catalog management, analytics, discounts, etc.
  • Fully customizable URLs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools across your website.
  • Abandoned cart recovery options.
  • Reliable customer support.

Popular ecommerce platforms such as Squarespace offer the essential features to run a full-fledged ecommerce business, from web hosting to inventory management tools.


Research, read reviews, go on forums, and try the ecommerce platform to see if it fits your needs before investing in one.

5. Synchronize your service delivery across channels

Consistency drives customers’ trust in your brand—which also applies to your service delivery in every aspect.

It includes everything from your EPOS system and payment processing efficiency to robust customer support software and other platforms you’re on.

Whether online or offline, your customers expect you to synchronize information about their orders, purchases, and requests and deliver a great personalized experience.

Omnichannel marketing helps you do that. It brings a unified and seamless customer experience and builds the impression that you are efficient, reliable, and on top of things.

Customer data, artificial intelligence, automation, and other components are some things you can integrate to streamline your service delivery across multiple channels.

6. Use proxies to keep your business’ website secure.

Proxies are a powerful tool for enhancing data security and protecting your online privacy. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet, routing your requests through a separate server before they reach their final destination. You can continuously rotate between millions of residential IP addresses. This can provide a number of benefits for data security, including:

  • Hiding your IP address: When you connect to the internet through a proxy, your IP address is replaced with the IP address of the proxy server. This makes it much more difficult for hackers and other malicious actors to track your online activity and target you with attacks.
  • Encrypting your connections: Proxies can also encrypt your internet connections, making it much harder for third parties to intercept and read your data. This is particularly important when you’re on a public Wi-Fi network or using a device that you don’t fully trust.
  • Blocking unwanted traffic: Proxies can be configured to block certain types of traffic, such as ads or known malicious sites. This can help to keep your devices and networks safe from malware and other threats.
  • Bypassing content restrictions: Proxies can also be used to access content that might be blocked in your country, such as news websites or social media platforms.

Ready to achieve ecommerce business success?

Turning your ecommerce business into a huge success can take blood, sweat, and tears.

However, following reliable tips, adopting solid strategies, and using the right tools can help increase your chances of succeeding.

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