Different Ways to Build a Website in 2021

February 21, 2021 by Patricia Bennett

Building a website has never been easier than now. New trends in technologies combined with easy access to Internet have allowed even a person with little to no technical knowledge to build a website with just a few clicks.

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Things to know before building a website

Before you decide which of the below way you will choose to build your website, you should analyze the following aspects and get an answer.

  • Is this website for profit-making or just a personal blog to share your opinion about certain things?
  • How many visitors will you be receiving per month?
  • Will this website contains a very complex design, or are you okay with a basic blog design?
  • Will it contain many videos and images?
  • Are you a technical person? Or someone with no knowledge about building a website?

Once you answer all the above questions, it will be easier for you to choose from many different ways that we will explain in this article. Those will range from simple approaches for a beginner website owner, or advanced results which will require a helping hand from a software development company like MLSDev

Building using a free website builder like WordPress.com

If you are just starting to build a website from scratch after reading some article on how to make money online (“This is why I created my first website”), or if you want a website to share your personal opinion about something, starting with a free WordPress.com website is the best option for you right now.

Why is WordPress.com the best option in the market right now?

All the major hosting providers come with WordPress hosting. As a result, it will be easier for you to shift to a paid hosting once you know how to build a website using the WordPress.com dashboard.

Moreover, WordPress is so popular that there are tons of articles and videos online to help you build a WordPress website. 

The only drawback of using free WordPress hosting is that you will have to host your website under the WordPress.com subdomain, which means you can’t choose your domain name. Your website will look like yourwebsitename.wordpress.com instead of yourwebsitename.com. This looks unprofessional; however, it’s completely fine if you are just using a free setup to get used to building a website.

Using paid shared hosting like SiteGround

You are serious about this website: you want it to represent your brand, or start earning money through affiliate marketing or numerous other ways that you could use your website to earn money, then it’s better to go through a paid hosting.

Managed Hosting

What is offered in paid hosting that is not available in free hosting?

  • You could use your own custom domain like example.com, example.net, example.uk, example.in. This will make your website look genuine and professional.
  • Website will load faster than free hosting. Speed is a major criterion in ranking your website in Google.
  • Offer more resources like more storage, free backup to protect your website from human mistakes and any other error that may cause you to lose your website data.
  • High reliability, your website will always be available to those who come to visit your website. Free hosting doesn’t guarantee any uptime.

Keeping the above point in mind, it’s essential to choose a paid hosting when you are serious about the website you are going to build.

After reviewing SiteGround, one of the tops recommended paid hosting, we found we could use WordPress website builder and many other popular website builders like Joomla, Drupal on top of it. This is an added advantage as you can easily shift from any paid hosting or free hosting like WordPress to SiteGround and still use the same tool that you used to build your website earlier.

Using website builder like Wix, Squarespace

There are website builders like WIX, Squarespace that provide a complete package. This is the easiest way to build a website if you are new and has some budget.

In this case, you don’t need to worry anything about hosting or have technical knowledge related to coding to start your website with them.

Once you sign up with them, you can build a website using a few clicks by drag and dropping things you want on your website; you can also choose from the 100’s custom themes that they offer for you.

This type of website builder is less complicated for newbies and is very popular among new people looking to build a website.

However, this way of building a website is not suitable for a very large website with a very high customization need. In such cases, it’s better to use companies like SiteGround, which gives more options and control to end-users.

Hosting with highly customized WordPress hosting like Kinsta

WordPress is the most used website builder globally, with 40% of all websites in the world using WordPress.

Even though most paid hosting providers come with WordPress, few offer a very highly customized WordPress version with their hosting.

Why is this better than normal WordPress hosting offered by web hosting?

Normal web hosting servers are customized for multiple web builders and the language they support; this creates codes and software that may not be needed for our website. However, highly customized WordPress servers contain files, hardware, software that are needed for WordPress only. In this way, they could offer more speed and reliability.

Moreover, concentrating on one website builder could spend their resources effectively across that one website builder.

For example, companies like Kinsta provide many premium WordPress plugins for free as they are specifically customized for WordPress.


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