Comparison Between Offshore Vs. Domestic Outsourcing of Salesforce Development

October 02, 2019 by Sujain Thomas

Being more than just a customer relationship management system, Salesforce is now the most popular choice of enterprise application developers, and cloud service takes as a comprehensive business operations platform, which is highly flexible and customizable.

AppExchange of Salesforce now has an impressive collection of apps that can cover any functionality needs of the organization of any size or industry. However, sometimes, the need may be to develop your own apps to meet the unique requirements of your business. In such cases, you have to build them you own.

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Even in deciding to outsource the development, you have to make a choice among many available options. It is possible to look for a domestic developer locally or within the state or country or you can offshore off the work, which too has many benefits, so running a coding skills test is a good option to find the ideal solution for your requirements.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of domestic and offshore Salesforce development for the users to make a better choice.

Offshore vs. domestic development

Before choosing a patch to go ahead with, one should first understand the pros and cons of these two modes of Salesforce development.

Offshore model

The offshore developmental model will put forth access to many developers compared to the limited local opportunities you find. Offshore developers may have diversified talents to build and enhance your apps based on your specifications in a cost-effective way. Offshore model is largely useful for bigger organizations which need customized Salesforce applications to handle their diversified group of users and different situations.

Remote working

Even though there are language and cultural barriers in terms of offshore outsourcing, but the offshore consultants are well prepared to minimize any such communication problems or security risks. A reputable offshore developer will ensure everything will worth smoothly based on your requirements and needs.

Domestic developmental model

Thinking of local development also has many advantages. In domestic development, you can have personal access to the developer or the team. They can come down to your office, or you can stop by their office to have more personal discussions. With fewer language barriers and accessibility restrictions, they can easily figure out your needs and expectations. Domestic development will help alleviate the risk of missing deadlines, multiple code revisions, and other mishaps in between.

Team Meeting

However, you have to pay higher for availing these benefits. Some may consider the price worth it, but some others may consider it as an overhead as the same benefits can be availed at a lower cost elsewhere. If you want to maintain a personal relationship and avoid any risk of miscommunication due to the language barrier, then domestic Salesforce development could be an ideal approach.

Considering the cost and the scope of enthralling opportunities across the globe, we can say that offshore development has a significant advantage over the domestic development of Salesforce apps. You save a lot of money and can increase productivity and efficiency with offshoring, and also there is no need to worry about the security risks now. The only thing to consider is the need to find the most reliable offshore developer for your projects.

Offshore developers now take security seriously

There are many Fortune 500 companies also now using offshore developers for their Salesforce needs. Providers like can offer a very reliable, secure, and scalable development service by possessing experience and expertise in the latest Salesforce developmental needs. If you require assistance, you can look for available salesforce developers to hire.

The apps they custom-build based on your specifications and also come compliant with the government regulations an industry standard. The professionally operated offshore consultants will offer your dedicated account managers as a single point of contact to manage your end-to-end project.

Largely reducing cost

No doubt about the fact that offshore development can reduce the cost of development largely, which is a major reason why companies choose the offshore model. The cost of skilled labor is cheaper in many countries when compared to the US, and the availability of technically qualified and experienced professionals is higher at many placed across the globe. So, if you are running a tight budget, but don’t want to compromise on your quality of development, offshore development is the ideal solution.


Quality of service

As offshore development is a common practice now and there is a large competition in this sector too, the development firms offer top-notch services to attract more clients and get more business. Their providers have many sophisticated practices and policies in order to ensure security, quality, and on-time delivery. They have skilled professionals in their resource pool and also adopt time-tested technologies to meet the highest quality standards. Most such consulting firms also possess global quality certifications like ISO 9001 etc.

Offering add-on services

Considering offshore development service providers, you may get a lot more than just development from them. Alongside quality development at a reduced cost, they can also offer research and development support, design services, customization of applications, and different Salesforce integrations, etc.

First to market advantages

First to market is the key to success in the highly competitive and ever-changing market environment. So, if you find your deadlines are fast approaching and time in hand is limited to set up the new app or functionality to hit the market at the right window of opportunity, then Salesforce customization through an offshore provider is the best approach.

Team Work

Such facilities may offer you an expert workforce to 24/7 to complete the tasks by meeting short deadlines. There are efficient QA professionals too to work inline to ensure that everything is functioning normally.

To conclude

None of these values matter if you cannot find the apt provider to meet your needs. You may only want to offshore your work to the developer who has experience and reputation in handling projects. They may also have to work on a very tight deadline and meet the critical time frames for development. An experienced consultant knows what to do in order to deliver the best to you and help increase your business performance through their effort. So, you need to take your time out and consider various options in offshore project development to find out the best for your purpose.

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