How to Check Your WordPress Sites DA PA Score Using DA PA Checkers Online

June 21, 2020 by Patricia Bennett

Digital marketers share one common wish, and that is higher ratings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Over the past few years, there has been a lot of development, particularly in SEO; it has grown to be a lot more complicated compared to what it was previously. Using keywords or following other simple tips no longer guarantees results, and thus, we need to develop a new strategy for it.

#Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) are two metrics that have been developed by #MOZ. They are incremental in determining your ranking on the #SERPs. Click To Tweet

So before we analyze as to how the ranking of the website can be increased, it is firstly essential to be familiar with these concepts.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA (Domain Authority) is essentially a search engine placement score that was initially created by Moz. It forecasts how high an individual website will position itself on SERPs (search engine result pages).

The Domain Authority score can vary from one up to a hundred with the lowest value depicting the worst and highest value showing the best rating that could be achieved.

The higher scores correspond to a more substantial capability to rank higher, and of course, you want to increase your DA as much as possible.

Google Rank

DA is determined by appraising multiple aspects, comprising from relating root domains along with the number of links in total, and turns it into a particular Domain authority score. This mark is then used when contrasting sites or pursuing the “ranking power” of an individual website over a period.

Domain Authority, however, is not a metric that Google uses to determine the ranking of a website for SERP’s.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

Page Authority (PA) is a score that was developed and first introduced by Moz to predict how good a particular page will rank itself on the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Page Authority scores like Domain authority can vary from one and go up to a hundred. The higher scores resemble a better capability to a high rank. 

PA is established on data obtained from the web index, and it considers several essential aspects. Similar to Domain Authority, it consumes a machine learning prototypical to recognize the algorithm that best associates with standings across hundreds and thousands of SERPs that it is predicated with, and then generates Page Authority score via that exact calculation.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

In case you haven’t still wholly figured out the vital distinction between the two metrics, then we will make it simpler for you.

Domain Check

Domain authority (DA) is the score of an entire domain and subdomains, which shows high they will rank on SERPs. It depends on several important factors, and it can be improved by focusing on them.

Page Authority (PA), on the other hand, is the score for each page. It is particularly crucial if you want to focus on each page and improve it accordingly. It is also dependent on several important aspects and can be enhanced.

How to check DA PA Score?

Many websites have developed their tool for checking the Domain authority and Page authority score. Though the high number in which they have been designed is not very beneficial and you need to choose the right one for the task because it is a bit complicated. Every tool might not be so reliable, so some of the best ones are as below.



Considering the importance of the Domain Authority ranking, it is vital to use the right tool for finding, and Prepostseo Domain Authority Checker and Page Authority ranking checker is an exceptional choice.

To generate organic traffic, it is essential to have a high Domain and Page Authority rating, and thus, you need to keep a close check on it. Certain factors have a massive impact on these metrics. These include the domain’s age, the volume of the website, quantity, and quality of backlinks.

It is, however, very crucial that you keep checking for these metrics, so you are aware of how much additional effort that you need to put in to improve your work. The PrePostSEO DA PA checker is a highly helpful tool that can be used for the site owner’s benefit. It produces very comprehensive results and displays DA and PA scores along with the spam score and IP address.  It additionally checks Google’s indexed pages. The file created can also be downloaded if needed.

Using the tool doesn’t require any sophisticated knowledge or programming expertise. The main dialogue box is used to paste up to 25 links that are used to determine the DA and PA of the website. The next step is to press the ‘’check authority’’ button to initiate the scan.



The MOZ official can also be used to check the domain and page authority of the website. It is the most reliable software out there for the purpose. Though there is one problem with it and that is the software not entirely free.

There are multiple packages available at affordable rates for beginners and professionals, which can be used to find these metrics. MOZ is the ideal choice of many and quite rightfully considering its authenticity level and efficiency. It is the perfect choice for large organizations out there that intend to expand their work daily.

Bulk Da Checker

Bulk Da Checker

Bulk da Checker is software that is available online, which is used to check the DA of up to five links simultaneously deprived of any cost. If you want to scan more connections, then you would need to make an additional scan.

The software uses MOZ API; it indicates the domain authority metric of the website is determined through the tools offered by Moz.

To instigate the scan, you have to access their site and paste the links in the search engine. The tool will give you the choice of either checking the Domain Authority or the Page Authority; you can also choose to search both at once. Moreover, you can also use it to explore the Alexa ranks, MOZ ranks, black links, Google index, and IP address.

The report generated once the records have been capably entered displays all the different metrics. You need to keep a close check on them to improve your DA continuously.

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