Calculating Your Consulting Fees

April 23, 2020 by Patricia Bennett

A consultant can be described as an expert who provides skills, expertise, knowledge, and training to other people at a fee. They offer advice to clients on various topics in their expertise, such as Human Resource, Information Technology Marketing, among others. This can be done by implementing technology and a marketing plan.

They are organized, good in networking, ready, and willing to learn more on their area of expertise; hence they can able to provide the topnotch services. Therefore being a consultant, it is important that you have to set consultant fees.

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This article will look at a guide on how you can calculate your consulting fees. These fees help to guide your clients on what they should pay you as a consultant.

Personal Background and Experience

These may have an impact on the rates. Your consultation rates are your clients’ center of attraction. It gives a glimpse of your experience and the value, especially if you are new and don’t have a portfolio.

Calculating Consulting Fees

In most cases, price is relative and has a perception of value. This perception goes further for both services and products. Since customers aren’t purchasing tangible objects, it becomes hard to have a price for these services you are offering. Having this in mind, you can work with it in your favor.

Pricing express value; therefore, low rates may not always lead to more work or respect. Clients who regularly hire a consultant in most cases are familiar with average market prices. Having low prices may put you on a low end with competitors.

Determine Your Worth

Start to look at the market value of your consulting services. This will depend on the type and industry of consulting services and the value offered. In doing so, you are able to determine your worth. The clients are able to gauge their budget and the value of service they are to get.

Calculating Consulting Fees

You should put into consideration the value of your knowledge, skills expertise as well as network. All these components add value to your services that is passed tour clients as they benefit. As a consultant, you may also offer other services, and your experience in your area of expertise may be a factor that you should consider when you are calculating your rates regardless of the client you have and want to serve.

When you are to price your services against the value, you should keep in mind your recurring expenses and should have an idea of equating properly. Having ample experience can help you to increase your rate with confidence.

As a consultant, you have to know how you will charge your consultancy services as well as providing competitive rates that correspond with the value offered. Having this that in mind, it is possible to determine consultant fees. You need to consider the following while you are calculating these rates.

Business Goals

The other thing you have to put in mind is your goals, and those of the business never give discount your goals as a business owner and as consultants. Your rate has to make you thrive financially and live comfortably.

By giving consulting services offers you financial freedom. The sky has to be the limit whenever it comes to your business. Therefore you have to offer good rates that you can easily work hard and multiply it.

Business Goals

Sometimes consultant may put their rates into their public. This can be a way to guide you on how to calculate your rate. This approach may help you to know who your competitors are. You can check on their rate structures. You can have a little idea of what market rates.  As a consultant, you can wait for the clients to call and inquire about your rates. This makes you mysterious among your competitors. They are left wondering why the client always comes to you.

It is necessary to check your level of expertise. In this, you look at the training you have? How unique and your background information that may help to boost the rates? This goes hand in hand with your soft skills as they are much important.  How you can meet expectations and deadlines are crucial while calculating your consultant rates.

In determining business goals and expenses, consultants can use and set them as a baseline rate. This is a vital tip worthwhile as you are willing to have a price rate that your customer can afford to pay.

Personal and Business Finances

It is wise to have separate personal and business finances. The reason behind this is that it will help you to calculate and file taxes much easier. Several consultants calculate their rate and forget taxes. Paying taxes isn’t an option; thus, it is important to consider it. They must be paid at one point and can’t neglect.

Business Finances

The other advantage of separating these two finances is that it helps your limit liabilities from creditors. In case there isn’t any clear separation between the two, some of the creditors may use a personal asset to pay the debt and other obligations. It is good to separate the two entities wile calculating your rates.


When you are calculating consulting fees, your rates shouldn’t be influenced by feelings or how clients feel about you or about them or even you feel about certain projects and so on.

It is recommended that you should put off emotion when you are calculating these rates.

When you are calculating your fees, never discount because of feeling. However, you shouldn’t let them again control you either.

Other Costs

In addition to what you are to charge, it’s advisable to factor other costs that may occur when you are working with your clients. For instance, spending some cash on materials and transport charges for the projects can be added to your rates. Others may include logical costs, disturbance costs, as well as hidden costs that may arise.

You may choose the best pricing model or structure for the work so that you can remain competitive in this industry as there several ways that you can use to calculate these rates.

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