Best WordPress Plugins & Techniques to Turn Your Website into an App

August 05, 2020 by Patricia Kerep

In modern times, people have gone from using their desktop computers to using their smartphones on an almost hourly base. We’re no longer bound to come home and search for something on our PC, as we almost always have a computer like a device in the back of our pockets.

Mobile App

Many claims that they completely stopped using their computers for anything other than work, and sometimes entertainment, since having a device that allows you to look up anything or stream whatever your heart desires. Making the shift made a huge impact on the IT industry, as more and more companies are opting to have a dedicated app for their website.

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The app market is just too big to miss an opportunity not to go for it, especially since studies have shown that users are more prone to download the app than using their mobile browsers.

We’re bringing you the reasons why you should do it, and plugins and services that will make the process easy for you.

We’ve already mentioned how smartphones are the tools of the future, but they’re also a companion for most people. Isn’t it amazing how years ago, having the same functions a smartphone has today, would require multiple devices? That relayed itself in the way they are, and starting from the most basic feature, the screen, takes first place.

Apps are easy to maneuver on all screen sizes, and having an app that is optimized makes it easy for your users to access your content.

They also bring your users closer to you, considering all the smartphone features that can be integrated into the app’s use, such as the camera, GPS, push notifications, and so on. If you have an app that is optimized for offline operations, it will make using it so much better as it won’t require your users to be hooked on their data or the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. Navigating an app is also so much easier since most features that are adjusted for phone use are put on the front, making everything just a click away.

What are some plugins you can use to your advantage?

AndroApp by Genius Fools

AndroApp by Genius Fools

AndroApp is a native mobile app for the Android platform, which allows you to transform your WordPress website into a functional app within minutes. If you’re working with a lot of text content, like a blog or an online newspaper website, this plugin may be your best shot. It picks up your currently live feed and transforms it into a mobile app type of layout, without requiring you to know a single thing about programming. It’s free for the first month, and later it’s only $66/per year. Along making it really simple to turn your website into an app, some of its other features are:

  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Deep linking Support
  • WordPress/Facebook comments support
  • Caching – option to use WP Super Cache to cache mobile app requests at server side
  • Dynamic Settings for Menu, Image Rendering, Preview Text, Share Text, Post Page settings, Ads placements, Notification Style, Theme Colors and more

AppPresser – Mobile App Framework by the AppPresser Team

AppPresser - Mobile App Framework by the AppPresser Team

Unlike the first plugin, this one supports both Android and iOS platforms, so you get to kill two birds with one stone. However, it does not build your app; it only connects your website to the app you have, or are planning to create using an app builder. It’s an easy fix if you’re looking to merge the two, we advise you on using this one. You’re not required to know how to merge the two, as the plugin is pretty straightforward, and they provide you with the correct documentation and tutorial on how to get it to work. Other features that make this plugin so amazing are:

  • Offers push notifications to the user’s phone
  • Complete customization of the content that is currently on your website
  • WordPress plugin and extensions compatible, so you can connect social media and phone features to the app
  • Easy navigation through the app

Mobiloud by Mobiloud

Mobiloud by Mobiloud

We can’t make a list without a plugin that does it all, and this is surely the one. It helps you convert your website into a native mobile app for both iOS and Android and publishes the apps accordingly to the App Store and Google Play. It does require some work to get everything running smoothly, as the plugin takes care of everything, but it’s well worth it. For those who wish to give it a try before they commit to this premium plugin, the developers offer a demo on request. Aside from making it the best plugin that covers all bases, some of its features are:

  • Automatic content updates
  • Mobile advertising and monetisation
  • Sell subscriptions or require a login
  • Full Support for Google Analytics
  • Out of the box support for most WordPress plugins


Many services offer to create an app out of your website, but when we’re talking about WordPress, these simply take the cake. From making sure your website is connected to your already existing app, to making the app from scratch, they offer a range of functions and features that will make the build effortless. We advise on taking your time and seeing what your website truly needs, and are you willing to do some of the work yourself or let a plugin navigate you through it. Either way, make sure you get on the app train as it looks like the market will only grow bigger from here, and it would be a shame to lose this chance!

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