Best Automated Logo Design Tools

July 12, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

One of the first steps in any new business marketing campaign is creating a logo. A memorable logo will help customers/clients recognize the business’s website, social media accounts, advertisements, products, business cards, and more. It is used ubiquitously in both online and print materials.

Tools for logo creating provide a quick and efficient way for businesses to create professional logos, ensuring brand identity consistency across various platforms, including wholesale business cards. These tools offer tailored features to meet specific needs, facilitating the generation of logos suitable for branding on various promotional materials.

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Automated logo design tools like logo generator can help you create a logo that captures your business while being recognizable — and you don’t have to pay for in-person graphic design services. If you’re starting or growing a new business, here are some of the best automated logo design tools to use when creating your business’s logo.


Wepik homepage

Wepik Logo Maker provides users with a logo maker tool free to use and easy to use. With Wepik, you can create beautiful logos in minutes and customize them with no need to be an expert editor or have knowledge of how to use editing software.

Among its wide collection of professional-looking designs, this platform offers editable logo templates that are perfect for small businesses looking to grow their brand. You can download ready-made layouts or design one from the ground up with its intuitive online editing tool.


  • Free
  • Big variety of logo designs available
  • Fully customizable templates and up-to-date


  • Requires registration to download and store your designs

Looka Logo Maker


Looka uses AI to create all of its designs, which makes it easier to bring your vision to life. The interface is easy to use and makes it seem as though you are working directly with a designer that will bring the vision of your brand to life. You will simply enter your name and select from different symbols and pictures that are provided to you so that they can come back with different unique options to present to you. In just a matter of a few simple steps, you will have created a custom logo for your business. Looka also lets you save your logo before you pay for it.

Looka has different packages available depending on what your different needs are for your logo. The Basic package has a one-time fee of $20 while the Premium package has a one-time fee of $65. You also have the option to sign up for two different subscriptions that are billed annually at either $96 or $192. The features within all of the packages differ widely so be sure to compare them before you make your final sale.


  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Lifetime Logo Support
  • High-Resolution Logos


  • Doesn’t allow for entire customization
  • The price is higher compared to others

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Logo Maker automatically creates logo designs based on what your business offers.

The designs are first customized according to whether your business offers physical goods, services, leisure/hospitality services, original content, or technology/software. They’re further tweaked according to the specific industry that your business operates in.

You can limit the designs to logos that feature your business’s icon, name, or initials, and choose a few fonts that you like the appearance of. Any of the numerous logo designs can be manually adjusted for further customization, and you won’t find any shortage of designs or manual customization options.

A low-resolution logo that’s suitable for basic online use is free to download, and high-resolution vector versions can be purchased via a subscription. The rates range from $3.99 to $12.99 per month if they’re paid a year at a time, and a further discount is available if paying for two years. These subscriptions come with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Numerous logo designs are automatically generated
  • Logo designs are specific to offerings and industry
  • Easy and extensive manual customization features
  • Low-res logo is available free of charge
  • Satisfaction guarantee for all paying customers


  • Must create an account (free) to download the logo
  • Subscription costs can be high if paying monthly


Logo Genie

Logogenie generates a plethora of logo options based solely on your business’s name, the business’s tagline, and a couple of keywords. You can easily sort through all of the created logos, however, to find ones that will work well.

The various logo designs can be initially sorted via an extensive list of industries, and you can limit the selection to only icons, only shapes, or both.

Once you select a logo, the text, icon and color scheme can be easily changed, and there are also basic graphics (e.g. simple lines or shapes) that you can add. You don’t have control over every nuance, but that can be helpful if you don’t’ know much about graphic design — the software almost guarantees that the logo will look decent.

Downloading the standard logo, which comes with four different file formats, costs $25. Vector, social network, invoice, and black and white formats each come with an additional fee. The total cost for all formats would be $60. An additional $120 grants exclusive rights but doesn’t include actual copyright registration.


  • Numerous logo designs are automatically generated
  • Logo designs are easily sorted by industry and font style
  • A basic logo that’s suitable for online use costs only $25.00
  • Exclusive rights available for an additional fee


  • Only simple manual customization options
  • Each version beyond the basic has an additional charge
  • Must manually file for copyright if purchasing exclusive rights

BrandCrowd Logo Maker

Brand Crowd

BrandCrowd has both a free and a paid logo creator. While the free one is quite limited in features, the paid tool automatically customizes logo designs according to keywords.

Enter your business name and a few keywords, and the paid tool will instantly generate many good logo designs. These can easily be sorted by logo style, font style and color, and you can change the keywords after the initial two steps. There’s also a shortlist option so that you don’t have to remember where in the results your favorites are.

The first few results will be free even if using the paid version of the logo creator. The premium logo designs tend to have more font options and much better graphics.

Prices for premium logos start at $9 per month, which includes all versions, unlimited edits, and many templates for use in various places (e.g. social media, business cards, etc.).


  • Numerous logo designs automatically generated
  • Logo designs are based on keyword
  • Basic logo is available free of charge


  • Must create an account (free) to download logo
  • Cheapest subscription plan is more than other tools

Hatchful Logo Maker


Shopify’s Hatchful logo creator is well-suited to the clients that Shopify serves. The free logos are suitable for a range of e-commerce stores. They may be of limited use beyond that, though.

The logo creator adjusts its automatically suggested designs based on your business’s space, the desired visual style, and where the logo will be used. No matter what inputs you provide, however, all of the logo designs have only basic layouts, graphics and color schemes.

You can customize any of the suggested designs, but even a skilled graphic artist would be hard-pressed to create a stellar logo from the templates.

The most notable feature of Hatchful is the price, as it’s entirely free to use. Just be prepared to get what you pay for.


  • Logo designs are based on “space,” and where the logo is used
  • All logos are entirely free to download and use


  • Logo designs are very basic in their format and graphics
  • No easy sort or search tool to find specific logo ideas

Namecheap Logo Maker

Namecheap Logo Maker

Namecheap creates quality business logos with geometric themes. While the shapes and templates might seem generic on their own, the software combines them in creative and unique ways.

The logo creator on Namecheap begins with a series of six font selections, after which it seems as if your “font personality” might be revealed. Instead, the next step is to select a color family, and three icons. These inputs are used to populate various logo designs, all of which will be just as geometric as the individual icons are.

Despite the generic nature of the fonts, colors, and icons, the combinations are surprisingly captivating. For businesses that don’t have an obvious need for a cupcake, dog, or other drawing in their logo, Namecheap impresses with professionalism.

Don’t be fooled by the free logo offer, as any business use requires payment. Payment varies depending on the specific logo.


  • Professional-looking logos based on font, color, and icon preferences
  • Logos are surprisingly good considering the basic elements they’re made from
  • Basic elements can easily be customized for a business


  • All suggested logos are highly geometric and lack any hand-drawn icons
  • No easy sort or search tool to find specific logo ideas
  • “Free” logo offer is only available for non-commercial use

Renderforest Logo Maker


Renderforest’s software automatically makes logos using artificial intelligence, but it only considers limited inputs.

Enter your business name, tagline (optional) and description (optional). Then select a couple of premade logos you like, or let the AI use your provided information.

Various designs will be populated, with the initial batch encompassing about a dozen. The logo designs have some highly unique graphics, including animals, flowers and abstract designs that are much more complex than what most other automatic logo creators have. Editing options are limited because of the graphic complexity.

The logos are also shown on a variety of media, but the backgrounds are intentionally created to make individual logos stand out. The background can make logos look better than comparable ones that are shown on their own.

A free PNG file of your logo is available, but vector or any other file versions will cost at least $7.99 per month (if paid yearly).


  • Many detailed and unique graphics available
  • Free PNG logo file is available for download


  • AI software considers only minimal data when creating logos
  • No efficient sort or search option for logo designs
  • Limited manual customization options because of the complex graphics

VistaPrint Logo Maker

Vista Logo Maker

VistaPrint is known for free business cards, but creating business cards requires creating logos. The company also has a capable automatic logo creator.

VistaPrint’s process involves selecting an industry from one of the most extensive lists among these tools, and you can also input a few keywords. From this, the software automatically generates logo designs with suitable colors and icons. All designs can be customized, adjusting the layout, icons, colors and size.

The logo is $20 to download, or free if you purchase print materials from VistaPrint.


  • Highly relevant logos based on extensive industry and keyword analysis
  • Free if purchasing print materials from VistaPrint


  • Only limited manual customization features
  • No efficient sort or search option for logo designs

Automatically Create Logos

These automatic logo creators make it easy to generate numerous logos that could work for your business. Experiment with a few, and see what designs you can use.

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