Why You Should Use Shopify Plus?

August 03, 2022 by Patricia Bennett

It doesn’t seem to make sense to transfer Shopify store to another Shopify store. But when you are transferring to Shopify plus, it makes a lot of sense.

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This cuts you a lot of slack and allows you to focus on your products and customer service.

Reasons Why You Should Use Shopify Plus

Here are some reasons you should use Shopify plus.

It Is Trusted

Shopify Plus offers unlimited bandwidth. This means that you will have scalable SaaS hosting and consequently give your brand a fully functioning and reliable website.


On Shopify Plus, you can make 4 million hits per second with 99.9% uptime. So your site can take 8000 orders every minute without having a failed server challenge halfway into a transaction.

Unique Customization

Shopify Plus gives your website a unique touch. You can conveniently customize your theme to suit your taste. You can tweak the contents on your:

  • homepage;
  • layouts;
  • menu;
  • even typography.

To keep your brand competitive and unique, Shopify Plus provides a theme tailored to meet your brand’s needs with the aid of CSS and JavaScript control.

Optimized Traffic

The Launchpad on Shopify plus helps you handle heavy traffic volume each time you want to launch a product, effect changes to the store, or run a flash sale. You can comfortably schedule many events like theme changes and pricing visibility of the available product.


In addition, you can look up your store for some time just to generate hype for your event. To avoid robots infiltrating your events, you can set up captchas to be used for the checkout process.

Ultimately, you can keep track of your event using the real-time analytics dashboard.

Managing Your Success

With Shopify Plus, you have access to a manager who will keep track of your success in any area of your business by assisting you in all aspects of the platform. This manager notifies you of new features on Shopify plus every fourth night either through mail or phone calls, especially for time-sensitive issues.

Shopify Plus offers you a quality discount function. You can set up discounts, like free shipping, gifts on purchase, etc. It is also possible for you to do the integration for inventory management, accounting, marketing, customer service, and offers and discounts. You also get higher limits on API; this makes it possible for you to do more ERP and app integration.

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